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TalkTalk to launch fibre broadband boost
Friday 14 January 2011 13:36:05 by John Hunt

TalkTalk have announced that they are taking registration for their new fibre-optic broadband 'boost' which will offer new and existing customers the ability to get broadband at speeds of up to 40meg. This uses fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology based on BT's current roll-out of cabinets which is slowly spreading across the country.

"We are seeing increasing demand for superfast broadband and our Fibre Optic Boost is a great way to ensure seamless connectivity and high upload and download speeds. This boost is ideal for a wide range of customers, such as families who all want to be online at the same time, people wanting to stream HD content, or gamers needing lightning quick response times.

The installation process is straight forward as an engineer will make a home visit to get the connection up and running. We expect this boost to be very popular and will be aiming to make it available to as many people as possible."

Tristia Clarke, (Commercial Director) TalkTalk

Pricing and a launch date haven't been announced yet, but TalkTalk are inviting people to register interest in the new option which can be done at There is also an availabilty checker on here which indicate what speed will be available on your line.

A faster service does also make it possible to download or upload data much more quickly, so we hope that TalkTalk will also introduce a higher usage cap for those who opt for the faster product.


Posted by Gamerwillz over 6 years ago
How exciting! I am TalkTalk Plus LLU customer and loving the service. Do anyone think TalkTalk will roll-out fibre in my 3,894 premises town, Tadcaster?
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
has BT open reach mentioned your exchange?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
If Openreach roll out FTTC to Tadcaster then should be able to have the TalkTalk Fibre boost
Posted by WalterWillcox over 6 years ago
@ GamerWillz,
I don't think I'd get too excited yet as
doesn't indicate any BT FTTC.
In addition your LLU line would then have to be disconnected from the TalkTalk exchange equipment and your D side line would (eventually) be linked to the new BT FTTCabinet.
Posted by m0aur over 6 years ago
Possibly it is an attempt to bury bad news!
Posted by CaptainHulaHoop over 6 years ago
anyone know if they are going to use bt wholesale network or their own?
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
they using BT, so far noone planned LLU FTTC
Posted by tazz_uk over 6 years ago
"Guaranteed service:
We'll get you set up and connected hassle free with a visit from our friendly engineer."

Oh one of your engineers eh???? Dont you mean an Openreach engineer? ;)
Posted by CaptainHulaHoop over 6 years ago
that surprises me damien. i would have thought it would be cheaper for them to use their own backhaul from the exchanges where they already have it there.
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
@Captain:Yeah it's a bit disturbing. Presumably it's VULA they're using but GEA is closer to 'true' LLU. If biggest of the current crop of LLUOs can't make GEA work then it doesn't bode well.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago

depends if they have enough capacity to support FTTC on top of ADSL2+.

Also as its a new product there will need to be training and extra levels of support put in if they where using their own network.

If they are testing the water might make sense to use the BT system first. Also if they don't get ehough people swapping to FTTC would cost quite bit to enable an exchange for whyat might be only a handfull of customers
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
TalkTalk's strategy PR shows FMPF & GEA pricing, TT backhaul used and MPF remaining connected to their MSAN, FWIW.
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
no mention of extra network capacity either ;-)
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
For FTTC, AAISP seems to be the best.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
looking at that report the also talking about using BT backhaul for FTTC and FTTPnot really given us any more info than they would prefer to use GEA
Posted by herdwick over 6 years ago
the only BT data backhaul on their diagrams is on the one for the FTTH option, FTTC is clearly TT backhaul.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
if you look on the 3rd diagram the one showing FTTC and FTTH, the lines also idicated possibility that FTTC could use the BT system. it would go home-> cabinet -> excahnge (BT OR OLT GEA) FTTH could use the above route or could use the same route of FTTC when using talktalk euqipment i.e. Cabinet and handover at the talktalk eqipment at the exhcnage.

Unless i reading the diagrams wrong
Posted by Hubz over 6 years ago
PSTN Voice line will stay LLU, the copper path will be intercepted by the Openreach cabinet where VDSL2 will be injected, voice signal filtered and sent to the exchange (thus ADSL from the TTG LLU MSAN cut off). "Broadband" will be carried over Openreach Fibres from the DSLAM in the cabinet to an "OLT" or "IL2S" at the exchange, where TTG will connect one (or many) 1Gig GEA Handover ports and pick up the broadband and carry it to their BRAS or whatever.
Posted by JDPower over 6 years ago
Hubz, I'm sure you could fit some more unnecessary acronyms in that post if you really tried!
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Ignorance shouldn't be rewarded.
Posted by shamus72 over 6 years ago
On pricing, a little birdy told me that it will be £69.99
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