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Extra cabinets to bring better FTTC coverage to Basingstoke
Sunday 03 October 2010 15:06:53 by Andrew Ferguson

There is nothing more annoying than living in an area and hearing it is going to receive better broadband, and then through no fault of your own you find out that your street is not to receive the upgrade. Some residents of Basingstoke have experienced just this with the Openreach FTTC roll-out. Fortunately the local loop arm of the BT Group has announced plans to infill in some areas where the exchange was enabled for FTTC but some cabinets were missed.

The situation in Basingstoke is covered on the Basingstoke Broadband Campaign website. No precise information is available on which cabinets will now be enabled, and while 100% coverage is still not expected, any further coverage has to be welcomed. It also gives some hope for those in other parts of the country where they've seen a FTTC roll-out get very close but pass them by.

In other developments for Basingstoke it appears Virgin Media may be rolling out more of its fibre/coax hybrid network in the Rooksdown area. No dates or sign of cabinets as yet, but it is apparently on the way.

One thing that many may not realise with the Openreach FTTC roll-out, the fibre used to connect the cabinets up, does not have to go back to the same exchange as the telephone line does. This allows for an area that has two or three exchanges in a small area to enable one exchange for FTTC and link the cabinets back to this one exchange. Future developments might see voice services terminating at the street cabinet and using the fibre backhaul, which a long way down the line could see efficiency savings as exchange buildings can be closed. A sticking point with this would be unbundled telephone and broadband services, but at some point in the future a more fibre rich local loop with no direct metallic path to the cental exchange location will arrive.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 7 years ago
the fibre gets a step closer... has to be good news as long as it doesn't mean FTTC is there for another decade...
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
who knows what copper will be capable of in ten years...
Posted by WalterWillcox over 7 years ago
Especially when quite a bit of it is aluminium alloy with all its problems.
Posted by Legolash2o over 7 years ago
Copper is getting good at short distances but it's crap at long distance so it's best just to move to fibre.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 7 years ago
While best to just move to fibre, when the equation is something like £5bn for FTTC versus £29bn for FTTH, one can see how FTTC is a preferred route.

ADSL has survived for ten perhaps 12 years if early trials included. So FTTC is likely to last longer, particularly with the options of bonding two copper pairs.

Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
Walter is "quite a bit" of it ali? I don't think it was used that much and hasn't been used for many many years.
Posted by New_Londoner over 7 years ago
Given how ADSL has evolved in terms of speed, reach, it will be interesting to see how VDSL develops. I know Openreach have already talked openly about 60Mb down / 15 Mb up, I've heard suggestions of 100Mb, which makes fibre a lot less necessary except in areas with long lines or very small numbers of lines to cabinets.
Posted by WalterWillcox over 7 years ago
@ GMAN99,
Unsurprisingly BT are just a little hesitant at publishing just how much of it is around. Sadly the age of installation does not seem to bear any relation as to when it will be replaced. (I read on one web site that there are still a few sections of paper insulated cables recovered as booty from the Second Word War - but that really must be a historical exception now.) There do seem to be widespread mentions from Exeter and Surrey to Belfast.
Posted by mbailey over 7 years ago

Please please please can it be my road!

I am fed up of my 1Meg download speed and would really like a little more!
Posted by Thalgrum over 7 years ago
rather hoping they will get around to doing the cabinet on my road this time, there were a few done within a half mile or so in southham, but I live just over the edge into buckskin
Posted by Planetming over 7 years ago
What about those of us in Basingstoke, connected to a FTTC enabled cabinet, but are still too far from the cabinet. At 13.5Mbps we are below the 15Mbps limit and therefore BT is not interested. Is there going to be a lowering of the limit, like with ADSL Extended reach, and when?
Posted by mbailey over 7 years ago
@Planetming Just out of interest how far are you from the local cabinet?
Posted by Planetming over 7 years ago
@mbailey I estimate it to me about 850m, but have no idea how the cable run. I think historically BT ran the cable for our 20 year old estate back to the nearest PCP. Probably half the estate will be just under the limit. Of course today there are nearer PCPs
Posted by MarkHampshire over 7 years ago
Today's conspiracy theory :-) Given that the people who can get the service are getting performance way off (above) that which the checker suggests, is perhaps the reverse also true - that people with slightly longer lines - say 1km from the cabinet - are (or would be) getting truly appalling performance, and that's why a section of the town has gone "on hold" while Openreach scratch their heads about whether to reroute the drop wires/final sections..
Posted by marshymoo over 7 years ago
I've just heard about i've now registered there... am registering on every website possible, hopefully someone will hear nd upgrade the speeds to beggarwood!
Posted by gr0mit over 6 years ago
We are still waiting to hear which cabs on Basingstoke THBZ are likely to be upgraded in this fill-in. Indications I have seen from BT are that Dummer exchange THDM will not be included. In the meantime there is a possibility of getting wireless but coverage is limited until we can find suitable sites for repeaters.
Posted by mbailey over 6 years ago
Is that any news on this? There was a rumour on the Basingstoke Broadband Campaign facebook page that this could be delayed until end of 2012 now.
Posted by andrewsheldonuk over 6 years ago
I get 256 in Lychpit with Sky!
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