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Virgin Media cop to speed issues with their Super Hub
Tuesday 22 February 2011 15:56:46 by John Hunt

Users of Virgin Media's new super-hub have been hit by speed problems following upgrades offered to customers on the 20meg XL product. Customers were offered an upgrade to a faster 30meg service with no additional monthly fee, but a one off £30 equipment charge for the new router that virgin dub the "Super Hub". Unfortunately a problem has been found in the new super hub that is rendering it not-so super, and users are seeing speed issues following this.

Users have been given a bit of a run around with VM support suggesting that users check everything under the sun before finally coming to the conclusion that something could be wrong in their consumer hardware. The Register have done some probing and found that Virgin Media investigation has found that a data throughput issue does exist.

"Whilst the vast majority of customers are unaffected, we are actively investigating reports of reduced performance under some configurations. Testing is under way, and we expect to resolve the issue by a firmware update which will be automatically pushed out to SuperHub users as soon as a fix has been confirmed."

Virgin Media spokesman

Virgin wouldn't commit to a date of when the update would be released but it is believed to be soon. An update is planned in May to fix some bugs and introduce a Bridge Mode, however it is hoped that the update to fix this problem will be released before then.

Virgin upload speeds

In other Virgin news, upload speed upgrades, announced in September, to set upload speeds at 10% of downloads are progressing with some recent areas completed. Full details of the schedule of upgrades can be found here (PDF).


Posted by ajsdisc over 6 years ago
Virgin are nothing short of shocking. I have had a service from AOL via BT for nearly 12 years and never had any issues. Their speed was always around what they offered.

Circumstances changed me over to Virgin and the 10 meg connection RARELY exceeds 1 meg and most of the time it is around 0.4 - 0.1 meg.

Even had a new modem yesterday and still a 0.4 meg max!

I wish there was something more I could do to rid myself of this bunch of useless morons!
Posted by bosie over 6 years ago
Doing away with a simple modem was a mistake. Routers should be left to the consumer because they are complicated and people like to make their own choice that best suits their needs and level of understanding. I hope Virgin bring back the modem only option.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Upgrade to 50Mb/100Mb (DOCSIS 3), then you'll be ok.


Nothing stopping you from using your own cable router.
Posted by Tolien over 6 years ago

apart from then having two lots of NAT, the SuperHub's dubious stability under load...

VM have claimed there would be a firmware update which would offer a bridged mode, i.e. turn the Hub into a modem.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Thought it was just a standard cable router, turns out it's an all-in-one job.

Looks like you'll all have to wait.

Still take FTTC over VM any day, FUP etc.
Posted by oldtar over 6 years ago
Had 20 Meg from Virgin Speed test up to 19.7 on wireless upgraded to 50 meg yesterday speed tests from 47.3 to 50.1 again wireless I have had no problems. Some test sites give bad readings because of distance etc, try Namesco Broadband Max with choice of servers in different locations or again choice of servers also settings on computers can "fall of" and need resetting many reasons for slow speed not just modem/routers.
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
@Tolien: Bridge mode due in May.
Posted by EnglishRob over 6 years ago
I've just upgraded (last Friday) from 20 Meg to 50 Meg... download speeds are reasonably good (between about 45 and 50 Meg) but my upload speeds are stuck at 0.5 to 0.6 Meg and port forwarding is all but useless (IMAPS on port 993 just doesn't work anymore).
Posted by EnglishRob over 6 years ago
I'm a bit miffed that we have to possibly wait until May, I'm hoping that Virgin either release a beta firmware or do something to fix this sooner.
Posted by pippincp over 6 years ago

Posted by otester over 6 years ago

BT based FTTC then ;)
Posted by scootie over 6 years ago
got enabled on 22nd last tues, and so far am happy with the 30mb docsis 3 network (on my cab any way) upnp seems fine tho havent fully stress tested all the config settings yet so maybe many bugs hiding but as plug an play device it seems to cope with avg intenet use, just the led flashing behind me tv that annoys me to hell, even when no traffic is passing through it
Posted by newky_tez over 6 years ago
I am in total agreemet with ajsdisc. Have been with VM now for 18 months & I have the 10MB package. How can a company promote and charge for a service of 10MB that drops to less than 1.0 during busyhours & what i would call non busy hours (12am-6am)? I have been doing a Thinkbroadband speed test 5 times a day for about 2 weeks now & the results are shocking, I think its 16% at above 9MB & nearly 47% below 5MB, I wish i could have another ISP but without atelephone line Im stuck with VM. An suggeions onhow i cn go somewhere else?
Posted by grannysmithcan over 6 years ago
been having problems for over a yr with BB. 1st they blamed my 5 yr old desktop. I got a laptop & still having problems. I got their hub for wireless connection. They have now informed me that between now and the 16 March the Lewisham exchange will have the upgrade for the hub. Something to do with packet loss. I have informed them that if my issues are not rectified by then I will seek legal advise and proceed to sue them for taking money from me under false pretences. I'm lucky if I get 0.5 to 1 mg. Wish I never went with them and now thinking of going back to Sky
Posted by oldtar over 6 years ago
As per my previous comments distance of test server can make a big difference. I have just tested on speedtest net using Sittingbourn server (10 miles away) 36.5 download and 4.2 upload,immediately tested using Maidstone server (5 miles) 49.83 download and 4.97 upload. Also check Internet settings are at optimal makes a big difference and not always done automatically.thinkbroadband using Maidenhead is between the 2 but sometimes lower but the speedtest results are always about the same as above
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
beta bridge mode firmware in april, so if you willing to be a guinea pig you get a month earlier. Personally I havent had speed issues with the superhub, but it has severe routing bugs and limitations of features. I am currently using it with my original dir615 VM router in double NAT mode.
Posted by Dugsey over 6 years ago
Hi Guys
I have Virgin Media 10mg serice and I get 95% or more during all times of the day.However I use Powerline units to send the signal around my house. I had so much trouble with wireless connections, which were slow. Also remember that they have a problem sometimes due to position of the units, thickness of walls etc. The best prices are with reputable sellers onebay. You need at the least a pair of powerline units to work.
Posted by CharlesDrown over 6 years ago
Had 10M service for 18months, only twice has it dropped below 7MB and is usually well above 9MB for downloads.
Posted by squash8720 over 6 years ago
In my experience with VM routers they tend to be of the cheap variety which are not supported by the manufacture so you have to go through VM techs support which is rubbish! Do your research buy a router that satisfies your needs install it and then see the difference don't expect to get 20meg or 50meg wireless as you are in to a can of worms. Connect to the router wired with a 1gb ether-net card and do a speed test out of peak times. This should give you an accurate download measure expect about 1/4 to a 1/2 of that speed wireless if using wireless N
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