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BT Race to Infinity: Winners Announced
Monday 03 January 2011 08:20:52 by Sebastien Lahtinen

At the beginning of October, BT announced its 'race to infinity' campaign, to gauge demand for super-fast broadband from communities that weren't currently scheduled for a fibre upgrade.

You can read more about fibre broadband on our guide. Over 360,000 votes were cast in the competition and six exchanges have been announced as winners, are:

This news will be welcomed by campaigners in each area, many of whom have worked hard to achieve such a high level of sign-ups from residents and businesses to the campaign.

There have been some concerns raised by users on our forums about the accuracy of the process, with some exchanges achieving 100% of possible sign-ups, and based on some records over 100%, although this may reflect the estimated number of connections on each exchange being out of date. Nevertheless, some campaigners who did not reach the top six exchanges but still achieving over 75% sign-ups will no doubt be continuing to campaign for their exchange to be enabled, although some hope may exist as BT has stated it will be contacting users in those areas during January as well.

"The Race to Infinity really captured people's imagination. We've been so impressed by the passion and commitment of the people who signed-up to campaign for their areas up and down the country. They've done a brilliant job and we'd like to thank them for their time and dedication and of course all the thousands of people all over the UK who have voted.

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those who haven't been successful, but all their efforts haven't been in vain because their votes will help influence our plans in the future."

Gavin Patterson, (CEO) BT Retail

The competition is based on BT Retail's promotion and the exchanges will go into the Openreach campaign announced in September, which requires the ISPs to ensure at least 10% of premises will connect to the new fibre-optic network, or possibly fund part of the rollout. Exchanges are expected to be enabled by early 2012.

BT have also issued an update this afternoon:

"The extremely high level of votes in BT?s Race to infinity reflects the fantastic efforts by campaigners right across the country. The response has been so brilliant that we've decided to name six winners instead of five. We're also looking into the possibility that we might go even further and add the top ten to BT's deployment list. We'll make a decision about this by the end of January."

BT Statement


Posted by cyberdoyle over 6 years ago
All that free campaigning and marketing for BT. What a clever con. Just like enabling the exchanges in 2003. We did all the work, raised awareness and we still didn't get a broadband connection from our 'enabled' exchanges. Many were funded in rural areas too. I hope the people who get infinity realise they will never get NGA, as BT have said they will not be revisiting those areas with upgrades.
Posted by timmay over 6 years ago
Yeah to put the time and effort into campaigning for FTTC is a waste as they will have to de it yet again when FTTC doesn't deliver, that's probably only 5 or at most 10 years down the line. 100% is simply not possible, someone has been going through the phone book and registering everyone in the area.
Posted by baschurchbill over 6 years ago
The competition was for addresses to register not phone numbers. In all areas there were Hope this helps. Many more addresses than phone lines. Those without phone lines could vote by text. This distorted figures as the score board listed votes as a percentage of phone line subscribers allowing the most active exchanges to appear at 100%.
Posted by riverside over 6 years ago
BT should just roll it out across the UK now. Why should we have to wait?
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
riverside - cost?
Posted by Blood-Donor over 6 years ago
I totally agree with the comment by "riverside".
Why should we wait. BT are becoming a complete and utter circus.
And "Somerset" says it is cost. BT are happy enough to take the millions of pounds each month from their customers so they should at least get off their smug high-horse and give ALL their customers "infinity"!
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Well as a campaigner who feels cheated by BT I will now be turning my focus on BT retail.

I simply don't believe the results for the top 6. After auditing I would expect a top 5 to have been identified after dubious votes were removed. The fact they haven't got a top 5 simply confirms the race wasn't run fairly and the cheats won.

I shall now be campaigning for local people to boycott BT retail's products locally in protest.

