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New T-Mobile FUP limit sees Android users get 83% less data allowance
Tuesday 11 January 2011 11:46:26 by John Hunt

A small update to the T-Mobile story yesterday about the reduction in data limits. Tech Radar have uncovered that the new limit of 500MB also applies to Android users who previously were given a 3GB data allowance per month for Internet traffic on their phones. This reduction equates to a whopping 83% reduction down to just 1/6th of the previous data allowance. T-Mobile don't expect too many people to be affected though as most customers only use around 200MB a month. Usage does continually grow however, and with ever more video content becoming available on our mobiles, this average is likely to only rise.

"T-Mobile will not charge its customers additional rates for exceeding these data limits, and those who do will still be able to access important services such as email and website browsing, but will have file downloading restricted.

"Customers who have a need for higher volumes of data will be encouraged to take up a separate mobile broadband plan."

T-Mobile spokesperson


Posted by mbailey over 6 years ago
What I joke. I deliberately moved to Tmobile last summer to take this 3GB contract.

Seeing as though Tmobile have changed the terms of the contact, does this mean anyone on an existing contact can cancel early?
Posted by Locky over 6 years ago
Same here. Grounds to cancel?
Posted by jackery over 6 years ago
I phoned them today regards to whether this will also affect their mobile broadband packages.

The representative couldn't say yes or no, but said that there is a chance it could be coming to mobile broadband too.

I also asked about cancellation for phone/mobile broadband contracts, of which I was also told you cannot cancel your contract because of this change.
Posted by ian72 over 6 years ago
I would guess that the contract is that there is a FUP. What the details of the FUP are they would probably argue is not part of the contract. It's like broadband - the FUP limit could change month on month depending on usage and is therefore not set in the contract.
Posted by olisun over 6 years ago

When I bought my 12 month SIM only contract it came with a 3GB usage allowance so I don't know how can that change on a month on month basis as long as I am within the 3GB limit?
Posted by audioslim over 6 years ago

Interesting reading, and dont listen to T-Mobile when they say you cant cancel the contract. They are talking rubbish!.
You can cancel your contract at any point. Its whether they can bill you for the remainder thats key.

Posted by EnglishRob over 6 years ago
Well I'm glad I didn't go to T-Mobile, I was very close to calling them today and taking out an Android contract and this would have seriously annoyed me.

I wonder if those affected could cancel their contracts due to changes in Terms & Conditions?
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Remember that the 200Mb is most probably from an average of all customers and not every customer has a data package (this applies to any provider that spouts this rubbish)...

I foresee a lot of data users leaving...

Most providers do mobile broadband add-ons for phone packages if you ask for it.

Three is best for smart phones for overall 3G coverage and speed/price/usage ratio.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Beware of any provider using an FUP!
Posted by bosie over 6 years ago
If most people use only 200MB you have to wonder whether the network could sustain even 500MB.
Posted by musical_uk over 6 years ago
Complain to OFCOM on 02079813040. There are only three mobile companies left, yet OFCOM cannot enforce Condition 9.3

T-mobile hasn't given 30 days notice and haven't told customers they can leave without penalty. In fact, it is telling customers they can't leave, which is the opposite of the legal position.

Send you letter of cancellation by recorded delivery to: Legal Department, T-Mobile, Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW

You don't need T-mobile's permission to cancel.

This link is rather amusing:

See what is going on #tmobileukfail
Posted by olisun over 6 years ago
Posted by pobrown over 6 years ago
I think this change only applies to new/upgrading customers:

I must be a low-useage person. I've had my iPhone for 18 months and used 700MB in TOTAL of 3G data. Most of the time I'm using WiFi. 200MB per month wouldn't bother me.
Posted by mbailey over 6 years ago
Looks like Tmobile have backed down! The change is now only applicable to new and upgrading customers. Customers on existing contracts get to get the original FUP until their policy ends.
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