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BT Wholesale equipment problem takes 9,000 customers offline
Thursday 31 March 2011 12:21:03 by Sebastien Lahtinen

A number of users were disconnected from the Internet across various broadband service providers yesterday evening following a BT network problem. What was initially rumoured to be a fibre cut appears to be a hardware failure which took out users on both some 20CN and 21CN segments of the network.

We saw a number of outages across users subscribed to our free Broadband Quality Monitor tool:

Broadband Quality Monitor graph showing packetloss during outage

Reports suggest the issue seemed to be mostly restricted to smaller broadband providers using Wholesale Managed Broadband Connect (WMBC) and not those on the Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) service which is more prevalent across larger networks; our monitoring does suggest some PlusNet lines were also affected. AAISP's status page indicated the problem concerned lines on the 20CN-REGION-READING and 21CN-REGION-SL BRASs and also some Ethernet circuits. We understand from a couple of providers that around 10% of their broadband customers suffered an outage, although BT have advised us that approximately 9,000 broadband users were affected overall.

The problem began around 17:30 yesterday and appears to have been resolved by 03:00 this morning.


Posted by jelv over 6 years ago
9,000 users affected? Absolute rubbish!

Plusnet's users online graph showed a drop of about 25,000 users!
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
@jelv - the figure did seem a bit low considering what we saw.. will query with above graph :)
Posted by stevepressman over 6 years ago
There was me thinking that I had a problem with my Router and Modem. Rebooted the both of them, nothing! Re-installed the Router still nothing done a system restore on my PC still nothing, Eventually about 4am got back on-line with limited service but network still saying I had no Internet access. Glad it is sorted out now though.
Posted by rickhodger over 6 years ago
@jelv Not the first time they've lied about big outages. Remember a couple of months ago when that router in Scotland went out for nearly 2 days in a row? They claimed back then that it only affected 20,000 homes, where in actual fact it was pretty much every 20CN line in the entire of Northern Ireland, most of Scotland and parts of North England.
Posted by scusting over 6 years ago
9000!? haha

It was pretty much anything west and south of Slough!
Posted by Aqualung over 6 years ago
It should be a worry to us all that the core system that is in place has No resilience at all.
Posted by RepairExpert over 6 years ago
Hmmm, what a coincidence, my VirginMedia ADSL connection failed yesterday at around 4pm (Cambridgeshire region); is VM considered a small broadband supplier too?
Just 9000 affected; a massive underestimate perhaps.
Posted by RepairExpert over 6 years ago
Forgot to mention it failed the evening before at around 9pm, but returned the next morning.
Is this a simple lack of capacity and overload of the system?
Posted by margaretl over 6 years ago
"9,000"? "Resumed in few hours?"ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!I know little about computers.I can not do as stevepressman.Phoned Plus.N 4 times over 52 hrs.Only the last one I spoke to willing to talk me thru to get connected again after 2+ days struggling.Plus.N explanation very weak,put all blame on BT,and didn't seem concerned.Have searched for apologies from BT and Plus.Net-nothing.I am disgusted at so little help.Would anyone leave Plus.N because of this?
Posted by rgenung over 6 years ago
Why do BT lie like this when they know they can be found out so easily? Just don,t see what they hope to gain, other than "Well, there goes BT telling absolute falsehoods again".
Posted by PeterJHB over 6 years ago
I'm with Newnet in SW London, which is well east of Slough. My system went down for that whole period too.Tried rebooting the router to check it wasn't localised. But assumed that it was the outside system and just waited to see when it came back on. That appeared OK next morning. So had thought that it might lay on BT's shoulders.
Posted by jmvincent over 6 years ago
bt broadband goes down on a regular basis. nothing new. i resent paying my money to bt. nothing but hate for them. at least i can rely on my mobile broadband
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