I am looking at how BT's costs of operating my local exchange can be increased. If they don't want to invest in our exchange then make them spend money anyway.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
kenb - how are you going to do that?
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
Time to know every postcode that will be covered/not covered by BT 2/3.
Posted by drudge over 6 years ago
Does anyone know when or whether BT will release the numbers of votes cast for individual exchanges? Our village was never in with a chance, but after hand-delivering hundreds of leaflets it would be nice to know how many actually voted.
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Oh well things can sort of happen to premises if you upset the local residents I have found.

Obstructions can prevent vans leaving the exchange. Boxes of nails 'accidentally' get spilled. Local youths can also be a real pain at times with their silly 'games' in the field behind the exchange. All sorts of strange and peculiar things can happen, just like votes being cast 'magically'.

To be honest a boycott is a better bet. Much simpler to organise and get public support for.

Always some people that prefer a more +ve action approach. Just like those who must cheat to win a race really.
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
drudge for actual votes cast take a look at

This is an 'unofficial' site. I very much doubt BT will have the balls to publish the 'audited' results for the top 6! A bit cheeky given the effort people have put in. I bet they wish they never started this campaign now!
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
kenb - and what will that actually achieve? Other than affect service for your friends and neighbours.
Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
Always thought it was the top 5 exchanges gets enabled. Meh, Caxton will be an interesting one for the power planning office as theres simply no space
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Somerset - that is the kind of defeatist attitude that sums up Briton. We are happy to fight for minorities overseas, at great cost, but do nothing to protest about inequalities in our own country. BT is a private company. They are driven by profit. They have a monopoly on my local exchange and are abusing it. Organising a boycott will have no impact on services. Sadly other actions happen when you start a boycott. The best you can do is suggest they are actions that have least impact on other users, but impact BT.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
How are they abusing their monopoly? Talktalk, Sky etc. are free to install LLU, VM could put in their cable services.
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Somerset- OFCOM simply put the non LLU exchanges into a 'regulated' tier. The larger, very profitable exchanges, in that tier cross subsidise the many very expensive smaller ones. It shouldn’t need an LLU provider to enter an exchange to break up the monopoly and force BT to behave. It is OFCOM’s role to ensure I get value for money from a local monopoly, and it hasn’t done this properly for smaller exchanges. The cost of LLU and cost of FTTC are completely different. At the moment BT can profiteer, if LLU install cost high, as they aren’t compelled to install FTTC even if it’s economic.
Posted by annapolis over 6 years ago
kenb - I don't think you understasnd how this works. The exchanges that do not have LLU are because the LLU based companies have decided that they aren't profitable. I doubt there are any large profitable exchanges that do not have LLU. It is left for BT to provide a service where other won't but it is still wholesaled to anyone who wants to offer a service. BT is committing 2.5billion to fibre roll out - no one else comes close to this sort of investment but it is BT you condem.I also think your comments that imply that you would condone criminal acts and vandalism do you no credit.
Posted by CaptainHulaHoop over 6 years ago
wah wah wah, boo hoo.
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Annapolis - quite agree with your comments, IMHO some of the others are idiotic to say the least. If the people making them spent more than a few seconds thinking first, they'd surely be complaining about the many companies NOT investing rather than the only one investing on a significant scale.

As for the usual fibre fetishist suspects, I suspect the people in the communities being added to the FTTC/P deployment would far rather have something that is good for 5-10 years than have nothing.

Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
And in any case, if FTTC speeds do increase to around 100mbps downstream, and > 15Mbps upstream then who says that will not meet the needs of most of us for at least 10 years?

Better to have this, with a choise of service providers etc, than wait for the so-called "digital village pump" daydreamers to install their local monopoly services .... and then find out the difficulties in actually running the service that killed off many of the community wi-fi providers of the past.
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Riverside - as for "forcing" investment across the country, I'm assuming that you've never run a private company yourself? What do you think the shareholders would say if their money was invested in clearly uneconomic areas across the country? You do realise that the directors have a legal responsibility to look after the shareholders funds?

