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BT increases Race to Infinity winners to 10
Wednesday 02 February 2011 12:43:12 by John Hunt

Four new communities have been announced as being added to the winners list of BT's 'Race to Infinity', a competition BT ran at the end of last year to encourage demand for their new super-fast broadband services which use fibre-to-the-cabinet technology. Over 360,000 people voted across the UK and due to the exceptionally high levels, BT have decided to increase the number of winners.

And will be joining the original six winners:

The new winners are:

"This is fantastic news for these communities and the prize is thoroughly deserved. The Race to Infinity received a tremendous response. We decided to extend the list of winners to the 'top ten' because of the exceptional passion and commitment shown by local campaigners and residents.

We are very grateful to everybody in the UK who helped show the level of demand for super-fast broadband in their communities by registering with the Race to Infinity. No vote was wasted. The race has provided invaluable information as we rollout the technology across the country. Potential demand is an important factor influencing our plans and informing our discussions with others."

BT spokesman

Openreach will be upgrading these areas with the new fibre-based technology by early 2012 at the latest, and customers can expect to see download speeds of up-to 40Mbps, the maximum available through Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology at the moment.


Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
Marton ? Gosh...

1,268 residential premises
52 non-residential premises
Market 1
Posted by mbailey over 6 years ago
I still find this very frustrating - why can't BT get on rolling out to the exchanges that are already enabled! Take Basingstoke, which was one of the first to be enabled, we still have large areas which are not covered and when you ask BT they have no idea when they are going to do anything!
Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
Second time they've "increased" the winners list now. I find this very odd.

@herdwick, you'll probably find all those residents are connected to only a handful of cabs. Making the rollout low cost, there might also be ample resources at the exchange available and no real E-side work being done apart from a HDF installation and rack
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
I find this very odd. - Its down to the "exceptional passion and commitment shown by local campaigners and residents." :)
Posted by adslmax over 6 years ago
Glad BT are out of my way. Hate them really.

Virgin Media is the best!
Posted by bookey over 6 years ago
You have the location of Burley wrong.
The correct location is -!lat=53.91326224879202&lng=-1.750547850555415&zoom=13&type=terrain&exchanges
Posted by cuthbei over 6 years ago
All the houses in Marton are very close together. I would be willing to bet they only have 2 cabs maximum. I think BT are picking low cost options just to get the press
Posted by knocksilla over 6 years ago
Dont be getting excited. My exchange is enabled for FTTC but The BT checker tells me it is not available so I contacted them and this is the reply I got:
"I can confirm that the exchange in Omagh is enabled for the service however it appears the cabinet which serves your postcode has not been upgraded as of yet."
Posted by knocksilla over 6 years ago
Part 2:
The information we have received from Openreach relating to their upgrade plans suggest that the cabinet which you are connected to (number 25) is not due to be upgraded in the near future however the plans are reviewed and updated every few months so it could be that in the next upgrade phase this cabinet could be upgraded which would allow you to place an order for Infinity."
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
note the 'shire' at the end of the names, and yet another surrey exchange.
Posted by BruceWallaby over 6 years ago
Part 1 of 2

I live in one of the 10 Marton exchange villages and took part in our campaign. We received 78.8% and still confused as how the top 6 got to 100%+. We exceeded 75%/1000 votes and lobbied BT at the highest level to ensure that they entered into a meaningful engagement. To BT's credit they responded openly with ongoing and frank discussions during January which led to the Marton exchange being included as 'winners'. BT promised that they would engage with certain contenders and that is exactly what they did and, for us and three others, an outstanding outcome.
Posted by BruceWallaby over 6 years ago
Part 2 of 2

As I understand it the Marton exchange/villages are technically challenging to enable particularly as the villages (and premises within some of the villages) are geographically spread and I don't believe that this is a soft, low cost option for BT at all. We fought and negotiated hard for this, all the more important for us as a rural exchange we were never likely to be on BT's radar, this roll out or the next. BT were right we were determined and extremely passionate in our campaign and afterwards ! Now we just have to make sure we get what has been promised.
Posted by BCarter over 6 years ago
Not sure I really understand this "race philosophy". When I worked for GPO Telephones (now you know how old I am) and we were converting from manual exchanges to automatic exchanges, we didn't make subscribers enter a "race" to see who got the service - we just got on and did the job. And that was nation-wide. I suppose that BT just isn't up to the job !! I know that the technology is different, but nevertheless, it was a hell of a job to carry out that conversion - but we did it.
Posted by BCarter over 6 years ago
Anyway - it is irrelevant really - at least to me. I have given up on BT and Fibrecity. I suppose I will just have to go and take up an offer from Virgin.
Posted by BCarter over 6 years ago
Or maybe breed pigeons !!
Posted by BCarter over 6 years ago
Ah! I have it!! The folk that "direct" Fibrecity have offered their expertise to BT !
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