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Eutelsat launch new 10meg Ka-band satellite broadband
Wednesday 01 June 2011 15:29:01 by John Hunt

Europe's second Ka-band satellite has gone into service with commercial products now available offering customers access to up to 10meg broadband. The Tooway broadband service uses Eutelsat's new KA-SAT satellite which when combined with ground infrastructure allows users to connect to the Internet at 10Mbps downstream and 4Mbps upstream. Avanti Communications launched the first Ka-band satellite, HYLAS, last year which can also offer 10Mbps broadband to up to 350,000 subscribers.

"The entry into service of KA-SAT, the world’s most powerful spotbeam satellite, turns a new page in affordable and immediately available IP solutions, and places Europe at the forefront of high-capacity satellite technologies that can serve to quickly close the broadband gap. We look forward to working with our service and technology partners to unleash the huge potential of this new pan-European wireless infrastructure."

Michel de Rosen, (CEO) Eutelsat

Satellite broadband services are aimed at those who live in particularly rural areas and are not able to get broadband through traditional ADSL. It can make broadband available virtually anywhere in the world, and because of this flexibility it is quite an expensive solution. The top tiered product of 10meg download and 2meg upload speeds clocks in at £99 per month and only includes 25GB of data usage, substantially lower than equivalent fixed-line based products which would normally include unlimited data at this price point. Users also need to buy the hardware which is available for a £199 up front fee. More details of the products released are in the table below.

  Tooway 6 Tooway 8 Tooway 10 Tooway 10+
Downstream speed 6 Mbps 8 Mbps 10 Mbps 10 Mbps
Upstream speed 1 Mbps 2 Mbps 2 Mbps 4 Mbps
Usage limit 4 GB 8 GB 13 GB 25 GB
Monthly Price £24.99 £39.99 £54.99 £99.99

These are available through various providers. For more details, please see our satellite broadband guide.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 6 years ago
Plus installation charges. Do you know if people who already have paid £1k for satellites have to buy another to get this service or can the old ones still be used?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
Still requires a visit to set up the system, and ensure people are pointing at the right satellite, remember as its transmitting this is critical.

The actual dish might be re-usable, but would expect all the electronics need changing. Seems dish for Ka is around £120
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
Serious money! Tooway 6 would probably do a lot of people but a 4Gb limit is a bit low, I wonder how much extra they charge per Gb when you go over.

Also John your comments re the top tiered comments on the upload need changing to 4 ;o)
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
From what I've figured out it is not a hard cut off, but rather things go a lot slower after the GB limit is hit.

NOTE: It is upload + download and is 4 week sliding window to make it more confusing.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Users within their usage limit get priority, those outside get whats left.
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
But £99 per month for 25GB? financially it doesn't make sense when you can get the same from a fixed line ISP for less than a quarter of the price?

And before you jump on me, yes the speeds are higher, but is it REALLY worth it? Maybe for business users.
Posted by chris6273 over 6 years ago
Excuse my swearing but that is 'bloody' ridiculous. 4GB - £24.99 a month! What on earth are they playing at?

You could pop to an internet café (closest one would probably be around 20 miles away if you rely on Satellite BB) and download the stuff you want there for tons cheaper! I could personally download 4GB in about 80 minutes on my 8Meg connection and it costs roughly around the same price.

People who go for this type of product are crazy. Go for a leased line instead!
Posted by Foggy_UK over 6 years ago
@cyberdoyle - Quote "have paid £1k for satellites"

Do you know where I can buy a Satellite for £1K ? I was thinking of buying the moon but have been put off by the price!
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
Foggy, I know you can buy the moon piece by piece from the Americans ;)
Posted by KarlAustin over 6 years ago
lololol, go for a leased line. That made my day, if you can't get decent DSL then a leased line is going to cost you 4 figures per month and 5 figure install, if not 6 figure install.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

I was going to reply to the lease line guy with facepalm.jpg yesterday but I was too tired, you beat me to it though.
Posted by SheepFarmer over 6 years ago
@chris6273 I believe they're playing at providing a broadband service to people who can't get it through other means. It's more expensive to provide it this way. I think £24.99 for satellite broadband is actually quite reasonable.

The biggest problem facing broadband providers is not being able to charge enough to cover the cost of deploying fast networks.
Posted by SheepFarmer over 6 years ago
People bleat on and on about how important fast broadband is but then don't want to pay more than tuppence h'apenny to get it. if something is really that important you'll find the money to pay for it.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
^ Agreed
Posted by orly2 over 6 years ago
For some people in the sticks (really in the sticks) the lower 2 options might be fine. The upper options might be a bit pricey but under 40 quid for something approaching useful is better than <56k
Posted by zyborg47 over 6 years ago
i saw the advert in our local paper yesterday, I had a feeling it was satellite as it did not say in the advert. If I could no6t get broadband, I would go back to dial up than pay those prices. Broadband is useful, but I could live without it
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
I don't blame you zyborg, but this is part of the whole problem, to get hardlined broadband (e.g. FTTP) to remote locations it would cost even more than this, a lot more and people just don't want to pay the real cost of providing it.

They just want to pay the £30,40,50 that the townies pay even though it costs a lot more to plumb it in to where they live compared to town/city dwellers
Posted by csimon over 6 years ago
I think the people who are criticising the price are those who've already got fast broadband at a reasonable price. I'm one of the ones "out in the sticks", stuck at 128kbps-448kbps on an up-to-8mbps service for £17 per month. I actually think that £25 for 6mbps is an absolute bargain, but has to be considered with the hardware costs and also the bandwidth limit.
Posted by zyborg47 over 6 years ago
@csimon, you may think it is a bargain, but don't forget you only get a usage of 4Gb for that price, Granted i am lucky to get the speed I do at a decent price. But I would still prefer to go without than be stuck with limits, certainly at that price.
Posted by jtthedevil over 6 years ago
Mt initial reaction was 'taking the p++s!' If you don't need your landline, thats another £11-12 off the real cost. Cheap compared to a BET installation and 6 times the speed. Very low monthly limit would be the only thing but if its not a hard stop and just slowing down with no additional cost for extra GB. Tempting for not/slow spots I would think. Might wait and see if talktalk can really give me the 5mb estimate on my 6km from the fibre cabinet line!
Posted by buffda over 6 years ago
I live in North Wales, 5km from the nearest BT exchange with no hope of any line upgrading.
There are lots of farms etc. with children who are growing up and using more and more of the net, on Facebook etc.
5 years ago, I used to get around 1.5Meg, but now I'm lucky to get 256K. I pay £16-82/month for up to 8Meg with 4Gb download limit.
For me to pay £24-99/month for a guaranteed 6Meg (48x faster!!) with 4Gb limit is an absolute bargain AND living in a known notspot in Wales, I can qualify for up to £1K grant for the installation. The only question I have is;
where do I sign??
Posted by msmoby over 6 years ago
I have installed 2 of these new systems ( not selling just installing) and the clients - who had no / poor ADSL performance were over the moon ..

IF you can get reasonable ADSL - then OF COURSE this is not the product for you.... for the 1% in the UK who can't..

I tested the systems using SKYPE and found no annoying delay
Posted by msmoby over 6 years ago
cont : not too many ADSL connections give you in excess of 1 Mps UP !!! As I found no appreciable delay - this might be a good solution for a biz to run voIP / SKYPE - multiple connections - and cut down on phone line rental ? ..
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