Again, suggest you focus your attention on those companies not investing rather than on the only one making significant investment in NGA.
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Kenb - have you really thought through your proposed actions? Ignoring those that could be interpreted as incitment, you'd simply be making it less likely for your area to get investment in the future. Difficult to see how you or your fellow residents benefit from such an approach?

Why not continue to promote interest and see whether you can in fact attract the interest of an investor?
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Just checked some facts about the winners and, with the exception of Caxton at 2.6Mb, all the others already achieve at least 7.5Mb download broadband speed, according to BT's own speedchecker. Whitchurch has apparently already got Infinity, with a speed of 34.6Mb!
My village has an official speed of 1Mb only! yet BT have ignored us yet again.
What a carve up!
Posted by annapolis over 6 years ago
Madreddog - I think there are 5 exchanges called Whitchurch so are you sure you have got the right one (one near Cardiff does have FTTC I think) - the RTI one is in Hampshire. I suspect the speed will depend on where you live in the area so I doubt all the other exchanges will have the speed you mention across the population
Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
kenb is an idiot. let him go on his merry protest and be without a landline.
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Oh! and I forgot to mention... four of the six 'winners' are within 65 miles of London. This so-called 'race to infinity' could never ever have been even loosely described as a competition in the first place and I'm just sorry that I, like so many others, fell for BT's slick megabucks marketing once more.
...and Kenb, I admire your dedication but spending (wasting!) £250 of your own money!!..
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Annapolis. I'm well aware of which Whitchurch it is. My mistake was mixing it up with one of the others. Its actually Blewbury that already has Infinity at 34Mb. Whitchurch has 7.5Mb. Whatever, they still have speeds that I would be more than happy with and that's the issue here.
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Anyone for a lesson in the economics of managing a monopoly and their effective regulation? To suggest that being nice to them will get you any where is futile. You go your way and I will go mine, within the law on incitement. Doing nothing is a recipe for the status quo with a monopoly. There is growing unrest in the country and if certain unions have their way activism is going to become a big deal. Silly idea to have a lot of ‘students’ as they are a standing army ready to act. Then there are the unemployed. Will government/business have the will to stand against them? (Bankers won easily.)
Posted by annapolis over 6 years ago
Madreddog - are you sure about Blewbury? They went to a lot of effort if they have it and I don't think the race was open to exchanges that had it already. Samknows says they don't.
Posted by petesilver over 6 years ago
I think it was all a ploy by BT to keep us all from complaining they have been very devious in this so called "race to infinity" 99.9% of exchanges never had a chance all is was is a marketing exercise and we fell for it.I live in Devon and a lot of the exchanges are miles from customers so connection speeds hover from 100kbps to 800kbps and that's only in the good times and I can't see any change in the next 10 years.
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Unsure where quote come from but carrying a story saying BT now thinking about top 10 being enabled. Anyone sense a company coming under a lot of pressure for their farce of a race? If this does happen was it because people ‘asked nicely’ or because some people made their views known in very plain terms to BT management. I doubt it was the former!
Posted by isarisar over 6 years ago
Madreddog is wrong the race was only open to exchanges that dont have / on the rollout plan for inifity..i am in whitchurch and i get a 8128 sync but not everyone gets that fast the exchange cover a wide area..the campaign team did a great job for whitchurch JOB DONE
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
kerb - what exactly is your issue? That you missed out on FTTC like many others when only a few could win. And some sort of direct action on the local exchange will get you FTTC.

