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43% of broadband users want a faster connection
Wednesday 22 December 2010 16:10:25 by John Hunt

A survey conducted on the thinkbroadband website of over 1,600 broadband users has shown that there is a large demand for faster broadband speeds leading into the coming year. We asked users what they would most like to see in 2011, and the overwhelming majority (43%) put faster download speeds at the top of their wish-list from their broadband provider.

Improvement Percentage
Faster download speeds 43%
Improve traffic shaping / capacity 17%
Price reduction 15%
Faster upload speeds 13%
Better customer service 8%
Other 3%

The results prove interesting as they help show where consumer demand lies. Even with research showing that customer service is often rated poorly, the top two votes show that consumers are more concerned about the speed of their connection and would like improvements to this and to avoid seeing slow-downs through traffic shaping on a providers network. Price only came in third within the results with 15% of users after a reduction, and customer service improvements at 8%.

We've seen that technical users are more likely to vote for receiving a faster upload speed. This ranges from nine per cent of the people who claim to 'know their way around broadband' to 18 per cent of those who classify themselves as 'really technical.' The less technical users were more likely to vote for reducing the price of their broadband over improvements to the speed of the connection.


Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
Broadband is cheap enough if it gets any cheaper capacity won't be kept topped up and consumers will be complaining even more.
Posted by AndrueC over 6 years ago
Less technical users want a cheaper service. What a surprise.
Posted by thesimo over 6 years ago
Posted by Dixinormous over 6 years ago
That's what the population of this site want, shame we're not the normal users. Many still don't look beyond the price tag, if 40% wanted faster Virgin's 50M service would have sold far better.
Posted by tommy45 over 6 years ago
The results came as no big surprise to me either, the things to me that are important are good customer service,and extra options( fastpath,static ip,)low contention ratio,and unlimited & unshaped service, also a higher upload speed would be worthwhile say 5mb on llu
Posted by andylock over 6 years ago
"Virgin's 50M service would have sold far better"
It will sell even less if it is not available in your area. Even though they say it is when you first inquire on the website.
Also when you receive less than 1 meg then speed would be the most rated desire. And there are a lot of people using Thinkbroadband site who this applies to.
Posted by amforbes over 6 years ago
I'd love a faster broadband service I haven't been able to get more than .5Mb since broadband first came to my village.
Posted by Scubaholic over 6 years ago
@ Dixinormous Virgin is not universally available!
1.2 meg upload is ok for now but I wouldn'd want to be back on up to 8mb when it is only 400k, that's why I voted for faster d/l. But even with faster speeds there are bottlenecks that negate it as iPlayer on my TV can be patchy. Depressing that people who voted for cheaper BB obviously haven't seen the options already out there for around £10 pm. You get what you pay for!
Posted by Northwind over 6 years ago
krazykizza, I consider myself to be a technical user but I voted for a price reduction. At 40 quid per month, broadband is my third most expensive outlay after mortgage and Council rates. Despite native IPv6, DNS and unshaped connection, a few pennies back would be nice. Unfortunately February is bringing a price increase on top of the VAT increase.
Posted by amforbes over 6 years ago
I would love virgin media's 50Meg service only problem is I'm eleven miles too far from the nearest service!! I'm currently paying £25 for 0.5Mb!
Posted by SlimJ over 6 years ago
I'm on a wireless service and receive between 25-40mbps down (with a potential offering of up to 100mbps in the future) and up to 30mbps up, latency is very good also, customer service quick and easy, all for £25. I don't think I could ask for much more from my broadband to be honest.
Posted by Dixinormous over 6 years ago
Thanks all for the information that Virgin's service isn't universally available, I never realised.

Yes that was sarcasm. I was referring to the fact that until its' price was substantially reduced less than 2% of VM's own customers took it.
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
northwind u spend less than £40 month on food, electric?
Posted by krazykizza over 6 years ago
@Northwind You are not the average broadband user.

The average user is one with a big name ISP that offer stupidly low in price broadband deals.

consider £40 to be the upper end of what everyone should be paying for broadband, right now there is no money for infrastructure investment.
Posted by kerbstone over 6 years ago
As usual, no clarity. Faster from what to what?
Google speedtest and find best 10 test sites, try each one and get 10 different results. If too many download too many books, videos, TV, Music, what hope do we have for consistent service?
Posted by kingswearcastle over 6 years ago
A lot of people like me don't see the internet as an entertainment device,Or toy.
To us it's a tool. So!, (yes) faster speeds would be of use, but not at any price. Especially mobile (dongle) broadband services.
Posted by pet2000 over 6 years ago
What people don't realise is that connection speed is usually not responsible for slow downloads. No matter what your connection speed is, you are always depended on the speed limit beyond your connection (bandwidth). To just increase your connection speed is good for the industry because they can charge you more, but this is of no real benefit to us, the user. So, what was the question in the survey? 1. Would you like a faster connection? 2. Would you like a faster download/surfing speed (e.g. your ISP increase their bandwidth and NOT your connection speed)?
Posted by kingswearcastle over 6 years ago
PS to my blog: Unless you are a politician 43% is not a majority!!!!!!!!!!.
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
@Dixinormous: One of the interesting stats that came out of it is that our users are generally more technically skilled.. this isn't a surprise to us as we were around in the days only 'early adopters' had broadband.. but we do spend a lot of time explaining broadband in simple terms to lots of people so I see it as an 'area of expansion'.. rest assured we'll keep making sure we're technically accurate and helpful!
Posted by mrnelster over 6 years ago
@ kingswearcastle

Not sure where you are coming from. When there are 5 or more options, 43% is actually a huge majority. :D
Posted by BIORAPTOR over 6 years ago
No big surprises here,although as a gamer I would like faster upload speed.
One can only wish......
All the best for the new year......
Posted by camieabz over 6 years ago
It's interesting that if the traffic shaping/capacity issues were solved completely, and every connection out there were tweaked to the mamimum, many of the other issues would greatly reduce.

Give everyone a solid line with a low ping and a resonable speed (4 Meg or better), then there would be far fewer calls for faster, cheaper or better customer service. Customer service feeedback is a result of comms with the ISP. There's less need for comms if the line works and is of a decent quality.
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