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Virgin Media expand cable network to 30,000 homes in Derry
Tuesday 17 May 2011 10:13:10 by John Hunt

Virgin Media have today announced an expansion of its cable network to cover Derry which will gain access to 100meg broadband and digital TV. Around 30,000 homes in the area will be passed and have the option to sign up to Virgin's services, including the latest and greatest products, such as TiVo.

"We're really excited to bring our latest digital services to Derry. Now families and professionals have a choice of the UK's leading digital entertainment services with the best in TV and ultrafast broadband all supplied by our unique fibre optic network. From the new Virgin Media TV service powered by TiVo box, to 100Mb broadband and even mobile phone services, our quadplay offering will give residents the greatest choice in options to suit their needs, with significant savings for families when taking services together."

Peter Taddeo, (executive director of sales) Virgin Media

The Virgin Media network covers approximately half the country in terms of number of homes passed but only 4.82 million are connected. 16,000 homes have already been added to the network this year so another 30,000 should help them boost customer numbers, but it won't be enough to break through the elusive 5 million.

More details of the services coming to Derry are available at where interested residents can register for Virgin to get in touch once the network is installed.


Posted by mike41 over 6 years ago
Some of us still call this city Londonderry ... maybe Virgin intends to supply only homes west of the Foyle ?
Posted by swervinc over 6 years ago
I know people in the waterside that have Virgin 50Mbps already so I wonder how many homes have access in the city so far. Hope they get out as far as Newbuildings =) would be nice but doubtful.
Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
Marketing machine is swinging into action.
Posted by weesteev over 6 years ago
Derry is already cabled, all that's happening is the Analogue TV network has been upgraded to Digital so all existing customers and serviced homes can now access Digital TV as well as broadband and cable Phone. New Build work is separate to this project although there are projects around the city to serve New Build homes as well.
Posted by BuckleZ over 6 years ago
mike41 wind your neck in, no need for the londonderry/derry crap on here.

Virgin are only doing this as BT have put the money in to procide FTTC to also homes in Derry, Virgin can keep their throttled and STM crap.
Posted by weesteev over 6 years ago
Think you will find your wrong BuckleZ... this upgrade is being done on the back of other upgrades across the network (Leicester, Bolton, West London) to turn off the analogue TV network. This upgrade in Derry was for TV only so your broadband comments dont hold much weight.
Posted by BuckleZ over 6 years ago
If you read the post it mentions that it will mean 100mb is now available, which means due to BT rolling out 40mb FTTC here, Virgin are once again upgrading to stay ahead...
Posted by weesteev over 6 years ago
Again not correct... the 100Mb rollout was done in conjunction with Belfast which provides the access points for broadband in Derry. I see what your thinking is but its not correct.
Posted by BuckleZ over 6 years ago
Ok mr right.
Posted by BuckleZ over 6 years ago
You do realise belfast has had digital for a long time now....
Posted by swervinc over 6 years ago
Think I have to agree with BuckleZ. Recently BT agreed to provide FTTC and now theres FTTC cabinets popping up everywhere. Makes sense that Virgin doesn't want to fall behind and lose customers.
Posted by weesteev over 6 years ago
Belfast has nothing to do with Derry's TV network. There was no provision for digital TV in Derry, only Analogue. The upgrade provided CATV equipment to all nodes within the Derry franchise allowing all customers within the existing cable footprint access to Digital TV and VOD.

And yes it makes sense that Virgin doesnt want to fall behind but this project had nothing to do with BT FTTC services. 50Mb was already available in Derry before the upgrade, the 100Mb is complete as part of the broadband upgrade plan and nothing to do with this TV rollout.
Posted by Dixinormous over 6 years ago
BuckleZ - there wasn't enough bandwidth on the downstream of the CATV network for Virgin to run both analogue and digital signals. They are going to be doing a lift and shift and exchange legacy equipment for top notch new equipment and deploying fibre either deeper or full stop into the network. The huge bonus for Derry is that they will immediately be able to enjoy the 100Mb service as they will have a top class 1GHz down 85MHz up full EuroDOCSIS 3 capable cable network serving them.
Posted by Dixinormous over 6 years ago
Note swervinc / BuckleZ the web page that was linked, the currently analogue only bits of Southampton, Staines and Ashford, Middlesex are also getting overbuilt.

In the case of Southampton at least broadband was simply not available, full, stop, so no issue about catching up to BT there, there was no service competing with them. Unsure if the same applies to Ashford and Staines, either way this is great news, who cares about the motivation, competition is good for us!
Posted by johnct over 6 years ago
at last buckle has put in his place :)
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
This is a big deal for VM, they only rolled out to 114k homes last year. Just hope that they upgrade the backhaul sufficiently for the high speeds.
Posted by Dixinormous over 6 years ago
Backhaul isn't and has never been the issue with VM, on a cable network it's that last few hundred metres that it's all about. Precisely the bit being worked on here.
Posted by jtthedevil over 6 years ago
Just typical with the next generation rollouts. Stroke city is now coming down with FTTC, so Virgin decide they need more. The chances of it going to Newbuildings etc are slim to none.
Why can't we all just get along (Virgin,BT etc) and share the networks, stop wasting money in areas that have next gen, and get it to those who do not. When everyone has access, then upgrade old equipment.
Posted by Bob_s2 over 6 years ago
The none sharing of the local loop is the biggest obstacle to getting high speed broadband rolled out? Where there is cable two networks have to be supported and demand is split between the two networks
The new Open Networks consortium seems to be the best approach if it can get off the ground. The ideal situation is to remove the local loop from BT or at very least make it a wholly owned subsidiary company of BT. Doing this puts everyone on a reasonably level playing field as BT as well as its competitors would have to pay to use it on fair and open terms.
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