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Data roaming prices could fall to domestic rates by 2015 say O2
Wednesday 13 April 2011 15:40:07 by John Hunt

Data roaming prices for mobile broadband could fall in line with domestic data prices from mobile operators by 2015 through demand alone according to Telefonica, the parent company of O2, who spoke to ZDNet at the Regulating Mobile Roaming Charges forum in Brussels. The EU Commissioner, Neelie Kroes, in charge of the Digital Agenda, pushed a goal forward at the end of last year to get mobile roaming data prices in Europe down to the level of national tariffs and is expected next month to propose new legislation to enable this.

"We think we can make more money by lowering our data prices. We [Telefonica] are doing tests in various countries, so it won't be the same in every country, but I am pretty certain that by 2015 data-roaming rates will be more or less the same as domestic rates.

I am not going to give you numbers, but what I am saying is yes, we are going to lower our prices by a lot in our operating businesses. It depends a bit on the outcome of consumer tests."

Robert Mourik, (Director Regulatory Policy Europe) Telefonica

Presenting at the forum, Mourik showed that wholesale costs of roaming data were likely to fall by half this year to €0.16 per megabyte, and again to €0.08 per megabyte in 2012. Any fall in costs is obviously a bonus for users and if the market can adapt to this through competitive pressures alone, this is favourable to regulation which can sometimes lead to markets becoming more stagnant and less dynamic.


Posted by batfastad over 6 years ago
Or let regulators give them a little push and they'll be lower, faster! It's sick that data roaming charges are so expensive.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Just buy a foreign SIM, simples.
Posted by mitchja over 6 years ago
Lower roaming charges will mean higher tariff charges. The networks need to make money somewhere. What they give you in one hand they will take off you in another.
Posted by tommy45 over 6 years ago
even the cost of domestic data charges is too high,
Posted by audioslim over 6 years ago
So at present theyre 0.32 euros a minute.....

And we get stung for at least 10 times that amount......

And they think we'll believe that rubbish about them making a lot cheaper in 4 years time.

Wake me up when it happens...

Posted by audioslim over 6 years ago
A mb that is not a minute.

Why no edit on this site!

Posted by doughnut77 over 6 years ago
Interesting to see the wholesale prices. The markup the operators are charging for roaming is nothing short of scandalous. Even more scandalous are outfits, like Vodafone and Telefonica, pretending to be the good guys with their "passports" and talk of their prices as per this article.
Posted by doughnut77 over 6 years ago
It's one thing for me to be on, say Orange in the UK, roam onto a Vodafone network abroad, and shoulder the ridiculous markup from both parties. But if I'm on Vodafone in the UK, and roam onto Vodafone abroad, why are they still charging these interstellar prices?! Then they say, we're the good guys, here's a passport and we'll only rip you off to some lesser extent. Regulators need to pull their socks up and pull the rug from under these oligarchs.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

That's down to technology limitations (HSDPA), government's fault, they've got to wait until Summer for the 4G auctions.
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