Have you contacted Sky and TalkTalk about LLU?
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Re the comment about me spending £250. Other people have spent significantly more from emails I have received! Running a campaign to reach thousands of households isn't cheap. Cost of banners, leaflets etc. Not much point starting unless you are serious. Personally I prefer spending it on this then some questionable charity.
I see it as doing my bit for the local community. Unlike our government, and my MP, who think spending borrowed money overseas more important then putting infrastructure in place to take advantage of any world economic recovery that might happen.
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Annapolis - just checked it again and it came up as 7.5Mb this time. I used BT's own speedchecker so I guess even that tells lies like the rest of their organisation!
Posted by annapolis over 6 years ago
Madreddog - or possibly you made a mistake?
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Isarisar _ I just explained what happened the first time I checked, see above. My real point is to people like yourself with 8Mb or thereabouts is that you already have a perfectly usable connection so maybe you should be happy with what you've got and think yourself lucky you're not crippled with a pathetic link like mine.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
What number are you checking? One next to the exchange?
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Annapolis - No mistake, I still have my figures written down. Must admit it surprised me at the time but I wrote it as I received it. Perhaps BT did it on purpose just to make me look stupid! As for you Kenb, I just can't weigh you up. Are you telling me (us) that you consider getting a faster broadband connection, for yourself, more deserving of your funds than a legitimate charitable concern? Shame on you for your selfishness!
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
Somerset - the issue is about BT's conduct over the race. I don't mind losing. In fact I expected to as local demographics made winning unlikely here. The show of support locally actually feeds into a separate campaign and hasn't been wasted. My problem is with how BT have dealt with the issues raised. By not addressing them properly it calls into question, for me, how BT are handling the whole FTTC process. What checks are in place on any public money that will be used later? BT are a monopoly and FTTC reinforces that by putting BT back in control of who gets what when. Way off topic now. Bye
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Somerset - My highly scientific method was to Google for a pub or similar in the towns mentioned, I then simply entered their phone numbers into the aforesaid speedchecker. Try it yourself, the Red Lion in Blewbury's number is 01235 850403.
Posted by adslmax over 6 years ago
Like I say before - BT are waste of space, a waste of time, a loser and I never had any bt line, I always hate BT because of four things:

1) Expensive line rental, installation charge
2) Silly BRAS IP Profiling & expensive activation
3) No ADSL2+, No 21CN, NO LLU, No Fibre Optic
4) BT always unfair play & most expensive telephone provider in UK
Posted by kenb over 6 years ago
madreddog - to spend money on charity you need to earn it, not borrow it as our government plans. I am not interested in broadband for myself but the local community, particularly SMB’s. As things are currently going more rural areas of the country are going to end up as jobless ghettos. They won't have the necessary telecoms infrastructure to allow small businesses to prosper in the modern world. Quite how that enables the UK to generate income to help others abroad is beyond me. Is it all going to come from the ‘reformed’ banks/financial sector in London and the wired up urban areas?
Posted by adslmax over 6 years ago
Winning exchanges will be enabled in early 2012 subject to availability, survey, terms and conditions.

(Subject to availability - I am not surprise if BT change their mind in 2012 to pull it out because of not availability) and that BT for you.
Posted by thejokeman over 6 years ago
As someone who gave up most of my Xmas break to go around our fine town (Whitchurch) to door knock and collect votes for the Campaign I utterly refute any claims that any votes were collected dishonestly. Our votes were in the most part collected by determined individuals with drive, out door knocking in all the snow, phoning up people at all hours and asking them to vote. Not only this but I did this with a bad chest infection. You'll be surprised what a few people with drive, determination and enthusiasm will do for their town
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Thejokeman - I don't know who you thought may have inferred that you might have tried to 'rig' the votes for your town but it certainly wasn't me. I'm quite ready to believe that BT's conduct in all this may not have been truly ethical. What really annoys me is when I see that a winning town, like yours, already has upwards of a 7.5Mb connection yet you're set to get even more. I would love to have that much but, like a lot of people, I'm too far away to bother with!
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
madreddog - it's only 450m to the exchange.

Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
Anyone close to an exchange should get close to 8M. Apart from drumming up interest in faster broadband this wasn't going to achieve much.
Posted by annapolis over 6 years ago
Madreddog- presumably you would have preferred that BT either did not run this at all or excluded anyone who could get a greater speed than you from participating? The people in the exchanges who won with a lot of hard work do seem to be quite pleased.
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Somerset - that doesn't surprise me. I don't know Blewbury at all so it was just luck I picked an address so close to the exchange. I've no doubt there must be subscribers served by the same exchange who get an awful connection, there's bound to be someone who's an exception to the rule. They've picked Innerleithen as another winner, my guess being it looks like some remote Scottish place to balance the results...It's actually less than 30 miles from the middle of Edinburgh so it's hardly remote!
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Annapolis - I'm quite shocked to see how many poor deluded souls BT managed to con with their antics. The people in the towns that 'won' may find it is a very hollow victory, if indeed it proves to be anything of the sort. My suspicion is that all their campaigning was to no avail as the whole issue was a foregone conclusion before BT dreamt up the 'Race to Infinity' publicity stunt! BT are the winners, they always were. They've succeeded in getting the whole country talking about them by sowing a false seed of hope.
Posted by annapolis over 6 years ago
Madreddog - so I am clear, are you saying that the results were pre-decided and that it wasn't due to the efforts of the local community. I am missing the reason that BT would not just let the top votes win as they said they would. They will have to spend the millions of pounds on fibre for whichever community won? I know that youy think they shouldn't have run this and the winning communities shouldn't be benefitting. It is an odd world you live in.
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
Annapolis - I do not live in an odd World. I am a realist, not an idealist. I expect nothing so anything I do get is a bonus. I try to be fair and honest with everyone I have the fortune, or misfortune to encounter. Unfortunately, being a realist, and having had first-hand experience, I am sadly only too well aware that there are predators out there, predators with no morals who would sell their relatives for personal gratification or even just the Hell of it, then sleep peacefully at night in spite of it all..continued..
Posted by madreddog over 6 years ago
..Don't kid yourself that BT made that magnanimous gesture out of the goodness of their hearts. They are schemers with an ulterior motive and have only their own interests on the agenda. One day you will realise this.
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
The Race to Infinity was obviously to drum up support, but what about say Sky offering deals to install dishes on flats? isn't that the same but for TV?
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
@kenb the top 10 comment was issued by BT around 1pm.
Posted by 2doorsbob over 6 years ago
This is an absolute joke ..has anybody looked at these exchanges all but 1 have a tightly grouped area for of people small villages more backhaul is all thats needed here with better home wiring there is no reason for anybody getting anyless than 6 meg from 8 and 15 form 24 if there is llu presence
Posted by 2doorsbob over 6 years ago
the reason for these exchanges that have been chosen is because a higher percentage of people voted ..large exchanges had no chance ..i live in sheffield and get 2.5 meg from wadsley bridge serving 32.000 arnt likely to activate this echange due to size region no matter how many people voted
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Useful extract from a letter responding to voting concerns raised by ISP Review:

"BT Retail ... has completed a number of audits of the votes cast (especially during December as the Race was drawing to a close) in order to remove any votes that it believes to be either invalid and fraudulent."

This (and other points in the full response) may help address concerns raised regarding the voting.
Posted by coachdriverman over 6 years ago
If BT are to take a lengthy time in getting a fibre then I see no option but to go to Virgin cable. They also offer much higher speeds. I get about 5meg download to my PC from BT, a friend get 9.5 wireless to her laptop from Virgin. Which way should I go????
No brainer really!!
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Depends whether upload speeds are important - I get > 10Mbps with FTTC, would have to take the much more expensive 100Mb download product from VM to get close to that.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Remember BT have to subsidize the competition so the system isn't very profitable for them, if it was all their own network then we'd probably have 100Mbps by now.
Posted by Enrico21 over 6 years ago
I recently emailed my concerns about the veracity of the competition to the organisation running the league table which claims it is unofficial and not affiliated with BT. I was very surprised to receive the following response:

“The data for this comes from BT so they are the best people to ask.
Obviously there was some cheating involved in the competition and hopefully BT have since verified the results.
Thanks for using the website”.

Quite an astonishing admission here but it’s all rather academic now.
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
Which website and which organisation?
Posted by camieabz over 6 years ago
BT have managed the impossible.

