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Broadband more important than clean clothes
Wednesday 11 August 2010 12:35:22 by John Hunt

A survey carried out by Best Buy has found that a majority of Brits would rather keep their broadband connection than their washing machine. The researched showed that over 84% of those surveyed enjoyed learning about new technologies but around a quarter felt alienated by technology while half were worried about being left behind.

An age gap was also rather apparent from the research. Over half of the over-35 age group headed for the kettle first when they arrived home from work, whilst only 21% of under-25's did the same. Most in this age category headed for the laptop first (38%) whilst 35% chose the TV. 69% of under-25's have texted people who were in the same house as them, but this seemed less popular in the higher age groups with only around half of people questioned admitting to doing this.

"All of us now live and breathe in a digitised world. We communicate by text, we reach for the laptop as our window to the world, we download content in ever-increasing amounts, yet one in three of us still feels that we are not getting the most out of today's technology.

Digital advances can make our lives easier, more fun, more productive and better connected. We want to demonstrate to customers that everyone can get the most out of their technology to live a fuller, richer, faster, digital life."

Kevin Styles, (Marketing Director) Best Buy UK


Posted by JttB over 7 years ago
Where do they find these people ?

I love my internet connection, but given the choice between that any most of the other household essentials, there is no contest, the internet would lose.
Posted by New_Londoner over 7 years ago
If you keep your internet connection you can google details of the nearest laundrette!

Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
Or just throw the old clothes out/donate to charity and order new ones online.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 7 years ago
survey not accurate, due to the fact that a third of the country can't access decent broadband, so I guess their clothes are cleaner than the rest of us...
Posted by franhigg over 7 years ago
I would prefer clean clothes to broadband, but would sacrifice my washing machine and just do the washing by hand, as in the old days!
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