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BBC iPlayer to be available abroad from late summer
Wednesday 15 June 2011 11:26:22 by John Hunt

An international version of BBC iPlayer is set to launch later this year for our friends in Western Europe which will offer restricted access to content on iPlayer. BBC fans will be able to subscribe to the service for less than $10 (under £6) a month which will be available initially to users of the Apple iPad. Programmes will be a mix of contemporary and archive content, covering music, comedy, documentaries and natural history.

The global version will come under the BBC Worldwide umbrella, and they are accordingly planning to push it out worldwide, but stepping with tentative feet. The European roll-out is expected to start late summer and will be a pilot. Access from other platforms including via web browsers and the PlayStation3 will follow in due course.

Of course, many UK citizens may appreciate full access to iPlayer from abroad so they can keep up to date on their TV programmes when away, but this seems like a feature that is unlikely to be available in the short term. The subscription service here may be useful for some, but it seems to be aimed more at people who are resident in foreign countries rather than those visiting.


Posted by Matchstick over 6 years ago
How much does a VPN service offering a UK endpoint cost per month ?
Posted by c_j_ over 6 years ago
"How much does a VPN service offering a UK endpoint cost per month ?"

Good question.

If folk do this "legitimately" rather than via the back door via VPNs, where's the money going? BBC Worldwide in the first instance, but then where? The rights owners of the content being viewed?
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Usually under £10...

Posted by maltrab over 6 years ago
A: Would it not be cheaper to buy one of these Satellite system often seen in shops across Europe for about 50 euro with dish and just point the dish at astra
B:Would anybody want to pay to watch the endless drivel the BBC seem to be very good at pushing out these days, very little quality TV that they used to make some years back
Posted by acpsd775 over 6 years ago
@maltrab i agree about the drivel the bbc make these days i used to love them in the 90s now i think there crap and reli hate having to to pay for the TV licence just to be able to watch sky TV i dont watch any BBC channel at all and have not done for like over 2 year wish you could just block access to BBC and not pay the licence like you can with any paid sky channel
Posted by Leaside over 6 years ago
Just to provide a different viewpoint! I am a dual nationality UK/NZ passport holder and one of the things I would miss most if I returned to NZ would be the BBC- particularly their brilliant documentaries- most of which I see via BBCi. I would certainly be prepared to pay a reasonable monthly fee to have good quality access to these from off-shore and I know many others who would also appreciate this facility! I still believe that the BBC is probably No1 in the world for overall quality!
Posted by jtwebb over 6 years ago
My viewpoint is that I pay for the BBC in my annual licence and are prevented from watching when I leave the country, up to 5 months a year. I am effectively paying nearly double for what is increasingly drivel.
Posted by meldrew over 6 years ago
Satellite TV footprints are getting smaller and smaller as technology advances. Spain requires a big dish and Austria gets nothing! jtwebb makes a good point too. I really don't know why the BBC cannot be fully encypted with a card that can be used wherever a signal can be received and with a secure login for web only.
Posted by Jowe over 6 years ago
"How much does a VPN service offering a UK end point cost per month?"

We live in France and I use StrongVPN, which costs me USD55 per year. Works very well.

Meldrew is right about satellite: The dish takes up most of the terrace, but still loses the signal in the evening when the satellite "dips" towards the horizon. Signal also very weather dependent.
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