For minimal outlay they have recruited hundreds of unpaid campaigners to not only advertise, but to sell a future product, with little promise of delivery.

Even if the voting is 100% (forgive the pun) accurate and legit, only five out of approx 5000 exhanges (0.1%) would ever get the product.

The rest have given BT an 'out', since they have given no committment to them. For the cost of enabling five (six) exchanges with probably as little as 20,000 lines, BT have woken up 360,000 potential customers.

Well done BT! Amazing marketing.
Posted by Enrico21 over 6 years ago
New_Londoner: The website address is:
If you click on the Contact tab it produces a web-form page which is what I completed in raising my query. The response came from
Posted by camieabz over 6 years ago
That list is quite telling.

Aberdeen has several exchanges, and I can see that the ones higher in the rankings are the ones in the suburbs, while the lowest ranked ones are placed mostly centrally in the city.

Perhaps BT's project would have had a lot more credibility if they had only allowed exchanges on markets 1 & 2, but that's another debate.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
Enrico - This site is unofficial and not affiliated with BT
Posted by litesp33d over 6 years ago
BT IS a major monopoly and uses and abuses its position as a £20 billion turnover monster to treat us all appallingly and OFCOM allows them to do it. It does not matter who is your ISP (if you are not cable) BT will have a slice of your cake even if it is LLU. And if you want to leave your LLU provider you will end up back with BT or lose your phone number. BT is further abusing their monopoly position by buying up smaller ISP's and backing them with millions in ad campaigns such as plusnet. It is all wrong and OFCOM are in their pocket. It is legal corruption.
Posted by Enrico21 over 6 years ago
Somerset - In a no. of local run website campaigns that I have seen, people wishing to see where their exchange was listed in the competition were encouraged to click on a link entitled “Race to Infinity & Beyond” which takes them to
So, if this was not the official BT league table, I assume the voting data was also being shown on BT’s website but I cannot verify this now as the competition is ended and it's no longer shown there.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
Which smaller ISPs has BT bought?
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
You said 'ISPs, and backing them' implying several.
Posted by Essex over 6 years ago
Another B T con. What happenned to all the exchanges that were on for 21CN in 2010? Dissapeared in BT's usual bull crap. All this who wants what in year to come. It's just the BT dinosaurs stalling game. We have seen it all before. That is why we are bottome of broadband industrial world league. Not to mention Europe?
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
"That is why we are bottome of broadband industrial world league. Not to mention Europe? "

Actually we're not bottom of either if you measure price, availability to % of population, usage or even speed.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago

Turnover doesn't = profit.

Also LLU runs over BT's network so of course they get a slice of the cake.

We the people are to blame for voting in people that made BT the monopoly it is today and making wholesale competition harder.
Posted by otester over 6 years ago
Also the situation for BT isn't too good either, they have to subsidize LLU and cover unprofitable areas where LLU providers don't have to cover and still provide wholesale access in those unprofitable areas further incuring cost.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
otester - someone has to own and maintain the local ends. LLU only runs over the local ends.
Posted by litesp33d over 6 years ago
@somerset a 10 second trawl of the web shows
plusnet, madasafish, global internet, waitrose, brightview. My other comment has been removed.
Why are these deals not referred to some kind of regulator. Oh yes that would be OFCOM. BT's best mate. But when OFCOM board members have close affiliations with BT.....
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
@ People Complaining About BT.

BT is a business, business DO NO DO THINGS UNLESS IT WILL MAKE THEM MONEY. That how business work.

If BT decided to enable all those exchanges it would be stopped before it go anywhere as the shareholders we revolt and remove the directors.

BT did this as a way to get cheap advertising, everyone realises that (or should) from the very start. Least 5 changes who did not have the possibilities of getting FTTC within a reasonable time frame should now get it.

Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
Personally, I think Open reach should have always been a no profit organisation like network Rail, but efven then it would still need some investments from other sources.

