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North Dorset seeking input for super-fast broadband services
Friday 24 September 2010 17:42:28 by John Hunt

The Communities Partnership Executive of North Dorset (CPEND) have been awarded £10,000 to research the need for faster broadband in the area and persuade communication providers that they should deploy faster services in the region through exchange upgrades or installing fibre optic cables. Some work has already been done in this area with a survey by the Dorset Chamber of Commerce showing that 64% of businesses require faster broadband.

"If we can get users to tell us their broadband speed and why they need it to be faster, there would be a much stronger case for improving it here."

Mark Hebditch, (Chairman) CPEND

Some work is already occurring in Dorset to deliver faster services. Bournemouth is one of Fibrecity's projects which involves laying fibre in micro-trenches and then connecting users with service providers to offer them faster broadband and other services. This project doesn't itself help communities in North Dorset which is considered part of the 'final third' when it comes to broadband delivery.

Users can share their experiences with CPEND by e-mailing or calling on 01258 489998.


Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
Who has awarded the £10k and what will CPEND produce?
Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
A report costing ten grand :)
Posted by Legolash2o over 7 years ago
"£10,000 to research the need for faster broadband in the area".

How the hell does that cost £10k, no wonder this country is in a deficit, it's just £2k for hire a hammer and nail...
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
^ 400k for the olympic logo so this must be a shoddy job by those standards (you seen the logo?) :D
Posted by Legolash2o over 7 years ago
Yeah that logo is **** to say the least.

£500 for 3 members for staff to go door to door asking if they need faster broadband.

£0 to change the results to how they want it to show

£4500 to buy fancy clothes

£5000 take all staff a day out to a theme park.
Posted by Legolash2o over 7 years ago
BT amongst other ISPs should send people door to door in a specific area to survey if want faster broadband, how fast, how much they are willing to pay, etc...

But i doubt they will in case demand is much higher than they imagined, like the government won't give us a referendum on the EU because they are scared that we all want out. LOL.
Posted by Dixinormous over 7 years ago
The ISPs aren't the ones building the infrastructure so have no fear of what the customers may want.

We do have this thing called the Internet though, where you can do surveys online if so inclined at minimal cost.
Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
Well the way it should work in my eyes is.

Customer survey says we'd like XMb

ISP says ok we can give you that for £X, if demand is high enough carry on

ISP asks Openreach/Virgin how much it will cost to supply

If there's profit to be made job gets done
Posted by CaptainHulaHoop over 7 years ago
then carpetburn gets upset for no reason and comes on here moaning like a little girl and spends his weekend writing a letter to ofcom complaining. wah wah wah!!!!!!!! :'(
Posted by Legolash2o over 7 years ago
Why do people purposely cause arguments, CB hasn't even posted in this comment. Stop being stupid, if you have nothing useful to say then don't say anything.

Back on topic... I wish my county/council would put some money towards a project like this for my town :P
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
Lego - unfortuately this project is a long way from something being available for customers.

Presumably the need for fast(er) broadband is not different in Dorset to similar areas elsewhere.
Posted by c_j_ over 7 years ago
Is North Dorset near West Dorset? I thought West Dorset already had an ISPA-award winning wireless ISP, one of whose websites offers this writeup of a (similar?) recent tender process:

Be interesting to see whether WDI has more customers than H2O...
Posted by whatever2 over 7 years ago
shouldnt be hard
Posted by warweezil over 7 years ago

Our local council isnt at all concerned. they take service from Updata, so as long as we are paying for super-fast access for their staff it seems the rest of us can go fish. Similarly the Educational establishments have access to the JANET link. It seems that despite paying for faster access the ordinary citizen here isn't able to get at it for themselves. The Council are remarkably quiet about it all - unusually for them. Guess there is no personal gain in it for them.
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