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BTopenworld answer support mail with Virus
Saturday 24 November 2001 13:10:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BTopenworld support appears to have started a new email service - mail us and we give you a free virus.

Openworld users are discussing this in our forums and Openworld's newsgroups, one of our forum members spoke with BT support this morning who've confirmed they had a virus infection last night, though other users are being told the BTO email system at had been hacked last night.

The virus appears to exploit Microsoft Outlook mail programs and attempts to open your contacts folder and email itself to other people - patched versions of Outlook Express pop-up a warning before this happens. As yet no-one appears to have found a virus scanner that positively identifies the virus.

The mail appears to come from a BTopenworld address ( but is relayed via Tesco and AOL SMTP servers possibly. Users are seeing an attachment called fun.mp3.pif and if it is run a new kernel32.exe is written into windows/system directory, which is similar to the backdoor.G-Door virus. has a page here which is thought to be the virus involved, i.e. W32/Badtrans@MM.


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