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Everything Everywhere and BT to collaborate on LTE trial in Cornwall
Wednesday 25 May 2011 08:49:14 by John Hunt

Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have announced a trial of LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology in what they are calling the first live customer test in the UK of the new mobile broadband technology. LTE is commonly referred to as 4th generation (4G) mobile technology and provides the potential of offering high-speed mobile communications. Whilst it doesn't technically meet the ITU standards for a 4G technology, its speeds of up to 100Mbps do offer a big improvement over what is currently available using mobile networks.

The trial will take place in the St Newlyn East area of Newquay, Cornwall from September and run in to next year, involving around 100 fixed and 100 mobile customers. The intentions are to test LTE capabilities in the 800MHz spectrum for customers in rural areas who currently get low or slow speeds and are difficult or expensive to reach through traditional fixed broadband technology.

"We strongly believe that, by sharing our network and mobile assets in this way, we can make a valuable contribution to the economics of rural broadband services. Our work with BT is providing a test bed for new technologies such as 4G LTE which, with the correct allocation of sub 1GHz spectrum from the Government, has the potential to make a real impact on the way in which we communicate in the future. The government has previously stated its desire for the UK to have the best in class superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015, and we hope to help this vision become a reality."

Tom Alexander, (CEO) Everything Everywhere

"BT is committed to bringing the highest speed broadband to everyone in the UK, whether that's over fibre, copper or airwaves. This is a great mixed economy example of innovation and collaboration by two organisations pushing the boundaries of technology for the benefit of customers. The expectation of what we will learn is truly exciting, as much for the customers who are unable to get a broadband service in a number of rural communities across the country."

Sally Davis, (CEO) BT Wholesale

Everything Everywhere will also be testing the capabilities of mobile handsets and dongles to see how the technology works on the move. The trial is offered to customers for free and users in the area are encouraged to register their interest at LTE is not expected to be available in the UK until 2013 or 2014, but this could be brought forward to the end of this year if through a European Commission decision. It's unlikely we will see the full potential of LTE technology until the 800MHz spectrum is made available for this use however.


Posted by roph over 6 years ago
Ugh, just yesterday I was praising the UK in comparison to America due to that they can at least correctly advertise 3G technology as 3G, and now they're calling LTE "4G".

Further info:
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
Poor sods. I suppose it will be an improvement for isolated farms and small villages that are currently no- or slow- spots but I doubt it will improve on a half-way decent ADSL connection.

It's not like 2G or 3G ever lived up to expectation and there seems no reason to think newer tech will either.
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
This could potentially fill in the 'final third' of those who can't cost effectively get some type of fibre based connection to get more than 2mb.
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
@roph: You're right.. but *everyone* calls it 4G :)
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

T-Mobile US are advertising HSPA+ as 4G, LOL.


HSPA+ can live up to it, most providers just don't upgrade, that's the issue, people want to pay peanuts, that's what we get.

In the US, they are soon going to have 42Mbps masts, best we have is a few 14.4Mbps (Vodafone).
Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
I chuckle at how America calls 6-10Mbps 4G

And in practice we won't see anything close to 100Mbps
Posted by omnius over 6 years ago
Does anyone actualy belive 4g will be used like this?? several outlaying area's here bearly have a 2g connection, in fact when i connect to the mobile net at my fiance's mothers i get a "E" on the phone and a whooping great 800 odd kbps download (according to the mobile speed test)

Citys will get it first, rural will only get it if they will make loads of cash out of it. bit like the infinity roll out, not where its needed just where the most profets can be made by outdoing virgin
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
If this brings some sort of broadband,even if less than 10Mbps, to areas that don't get any sort of service then surely it is a good thing? Bear in mind there are large parts of the country by area, including IIRC in Cornwal taht do not currently get 2G amd are probably too far from an exchange to get ADSL.

IMHO options like this, satellite, BET etc have got to be worth a try if the alternative is nothing at all. Whilst I'd far prefer to stick with my FTTC service to these options, the thought of no broadband at all is not pleasant!
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
@otester:A very brief test with Google fails to inspire confidence. I just typed '4g america' into it and the first two results are critical. To be honest I wasn't surprised. I've heard nothing good about 4G from anyone except the companies peddling it.

These technologies all suffer from limitations imposed by the laws of physics. You can only get the top speeds if:
* You are standing next to the mast.
* No-one else in the cell is using it.
* There are no obstructions between you and the mast.
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
@New_Londoner:Yes. As I noted - for those currently getting a poor ADSL service or none at all then this will be an improvement. I just refute the idea that this will catapult the catchment area into the realms of NGA.

It's sticking plaster that might be a cost effective way to patch up the worst holes in the UK broadband network but little else for static users.
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
I just love the way Britons have to bring snobbery and class system into everything, the thought of the country folk getting anything near the suburban folk, is just not allowed!
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
I might be ill educated, however the law of physics imposes its law on static users too, distance from exchange and capacity issues, many Infinity customers will testify this. I wonder why they are testing LTE! Slating it is all well and good for Ivory tower dwellers; however the economics of any other solution has the hoard intellectualize the cost.
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
Not sure what you mean Nil? Distance from the exchange doesn't affect Infinity. Capacity effects everything though ADSL, Cable, FTTC, FTTP, LTE
Posted by NilSatisOptimum over 6 years ago
Ok cabinet! However it does re-enforce my view.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

It's not 4G, the current implementations are late 3G according to the ITU, they merely renamed it for marketing.

We will not see a major jump until the advanced (4G) editions of LTE/WiMax come about.

Also the problem in America is poor landline connections, meaning a lot of people have jumped ship, I don't think that will be such an issue over here.
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