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Virgin Media announce TiVo based 'connected TV' service
Wednesday 03 November 2010 12:25:23 by John Hunt

Virgin Media have announced today some details about their new 'connected TV' product which will launch later this year and allow viewers to store over 500 hours of content. It will allow users to store both HD and 3D content as well as gain access to high-definition on-demand content. An innovative new feature of this product is that the TiVo powered set-top box will feature its own dedicated internal modem allowing it to access Internet services and apps directly without affecting the existing broadband service.

Current and planned on-demand TV services, such as YouView (formerly Project Canvas), require sharing the existing broadband connection with any other users in the household so could run in to bottlenecks if you have a slow connection or are trying to access multiple things at once. Virgin are in a unique position to be able to adapt their network to support multiple high speed devices due to the fibre-coax hybrid network they have deployed which offers more bandwidth than is available through a phone line.

"Virgin Media's next generation connected TV service - powered by TiVo - and combined with our superior broadband will blow other 'connected TV' products out of the water. We're really proud of our new next-generation TV service which will appeal to anyone and everyone looking for the best of live broadcast TV, catch up, on demand and internet apps and services."

Cindy Rose, (Executive director, Digital Entertainment) Virgin Media

Details of product availability and pricing are to be announced in due course.


Posted by djfunkdup over 6 years ago
ouch....;)..good news is always good news.and VM look like they are still going to be leading the way...with the 100Mb coming my way soon it looks like i am going to be getting close to my 100quid mnthly limit iv set for media services with this new tv platform..
Posted by Legolash2o over 6 years ago
Wow, this is good news. Well done VM :)
Posted by djfunkdup over 6 years ago
before subscribing to it i will have to look at cost and features ect...but its looking.. ;)
Posted by Legolash2o over 6 years ago
I don't have VM in my area, but its good for the users who can get it.
Posted by Somerset over 6 years ago
'due to the fibre-coax hybrid network they have deployed which offers more bandwidth than is available through a phone line.'

Please explain. 'available through a phone line' is sloppy journalism.
Posted by Legolash2o over 6 years ago
he obviously means a normal copper connection i.e. BT!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 6 years ago
How does 'available from a metallic cable using two wires to supply a voice telephone service, that is also capable of carrying higher frequences'

Cant say twisted pair, since not all lines have this in the drop wire. Should not say copper since Al in the network....

Can't say BT phone line, since they has to be expanded to 'BT phone line, or equivalent from a WLR provider or full LLU provider'.
Posted by russianmonkey over 6 years ago
How about standard PSTN phone line?
Posted by acpsd775 over 6 years ago
on another site i read that these boxes will have there own dedicated 10meg broadband connection so the user doesn't need to have/use there normal internet connection i wonder if this will get caped to 2.5meg at peak times if u watch too much internet content lol
Posted by acahopkins over 6 years ago
I have VM and use 20Mb BB as well as V+ TV (and phone). Seven weeks ago they sent an email offering rather a good deal on upgrading to 50Mb BB. I emailed them confirming my order for it. In spite of two chasers, all I have got is another email confirming it is available here! They seem reluctant to provide it in practice. I am stuck with 20Mb until they get moving. Maybe by Christmas (which one)? I have now threatened to go elsewhere.
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