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BT call charges to go up by 9% from April
Tuesday 22 March 2011 16:04:35 by John Hunt

BT are the latest utility company to announce price rises following similar rises from other utilities such as electricity and gas companies this year. The standard monthly rental charge of a land-line will rise by 30p to £13.90 from the 28th of April, with landline calls set to rise from 7p to 7.6p per minute. The connection charge for a call will also rise by 1p to 12.5p per call. Other increases will be seen to services like call minder as well as caller display.

The price rises follow a line-rental increase last October which saw rental fees increase by 50p and call charges by 10%. The move to again increase charges could encourage consumers to switch to one of BT's packages which include calls and line-rental together in a bundle and can help save money over the standard call prices.

Switching to another provider may not be the solution here as TalkTalk are also to increase day time call charges to be in line with BT at 7.6p from May.


Posted by christopherlyon over 6 years ago
Now lets see them lower mobile calling rates been as the MTR is having a lower cap. Fat Chance!
Posted by zyborg47 over 6 years ago
thank goodness I am away from Bt.
Posted by jumpmum over 6 years ago
They have always done before, so no reason why not this time. Every time the rate has chnaged they have reduced their call prices to mobiles by the same amount, give credit where it is due.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

That is decided by the receiving mobile providers, ever noticed inter-network calls are usually unlimited/vastly cheaper compared to network-network calls...
Posted by csimon over 6 years ago
This seems to be a global strategy to make more profits - encourage take-up of higher-priced products by making the lower-priced ones seem less attractive. Competition doesn't work because all other companies raise their prices to match and the whole industry settles at a higher level. Are these price rises in any way reflective of increased costs in providing the service?
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
LOL - makes no difference to me for the time being. I'm on their Anytime package so I don't pay for calls. I also paid my year's rental in one go and got two months free.
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
To be fair to Jumpmum, the recent I believe that the recent announcement by Ofcom to reduce mobile termination rates was after a campaign by BT and others, and was resisted by at least some of the mobile companies.

So not correct to say that it is decided by the receiving mobile companies, it has been imposed after a pretty lengthy campaign and consultatino period, with may letters to MPs, mine included.
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Apart from moving to a package of calls and line rental, anothe roption is to pay the line rental for the year in advance at £120, £10/month compares very well with £13.90 when paying monthly.
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
12.5p per call connection - jeez ! That's before you even speak so every chargeable call is more than 12.5p.

Oil, electricity prices and wages have gone up but I don't know how much that would be as a part of the call charges.
Posted by LINDA1 over 6 years ago
Wages gone up!!! When I must have blinked, most of us are just hanging on to our jobs never mind a raise.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

I was not aware of the imposition, thanks for relieving me of my ignorance.

This could also be down to VAT increase/inflation.

I wonder if the TT increase will also apply to their wholesale products...

Currently costs 1p per minute to landlines and 8.5p to Vodafone/O2/Orange/T-Mobile but 13p to Three/TT Mobile/BT Mobile/Dolphin Mobile, this could suggest who sided with the resistance.
Posted by XRaySpeX over 6 years ago
You have ignored the reduction of 30p pm in the BT Unlimited Anytime Call Plan from £5 to £4.70. So for anyone on this plan the total price will be the same.

It seems to me that over the years, by increasing unit call charges, BT has made it more and more worthwhile to be on its Anytime Plan.
Posted by jrawle over 6 years ago
No-one ever needs to pay BT's standard call rates. Just sign up with and pay 5p per CALL at any time. As the former monopoly, BT have to allow these services through by law (other providers don't). Obviously, if you make more than 100 daytime calls a month, you should be on BT's Anytime package anyway.
Posted by csimon over 6 years ago

Yes, I think that's my point really, but it's not really making the Anytime tariff better value for money, it's making the lower tariffs worse value. The strategy is to get more people on the higher-priced schemes and lock them into 12 or 18 month contracts, making it more difficult to move away. Surely this is anti-competitive behaviour. Just because all the competitors also do it doens't mean that competition has worked for the consumer.
Posted by c_j_ over 6 years ago
" ... 5p per CALL at any time ... BT have to allow these services through by law"

I've used one of the Finarea Telecom services (1899) for years. Late last year, caller ID stopped working; recipients now see my calls as "Unknown" or "International".

I have reported this to 1899 but they say "no fault found".

Not good. BT call prices are outrageous, but at least their caller ID works.
Posted by jrawle over 6 years ago
@c_j_ I don't know about you, but on the rare occasion that I make a daytime call, it's to a company regarding their poor service/error. Such companies don't tend to use proper caller IDs if they call me, so I won't lose much sleep about by number not showing when I call them. It's rare for a call centre rep not to ask your details on calling, so it isn't as if they use caller ID usefully.
Posted by c_j_ over 6 years ago
"during the day"?

BT cheap rate (ie my bundled calls deal) doesn't start till 7pm now, and in addition to that, if I'm not at work during the day there's a fair chance I'll be calling a few folks who routinely don't answer (maybe phone doesn't ring) UNLESS they see a known caller ID.

Gates used to say "Windows isn't done till Lotus doesn't run". Obviously BT aren't a convicted monopolist and wouldn't dare try to make it difficult for competitors who undercut them.

Are BT Sheffield expected to increase their prices soon too? What's their regulatory situation re 1899 etc ?
Posted by awoodland over 6 years ago
I'm still waiting for OFCOM to get their act together and force BT to offer "Naked DSL" so that those of us with no interest in making landline calls can be freed from this nonsense...
Posted by infinidim over 6 years ago
How can BT Retail justify these increases when they are not providing good service to there existing customers?
Posted by jrawle over 6 years ago
@c_j_ lucky you if you are often home before 7pm ;) If I happened to be home early, I'd only be calling call centres that close before 7 at that time anyway, otherwise I'd wait.

@awoodland what sort of price would you expect for ADSL only? If it's hardly any cheaper, what's the point? You aren't forced to make landline calls, so why does an increase in call charges matter to you?
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
@infinidim , dial tone, dial number, works. Seems good enough to me
Posted by Blood-Donor over 6 years ago
I very rarely use my BT Landline to make calls. I always use my BT-Hub Phone which works out £££`s cheaper. As for the increase in the landline rental. It`s nothing new and will probably happen again next year. Everything goes up, Gas, Electric etc, everything.
Posted by NetGuy over 6 years ago
@ Blood-Donor - "BT-Hub Phone which works out £££`s cheaper"

Really ? Guess it depends on total spend on both ISP and BT phone line costs.

I get free weekend calls to landlines with BT and pay under 8 quid for ISP. I only pay 5p per chargeable call to landlines (using 1899) and 8p/min to mobiles (ASDA PAYG). Spend under 1.50 a month on calls.

Total spend about 20 quid a month, no unused service paid for if I am away for 2-3 weeks.
Posted by NetGuy over 6 years ago
@ c_j_ - "recipients now see my calls as "Unknown" or "International".

Some of my calls start 01xxx, some are 0044 1xxx and others show unknown or International. All because of international (low cost routing).

If it causes you problems, suggest ring once on BT (hangup) and then use 1899/18185 so caller knows your number and will answer second call.

No-one I call seems bothered by not having number, but if I get no answer, I sometimes ring back with BT to ensure 1471 has my real number.
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