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O2 launch Guru TV offering mobile and broadband help videos
Monday 18 April 2011 17:33:04 by John Hunt

O2 have launched 'Guru TV', a new YouTube channel which offers free impartial advice and support to help O2 customers get the most from their mobile phone, mobile broadband and home broadband connections. It follows the company launching it's in store Guru service which currently employs 150 (expanding to 350 by the end of the year) technical experts to help people with their mobile phone.

The channel launches with over 400 videos which cover a range of the most common queries. These include basic steps such as topping up credit on mobile broadband, sending text messages and using apps on your mobile phone as well as more advanced steps like configuring static IP's on your home broadband router.

"O2 Gurus are our most passionate and knowledge experts and can translate complex gadgets into something that everyone can easily understand. We know how much customers value our in store Gurus and with the launch of O2 Guru TV we’re making it even easier for anyone to get technical help and advice from O2."

Sally Cowdry, (Marketing Director) O2


Posted by undecidedadrian over 6 years ago
Does that mean that there is a video letting us know what is causing the packet loss from BB customers since last Autumn?
Posted by redrum217uk over 6 years ago
Maybe they should invest to training their awful customer services first? The amount of incorrect information (lies) I have been told by them is unreal!
Posted by undecidedadrian over 6 years ago
"We know how much customers value our in store Gurus"

I went in to look at Blacberries and there were 3 members of staff all drinking coffee and they refused to help me until I picked up an iPhone and then there was a stampede to get my custom.

I decided not to bother in the end and went and bought a phone online.
Posted by AceGio over 6 years ago
I am an O2 customer and this is the 1st I have heard of it. You would think they would have sent out a text or email !!
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
yeah I am a o2 contract customer and have not been told about this, someone failed in PR department then :)
Posted by Abhishek_O2 over 6 years ago
@undecidedadrian - You can request a video for the Guru's - check the 'need help' section on

Also, I'm sorry to learn about your store experience, it shouldn't have happened. If you've any suggestions, feel free to let me know and I'll forward them on.
Posted by Abhishek_O2 over 6 years ago
@redrum217uk - It's a very important element in any job, we conduct various training & development sessions for our employees to ensure they’ve the right capabilities to drive the future performance, help and support our customers with any info they can.

We also have e-learning internal module sessions to expand the knowledge gaps and explore new areas. If you’ve any further suggestions, please do let me know.
Posted by adamtemp over 6 years ago
I note this is now fully live and I helped in the join-in surveys about it lets hope the content is regulary updated.

Nice to see o2 comment but that has upset some on the o2 forums
Posted by Abhishek_O2 over 6 years ago
@AceGio, chrysalis - We sent out an email to many of our customers in the past about our Gurus and the Guru TV videos. Its a shame you didn't see it.

We are however planning to continue communicating and spreading more awareness among our customers in the coming months, so watch the space!
Posted by Abhishek_O2 over 6 years ago
@adamtemp - Thanks for your support, as always Adam!

We'll continue to add more videos to fulfil customer demands. We still have our official presence on O2 forums and I’m more than happy to answer or assist anyone.

Posted by sunter18 over 6 years ago
I have 2 mobiles on contract, a laptop on contract and home broadband. I have not been notified of this service, looks like i slipped through the net a few times lol. Have all these things with O2 as the customer service used to be 2nd to none, not so sure these days :(
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