People should stop complaining and do 1 of to things, Buy BT shares, once you get a majority you could run BT into the group with giving everyone FTTP.

Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago

If you think you enabling your exchange for FTTC make economical business sense, they cover the costs. There is a procedure where any group can ask BT open Reach to FTTC enable an exchange if they willing to cover the costs if certain amount of FTTC users is not reached. Of course you would have to prove that your group had the finances to cover the costs.

Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
litesp33d. Did your trek show you that plusnet bought those and then BT bought plusnet?
Posted by GMAN99 over 6 years ago
cyberdoyle - FTTC is already NGA, its the next generation after this current one, just because you don't see it that way it doesn't make it so :)
Posted by New_Londoner over 6 years ago
@litesp33d "buying up smaller ISP's and backing them with millions in ad campaigns "

Presumably your concerns about industry consolidation also extend to Talk Talk (AOL, Tiscali, Opal) and others?

Difficult to understand the point about advertising given the much larger campaigns by Sky and Virgin which you don't mention....
Posted by BB4FABS over 6 years ago
To quote forom a BT press release ( on 6th Dec 2010:

“Every vote does count because, whether communities win the race or not, each vote is an indication of demand for the next generation of broadband ..."

“The data collected by BT will be used in planning where the roll-out goes next."

So come on BT - when are you going to publish the full results showing the votes cast for EVERY exchange?

How else will we able to see that you are rolling-out to high-demand areas first?
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
BT could probably afford to do a more filling rollout ie 90% or so as long as paced right so the expenditure is overtime covered by ongoing profits. However they probably waiting for government cash so deliberatly holding of some areas.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
@BB4FAB - two things

1) where does it say they will be deploying FTTC roll out based solely on the votes. The votes will be 1 factor is many others. There will will be more important factors such as cost.

2) why should BT give out data it collected it self, that could be useful to their competitors. Remeber this was done by bt RETAIL NOT open reach. You will never see a pharmaceutics releasing information of its failed research, as though the data might not have any use right now it may be useful in the future. Information is worth money, why do feel bt should throw it away.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago

Partly agree with you, I think BT deploy in time (talking about 10 years maybe more) faster ways to connect to the internet to most of the population but it won't be solely fibre.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago

However FTTC over next 5-7 years will never be rolled out to 90%, not at the currect prices. If people in rurals areas are willing to pay way more then yes.

In the above time frame I Feel FTTC/P will cover 70-75% easily, however geting to 80 or even 85% without using other means than fibre or having huge amounts of money given to it just won't happen.
Posted by damien001 over 6 years ago
Comes down to cost, yes they could do it. Though they would be foolish to, yes they could make money over a long enough term, however where would you invest 1 millions pounds if you had it, place where you would only get 3.5% return over 5 years, or 15% over 5 years. You will put you money where the best returns are.

This won't change while profits are the main concern for BT open reach. If they where a not for profit group then think we would see it
Posted by BB4FABS over 6 years ago

"BT today announced it is to launch a nationwide survey to see how much potential demand there is for fibre broadband. ... This will help BT identify “hot spots” where demand is high and influence the company’s future deployment plans."

OK, maybe I over-egged it a bit, but the point is that BT promised that the competition results would influence deployment plans.
Posted by BB4FABS over 6 years ago

Your comparison with a pharmacuetical company doing a survey is a poor one. BT was happy to encourage local volunteer campaigners to drum up publicity for its Infinity product and the live state of the survey, for any exchange, could be seen on their website right up until midnight on 31st Dec 2010.

BT's refusal to release the figures now that the survey/competition is over is a kick in the teeth for the volunteers who spent so much time and money promoting it in their neighbourhoods.
Posted by amforbes over 6 years ago
sick and fucking tired of this, ten years and never has my speed increased over 1MB, my phoneline is still with BT paying them line rental I'm begining to wonder why I bother. Clearly BT only care about the cities and big towns that already have fast broadband speeds as usual rural areas who would benefit from faster speeds are left out in the cold!!!
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