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CityFibre Holdings announce work to continue on Fibre in Bournemouth
Monday 13 June 2011 13:08:22 by John Hunt

CityFibre Holdings have finally announced their plans for the Bournemouth Fibre network which has been in a state of flux since last year when Fibrecity, the company running the network stopped roll-out and ceased trading. Shares were bought in January by City Fibre Holdings who were led by the former president of the i3 Group who at the time, owned Fibrecity.

"Our first priority is to stabilise the network and make sure that all roadworks are repaired, so that by December there will be 20,000 homes passed that will be ready to receive services.

CityFibre is building a next generation open access, passive fibre optic network - this 'open access' architecture is also the model that Google has adopted for its first large scale fibre city in the US.

I want to be clear that as an infrastructure builder, CityFibre will not be delivering services directly to end-users. The network is being built to provide a platform for any provider that wants to offer reliable, superfast services to its customers."

Greg Mesch, (CEO) CityFibre Holdings

New infrastructure will start to be rolled out again from January 2012 with all of Bournemouth able to gain access by mid 2014. The company are committed to the network providing fast access speeds, with these being of a minimum of 100Mbps upstream and downstream, and a maximum of 1Gbps.


Posted by clive4 over 6 years ago
Well, we have a Bournemouth telephone number, that's all, and we are stuck with an unreliable ADSL2+ via the overhead telephone cables. Its a great shame that Fibecity were thwarted in their efforts to supply cable via the sewers but the sewers are enough trouble already without cables as well. Roll on BT Fibre.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Never had any issues with DSL, whose your provider?
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
Does anyone know what's happening in the Dundee project?
Posted by silver47 over 6 years ago
clive, be lucky your not on Southborne.... still ADSL Max here!!!!
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