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Exchange RADSL Upgrades
Thursday 15 November 2001 09:47:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The time has come for the upgrades to the exchange hardware to enable the RADSL profile for the 20:1 Ethernet 512kbps service. As with the enabling of the RADSL profiles for the USB service this will take place in several stages.

Weekend of 17th/18th November 2001
Upgrades to the management software for both Fujitsu and Alcatel DSLAM's - fairly painless as there should be no outage for users.

Saturday 24th November and 1st December
A short 2 to 3 second outage as BTwholesale move exisiting IPstream S500 (ethernet) service customers to the RADSL profiles. The work is scheduled to happen between midnight and 8am.

8th December 2001
An upgrade on the Alcatel DSLAM's resulting in around a 15 minute outage, details of exchange schedules will be released later.

Existing IPstream S500 users should not see any difference once the RADSL profiles are enabled. These upgrades will allow the ethernet service's reach to be extended to the 5.5km mark and also ensure the exchanges are ready for the rollout of the Home/Office (wires-only) packages.


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