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Kent County Council announce £1.5m of grants for super-fast broadband
Monday 28 February 2011 16:12:30 by John Hunt

Kent County Council will be funding up to £1.5 million towards broadband connections in the county after it announced that grants will be given out to help rural communities receive faster broadband where the market has so far failed to deliver. The grants are for up to £100,000 and will be given to community groups, parish councils, and local authorities. All applications will need to provide a sound business case detailing the economic benefits that it is likely to bring and must be submitted by 14th April 2011.

"Having access to fast broadband is as important as any other utility service. So many people need fast broadband to access services, buy and sell goods, run businesses, for education purposes or to simply enjoy in their spare time.

Many rural areas have 'not spots' which means they have either slow broadband or no service at all. Successful bids will be able to make a real difference to local people and change their quality of life. It will also bring a tangible economic benefit by helping businesses run in rural areas, creating employment and wealth.

However, there are only so many communities we can help, and ultimately by helping to prove the demand for broadband we hope the telecomms providers will take responsibility for bringing this technology to 'harder to reach' areas as well as benefiting from the more profitable urban areas. There will be further KCC funds available in the Summer and Autumn to enable a total of 15 areas to benefit, but it would be great to see the private sector recognising the need too."

Kevin Lynes, (Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development) Kent County Council

Kent County Council previously provided funding to help Iwade gain access to super-fast broadband through a £10 subsidy per premises which allowed BT to make the required investment to install fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) services in the area. It is obviously hoped that stimulating demand in this way will help bring in other private investment to help fill in any broadband not-spots or slow spots.

Full details of the application process are available on the rural super-fast broadband grant section of the Kent County Council website.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 6 years ago
Another council falls for infinity and cabinets. BT must love Kent. So easy to keep harvesting these councils. I just hope some community groups don't fall for it and find a solution to get everyone online on their patch and not just those near a copper cabinet.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
If you don't like BT then fine, but stop promoting the idea that Infinity is the only FTTC solution.

Infinity is the BT Retail only label for its FTTC and FTTP products.

Other providers offer other packages, including service to those on longer lines.

What will £100,000 buy if all FTTH?
Posted by TaRkADaHl over 6 years ago
Whilst I am a believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, can we not kick cyberdoyle for continually having the same incorrect pointless and miss-informed opinion, regardless how many times she is informed of the same things, she never learns.
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
What will £100,000 buy if all FTTH?

somewhere between 50 and 500 connections at a guess.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Loads of ISPs (re)sell FTTC now.

Not just BT!
Posted by EnglishRob over 6 years ago
I'd be very surprised if £100,000 went very far if it was FTTP. When I was investigating faster connections from FibreCity and Rutland Telecom there were figures of around £50k being kicked around and that was for a small area (albeit there weren't many subscribers on the cabinet and Virgin was in the area - just not to the company I worked for at the time).

I'd say FTTP would probably be a more economical solution, or maybe some sort of wireless for the locations out in the sticks.
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
"...or maybe some sort of wireless for the locations out in the sticks." Yes exactly what has been done with previous grants.

Only one of the previous grants went to Openreach that was Iwade parish.

One went to ICS Ltd for Selling parish but slow progress in building the FTTH network is worrying!
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
Good news to see more grants being made available after concerns that the funds might dry up.
Posted by YaZiN over 6 years ago
@cyberdoyle - Please do your homework before bleeting out the first thing that comes to mind.
KCC have been providing grants for wireless broadband (vFast Ltd - to provide broadband to a growing number of Parishes across Kent.
Posted by themanstan over 6 years ago
I think the comments about KCC from CD would have been very different had the Acronym BT had been left out and WIFI BB from vfast highlighted... "one horse show" comes to mind...
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
£100,000 will buy quite a lot if it's economic anyway and you're just holding out for the loot.
Posted by crikeymate over 6 years ago
there have been dozens of tenders submitted for each area as far as i can make out, from all sorts of different providers. its down to the parish/community to decide who has the best solution/business plan for them. if vfast are winning a lot of bids, they must be doing something right! as with any horse race, lots turn up but only the best filly can win!
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