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Orange launch 'No Tricks Just Treats' broadband campaign
Wednesday 11 May 2011 16:09:26 by John Hunt

Orange have today started a new broadband campaign today called "No Tricks Just Treats" to help raise awareness of its home broadband plans. The company are pushing their broadband as a simple and easy to understand solution with just a single monthly fee without any extras or "hidden tricks" like usage charges for exceeding download limits. Of course, one arguable trick the company do have is their own fair-usage policy which doesn't charge you if you exceed download limits but may throttle your speed if you go over the undefined limit.

Orange offer various "treats" for users of their service which include 2-for-1 films and 2-for-1 at Pizza Express on 'Orange Wednesdays' as well as a free £20 HMV voucher when signing up. Existing Orange mobile customers also receive a £5 per month discount on Orange home broadband.

"With so many different price plans and packages available in the market, it’s important that consumers get to see exactly what they are paying for upfront without falling prey to hidden charges further down the line.

We're committed to being as transparent as possible with our broadband price plans, so ‘No Tricks Just Treats’ forms part of a wider commitment by us to our customers."

Sylvain Thevenot, (Marketing Director) Orange Home Broadband

Orange are no doubt hoping this campaign will help stop the decline in the Orange home broadband users base that has been steadily falling over recent years. Their Q1 2011 results posted at the end of April showed that the company had lost nearly 11% of their broadband users compared to the same period last year.

Another treat that may help with this is today's Groupon deal which offers a £150 John Lewis voucher for just £25 when you sign up with Orange for Home Broadband with Off-Peak calls. Act fast though, as this deal is only available until midnight Friday 13th May.


Posted by jrawle over 6 years ago
Do you suppose this campaign was originally intended to launch in October?
Posted by mervl over 6 years ago
Or the account has been given to the office junior?
Posted by Thalgrum over 6 years ago
As a former customer, I'd never go back to orange again no matter what they offer, they lie to you, most of their tech support is now in india, and trying to get around their script reading staff who barely speak any english is awful
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
@jrawle I wondered that.. :-)
Posted by markwl285 over 6 years ago
are orange going to have a fibre broadband package as they are on the same network as bt
Posted by mervl over 6 years ago
I recall when Orange announced (to investors not customers, by the way)the decomissioning of their LLU, they said that had no intention to offer fibre services yet (although hinted their contract with BT allowed for it). All makes sense when everything is driven by cost reduction to pay back their parent loans.
Posted by eisenberg_s over 6 years ago
@Thalgrum: I see where you're coming from and had an Orange nightmare a few years ago, but things have changed and quality + service have improved a lot in the last few months!
.. and with the likes of Sky and their automatic chargeable upgrades, it's good to see broadband players moving into more transparency I reckon.
Posted by Thalgrum over 6 years ago
@eisenberg_s: Orange spent 16 months lying to me, telling me there were line faults, I must have had 20-30 engineer visits, including one who disconnected my entire internal phone wiring as a precaution, then couldnt reconnect it again, in the end it turned out to be server crowding
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
If you're stupid enough to pick a bad ISP then you deserve all you get.
Posted by Thalgrum over 6 years ago
@otester: I didnt join orange, I joined Wanadoo, who were great, but then they got bought by orange, and from about march/april 2006 things went to crap fast
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
That's why I stick to 1 month contracts.
Posted by jinger over 6 years ago
I originally joined Freeserve and had no problems. Then Wanadoo quickly turned into Wannadon't for me. Orange was good on LLU ... but now on WBC, well as soon as my contract's up in September, I'm outta here, been having nothing but trouble speed-wise. As for the 'treats' that Orange give the customers, I cannot use any of them, I never go to the cinema and my local Pizza Express is 30+ miles away! But wow, I do qualify for the £5 off my broadband package, whoopie do!
Posted by cjrees over 6 years ago
Last month I downloaded (that is my son's!!) 75Gb and 35Gb so far this year. I pay FIVE POUNDS a month. I get 3-4 mbs most of the time. Orange do have an unwritten law that says they will throttle you to 256kbs between 6pm and midnight. My family know that and we keep lower usage then. I also use the download monitor to be able to challenge any arguments with ORANGE. How can I complain when it would be £40+ with anyone else?
Posted by diger60 over 6 years ago
I used to pay £13.99 a month to wanadoo it went up to £19.99 amonth they have now put it to £20.42. amonth thats for 1.7 mg and thats for broadband only and have to pay land line to bt. can any one advise me a reliable broadband deal including phone line. i read bad reports for most providers not orange
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Assuming you live on a M1 exchange, fair enough.

Otherwise that is completely untrue, £18 buys you unmetered LLU on a C&W enabled exchange.
Posted by diger60 over 6 years ago
i live rhyl north wales. we only have old copper wires no cable we are 2 miles from exchange get poor deals here . can any tell me a good provider
Posted by XRaySpeX over 6 years ago
So what's new?

Their prices and packages are unchanged! I've been making use of Orange Wednesdays for years.

It's just marketing spin! No substance!

And with the recent forced migration from LLU to WBC (One of the "Tricks" they allege only other ISPs do) they are going to lose many more users. I've lost 4 Meg Sync from 16 Meg LLU to 12 Meg WBC.

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