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BT financial results for Q1 2010-2011 shows revenue fall
Thursday 29 July 2010 12:11:12 by John Hunt

BT have announced their quarterly financial results today for the period April - June 2010. Unlike Virgin Media yesterday who showed a revenue increase, BT's revenue was down 4% to £5,006 million (from £5,235 million June 2009) but their adjusted profit before tax was up to £446 million, a rise of 17% compared with the same financial quarter last year.

BT Retail saw revenue decrease by 7% largely due to the continued reduction in calls and lines revenue. Consumer ARPU (average revenue per user) increased to £314, up by £5 compared with the previous quarter, largely due to increasing take up of broadband within the customer base. Net additions of broadband customers were 96,000 which gives BT a market share of 40%. BT will no doubt be looking to grow this and their BT Vision TV service by next quarter following the launch of Sky Sports packages on the service, making it a more attractive product to bundle with the phone and other services.

BT Openreach revenue declined by 8% but 4% of that is due to a change in the internal trading model. Capital expenditure increase by 16% due to the investment in the fibre roll out that they are undertaking. July saw a major milestone in this of 1.5m premises passed by fibre-to-the-cabinet services and an average of 100,000 new premises added per week, granting access to faster 40meg broadband.

"We have made an acceptable start to the year, delivering improved financial results while investing in the future of the business. In TV we are offering great value premium sports packages and can now compete on a more even playing field. We hit the first major milestone in our fibre roll out, passing over 1.5m premises, and we are now running at an average rate of around 100,000 premises passed every week. In BT Global Services we continue to win significant contracts due to our ability to deliver a world class service to our customers."

Ian Livingston, (Chief Executive) BT Group PLC

TalkTalk are expected to release their Q1 financial results tomorrow.


Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
According to AndruC's link in the other article:- Virgin actually made a loss, so whilst its great if Virgin revenue is up its pretty pointless if they aren't making a profit. BT certainly have work to do but at least at the moment they are turning a profit, that can't last forever though I'm sure a lot of that is down to cost savings which can't go on forever.
Posted by New_Londoner over 7 years ago
As posted elsewhere, good to see that FTTC is now available to around 1.5m properties, with another 100k being added per week. Will bring the choice of high speed broadband to an increasing % of the UK.
Posted by TaRkADaHl over 7 years ago
B- could do better :)

But 100k homes per week is a pretty fast roll-out, considering how much work is actually involved with laying fibre and new cabs.

From memory, a cab only does 288 prems, so that is almost 350 new cabs going in every week along with all cabling. Not bad going tbh.
Posted by matbarrie over 7 years ago
Has any one got this new FTTC service? how good is it?
Posted by TaRkADaHl over 7 years ago
Depends who you ask, most I have talked to are getting circa 35Mb without issues. If you are going to be a heavy user, choose provider carefully and do research.

Regards to speed, tt all depends on distance from the green cabinet rather than the exchange. I have seen people go from 256k on ADSL up to 20Mb on FTTC.

For the cost of it, if you can get there is no reason not too tbh. You will get more speed than ADSL for very little extra, so its not a bad step up imo.
Posted by Aqualung over 7 years ago
yeah great to see that FTTC is being put in so quick....mean while out here in the sticks we are still waiting for 21cn 2 years late and counting.

The sooner the core get FTTH the better for us they might then have some engineers to upgrade the rest of the country.
Posted by TaRkADaHl over 7 years ago
If you are properly in the sticks, there might be a better case for running to one of the smaller companies and asking if they fancy coming over to your area.

Big companies will stick to viable areas first to make money back, small companies have lower costs and are generally more willing to go to small places with no compeition, if you have 100% of the market in an area, they still get their money back.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
' a cab only does 288 prems' - an FTTC cabinet can do up to 288, the copper cabinet could have many more.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
quote"Has any one got this new FTTC service? how good is it?"

Best to look around the forums on here and other sites to get a good idea on Average speed you will get. There are loads of forum posts all over the net where people talk about speeds they are getting both in a positive sense and negative.
Posted by TheGuv over 7 years ago
FTTC & FTTP rollout rates sound impressive, but it would be nice if they could just provide a list of exchanges and dates for upgrades instead of the random "here's a list of x amount of exchanges" they do every so often.

There is the argument that install dates can change, but even if they whacked on an additional 3months to come up with a target date it would be a massive bonus to us who are waiting (and an even bigger bonus if it arrived earlier than the target date).
Posted by TheGuv over 7 years ago
Slight correction - I mean if they provided a full UK upgrade list for every exchange.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
Because no one knows where the final third is.
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
At the end of the day if you choose to live out in the sticks, then sticks is all you should get.

Would you live in the Sahara desert then complain over lack of services?
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
@otester:A lot of people would, yes.

Warning:You might find yourself yelling in frustration at some of the comments.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
quote"Warning:You might find yourself yelling in frustration at some of the comments."

Like the clueless that think because one service uses coax that makes a service fixed speed, but BT cant be fixed speed cos they use copper LOL
Posted by zyborg47 over 7 years ago
FTTC is 15 years away here, so I have been told and we don't live in the sticks. Bt have the nerve to stick another 50p a month on their line rental and yet we get nothing for it.

As I have already dumped Bt broadband and mobile phone service, maybe it is time to dump Bt landline aagain.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
Who told you 15 years?
Posted by otester over 7 years ago

Well it took 5 years to get standard ADSL, then another 3 to get ADSL Max, 5 years and still no 21CN and no date set.

I haven't got my hopes up :(
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Yep agreed FTTC is years off for some and as for FTTP i bet alot never get that
Posted by zyborg47 over 7 years ago
Have a read of that, Somerset
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
zyborg - about as vague as you can get:

A communications infrastructure based on fibre optics will be in place to allow a similar level of broadband service everywhere in the county, with the major employment locations enjoying broadband services matching the best in the country.

A bit lacking in detail on how this will be achieved but that's what strategy documents are about.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Not vague at all he said 15 years and that clearly says over the next 16 years, zyborg is right.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
The strategy is for the next 16 years, there is some hope that various elements will happen sooner.

It's vague in that there are no details how it will be implemented, but a document like that does not. To be clear it does not say anything about FTTC and any timescales.

Major locations match the best in the UK, all locations will be similar. Who writes this stuff?
Posted by MarkHampshire over 7 years ago
@zyborg47 - it's a bit light on the detail :)

For a county council to be rolling out broadband or even thinking of it has to be a pretty big sign that the so-called "market" has been a failure.
Posted by btodd over 7 years ago
Agree with mark and zyborg on this.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
This does not say that the council will be rolling anything out. Encouraging others maybe.
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