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Free Christmas broadband usage from AAISP and Karoo
Friday 03 December 2010 11:18:58 by John Hunt

With Christmas just around the corner, broadband ISPs are starting to show their festive spirits with two providers having announced that they will be offering unmetered usage over the period. On Wednesday, AAISP advised that Christmas week (25th December to 3rd January inclusive) will be treated as a special Christmas rate (free) for billing for users who have either a BT or a BE line through them.

Karoo's offer gives unlimited broadband usage on the Karoo Lite, Mid and Pro services from 24th to 26th December inclusive. There will also be 50% off international calls (although some exclusions apply).

Hopefully we should see some other broadband operators coming out with some Christmas bonuses to keep their customers happy. We also advise customers of the usual warning at this time of year- Christmas lights can cause interference with your broadband line, so if you are seeing your line being particularly unreliable, please try unplugging any fairy lights before getting in touch with your broadband provider.


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