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Ofcom launch probe into whether TalkTalk mis-sold services
Monday 22 November 2010 14:42:47 by John Hunt

Following news earlier this month that TalkTalk were being investigated by Ofcom over incorrect billing, it has now been revealed that Ofcom is investigating complaints from consumers that TalkTalk has been mis-selling fixed-line telephone services.

"Ofcom has opened this investigation following complaints from consumers."

Ofcom Statement

The main complaint from users has been that either the company mis-sold a fixed-line telephone service to consumers or switched their line to TalkTalk without the users consent.

"TalkTalk is fully cooperating with Ofcom and will continue to provide all the information it needs to conduct its investigation. We continually review our sales processes and take any potential issues of mis-selling extremely seriously."

TalkTalk Statement

TalkTalk stand a lot to gain by switching people to their landline telephone service when the user takes broadband as it allows the company to increase the average revenue per user generated by that user. It also acts as a tie-in to the company as whilst it is free to move your phone line to TalkTalk, it will cost £125 to switch this back to BT, although some Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) providers can do this cheaper.


Posted by Legolash2o over 6 years ago
"it will cost £125 to switch this back to BT". This is one of the reasons why i am against full LLU, it costs lots of money to switch and it makes it much harder to switch providers....
Posted by Legolash2o over 6 years ago
Yes it makes broadband cheaper but now ISPs have no money to invest in a better network....

If its £20-30 more for broadband people will complain that its not cheap enough but possibility of a better broadband infrastructure.

If its free, people will complain its crap, throttled and shared but ISPs cant invest in new networks

Either way someone will complain, can't please everyone...

For fibre i think VULA is the best option.
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
It's only £127.99 if it's a cancel and new line.

Transfers don't tend to cost that.
Posted by EnglishRob over 6 years ago
@russainmonkey, a friend of mine transferred from Sky to Talktalk and was charged about £50 to make the switch.

Personally I think there should be a cap on line migration charges, say £30 or something like that, £125 is just too excessive!
Posted by jamie543 over 6 years ago
im glad about this. My mum had a nightmare with talk talk when they diconnected her phone and told her she would have to have a new number which we later found out was becuase they had fully llu'd her line which she didnt want as she was with anouther internet provider
Posted by jamie543 over 6 years ago
im glad about this. My mum had a nightmare with talk talk when they diconnected her phone and told her she would have to have a new number which we later found out was becuase they had fully llu'd her line which she didnt want as she was with anouther internet provider
Posted by bpullen over 6 years ago
Some of their door-to-door sales peoples' tactics are a little questionable to say the least! I've lost count of the amount of examples I've seen where they've approached one of our customers (Plusnet), with claims that they 'own' us or have just bought us. All in a bid to get the unsuspecting person to migrate their services over to them. I've seen enough examples to think that it must be part of the sales patter they're taught to use (although that's pure speculation on my part of course)!
Posted by nicosky over 6 years ago
I was phoned by Talk Talk about 3 hours ago inviting me to switch. When told that I was not interested. The caller got uperty and closed the line.
Posted by chrysalis over 6 years ago
ofcom from consumer complaints? it seems talktalk got picked out of the hat so ofcom can be seen as active, misselling is rife in the market.
Posted by keithy397 over 6 years ago
I wouldn't touch TalkTalk with a barge-pole. I was previously a Tiscali customer with no problems until I moved house (and they took over Tiscali). They tried to dupe me into entering a new 24 months contract because, they said - my previous set-up "was not available" at my new address, 400 yards away.
As mentioned previously here, they are now engaging in hard-sell tactics on the doorstep which would definitely make Pensioners and similar feel threatened by people like these, TalkTalk employees.
TalkTalk seem to me to be in a phase of hard-sell everything, STAY AWAY from TALKTALK.
Posted by keithy397 over 6 years ago
Forgot to mention, the new 24 months contract would have been £14 per month more.
Posted by loughy69 over 6 years ago
Recently looked into changing my broadband as contract was due to end . TalkTalk said if i resigend ( 18month contact) I could have it for 14.99 /month with the first 6 months discounted to 7.49 . Still waiting for confirmation on new contact even though they said i'd have it in writing in 5 working days
Posted by UkRaptor over 6 years ago
My niece changed to them for Phone and Broadband four months ago, after 1 month and no broadband she told them she would withhold payment until they sent her the modem and login info for the broadband part of the contract and only then would she bring her account payments up to date, less than two weeks later she had a threatening demand letter from a dept collecting company demanding payment, putting her under a lot of stress and through fear she paid.
Now after 4 months and loads of phone calls with promises that they were on there way she still has no broadband.

Posted by barsinister over 6 years ago
I joined OneTel in 2004 or 2005. When they were bought by TalkTalk in 2006, I transferred, mainly because the latter ran a massive advertising campaign offering free broadband if I gave them all my business. I was told that my local exchange had not been unbundled, but would be in a few months (one of the last 15% of exchanges left). After 2 years I complained and was given a 3 month credit (£30). I am now paying £15 per month for broadband (total bill some £37.50pm). This article has sparked off my indignation so I will be writing to TalkTalk shortly.
Posted by sundowner over 6 years ago
Joined Talk Talk from BT about 4 months ago.The reason, firstly BT took £80 DD/mth, well over cost/usage Yes I complained. would be £55/month for a couple months then back to £80 again. Then big refund. Second reason, Impossible to actually talk to some one in BT.
Third , far east call centre.Much haggling to get a fault attended to. Finally a lineman arrived, 30 min to find and fix a dry joint three poles down the street. it took 2 years 'negotiating' to get the fault fixed.End of contract, me gone! Talk Talk so far do what they say,for about £32/mth Also BB speed went up 5 meg.
Posted by searcher100 over 6 years ago
Been with talk talk since december last year previously with pipex before that Aol Bt and some company alled Xstreme or something like that back in the early 80's. Best broadband so far LLU from talk talk. Modem Status Connected
DownStream Connection Speed 19191 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 1019 kbps
Cost last bill £20.95p That is including local and off peak calls Beats anything anyone else can provide in LN11 0 area.
Posted by Gadger over 6 years ago
Been with TT for 1yr. Told on signing-up that my exchange had not been unbundled so in the meantime a £15 surcharge was necessary - all this end of a 20 minute call during which no mention was made of the exchange not being unbundled. If this was the only problem I'd be staying with TalkTalk but I keep getting sales folk offering me exactly the same story. This sales technique is downright dishonest. When I complained, was told that this was not TT policy!!! I replied that it was not the policy I was complaining about but the practice!! Fed up now - leaving Talktalk
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