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Early Day Motion to repeal Digital Economy Act making little headway
Tuesday 29 June 2010 15:48:39 by John Hunt

An Early Day Motion to repeal parts of the Digital Economy Act (DEA) 2010 has only gained 34 signatories in a month. The motion (EDM17) put forward by Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge hopes to remove some parts of the Act that were rushed through by the last government without proper debate.

"That this House believes that sections nine to 18 of the Digital Economy Act 2010 should not have been rushed through in the dying days of the last Parliament; further believes that these sections have large repercussions for consumers, civil liberties, freedom of information and access to the internet; and calls on the Government to introduce early legislation to repeal those provisions."

Early Day Motion 17, Effects of Digital Economy Act 2010 on use of the Internet

The points in question refer to obligations to limit Internet access and the relevant processes around implementing this such as appeals and sharing of costs. Also included is the controversial law allowing the Secretary of State to apply to a court for an injunction to block access to a location on the Internet which is or is likely to be used for infringing copyright. Unfortunately, Early Day Motions rarely actually make it to being debated in parliament, and are often used as a way of publicising views of MPs. With little support for this motion, we are unlikely to see anything changed with regard to the DEA. Voters can encourage their MP to sign the motion by writing to them to take action.


Posted by cyberdoyle over 7 years ago
I wrote and spoke to my MP before the bill went through washup. she hadn't a clue what I was talking about but assured me it wouldn't get through because she had checked with colleagues and they told her it was so flawed it didn't stand a chance. She didn't go down to vote against it and the rest is history. Many of us have already written to our MPs, but they don't understand the bill, and the party lines are to leave it alone. Dunno what else we can do? write to them again?
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
Majority of MPs are just parasites, only there for the cash and expenses.

Problem is the majority of people that vote aren't very well informed and the media makes this even worse by misinforming and outright lying to them.
Posted by otester over 7 years ago

Everyone else who is semi-informed just doesn't vote as they feel the system is broken and they can't fix it, which it is.

If we want to fix our country we have two options:

1) Ghandi style revolution, civil disobediance, basically a full on strike including EVERYONE until certain acts and MPs are removed.

2) Violent overthrow (1776).

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Posted by tommy45 over 7 years ago
Sure as result of strikes ect there maybe some discomfort, but it would be worthwhile if the goals where achieved, cause at the end of the day these puppets don't listen to the us, or what we want,
Posted by davolente over 7 years ago
I wrote to my MP (something I don't do every day of the week), not specifically about the contents of the act, but about my concern that it was apparently being rushed through in the "wash-up" process and the non-discussion of the ramifications of such a controversial bill. All I got back was some waffle about photographers' copyrights and orphaned works. When it came to voting time, it seems he did not bother to stir himself.
Posted by sylvantos over 7 years ago
I wonder what the next bill will be? This is very disturbing but sadly this is the sign of the times. They remove saddam hussein for being a despot, yet this and all prior governments where no better, this one is even worse.
Posted by sylvantos over 7 years ago
The removal of FOI, the right for businesses to enact draconian laws and even worse our freedom has been taken over by parlimentary state funded terrorism to smite the people with lies about such causes of terrorism. The whole system is a cess pit, and without a violent revolution or cross country strike for everything, we are still going to be in this mire for a long long time to come. Dont get me started on regressive taxes and what not. I say bring this massively failing system down before it train wrecks us all.
Posted by mattwhiting over 7 years ago
There's some information about what you can do on this Facebook group, which I recommend:

The main thing is to write to your MP and ensure they won't get your vote unless they support this repeal. And sign petitions to the same effect.
Posted by jupiler over 7 years ago
I emailed my MP Rehman Chishti an he doesn't want my vote because he's not signing the bill. He's new so I guess he doesn't think he needs my vote?
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