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Demon re-launch their 'devilishly good' business broadband
Friday 18 June 2010 03:29:38 by John Hunt

Demon is making a comeback to deliver 'devilishly good broadband' with new business packages which are launching in July. The business focused ISP has been relatively quiet over recent years following the purchase of parent company Thus by Cable & Wireless in 2008. The new business packages are being touted to businesses and SME's who may be running their mission critical services on home-broadband based offerings but need a boost of business grade connections offering speed and performance.

"It's really exciting to be leading this comeback and re-engaging with our customers. We want to remind everyone that Demon Broadband is the best at providing business internet services. In addition, our heritage in the ISP market and in-house technical and business expertise means we can consult our customers on the best broadband package to suit their needs."

"This comeback is significant for Demon as we know competition is fierce in this market. However, our advantage is that we know the industry better than anyone and we have the means to deliver the best services at competitive rates. We believe there is work to be done to become the best and are determined to lead the way, once again."

Matt Cantwell, (Head of Demon/Devil Incarnate) Demon Internet

The new packages will offer an unlimited usage allowance but will not be hampered by unfair restrictions. Based on ADSL2+ speeds will offer up to 20Mbps download and 1Mbps upload and be differentiated based on the assured rate offered for the product. Prices vary from £30 a month for a 256Kbps assured rate (with 48 hour standard care) up to £112 a month for a 2Mbps assured rate (with 24 hour enhanced care).


Posted by JohnUK over 7 years ago
15 years ago this company was badly billing people, ignoring peoples complaints and delivery awful customer service.

In 15 years, nothing has changed.
Posted by mixt over 7 years ago
'... leading this comeback and re-engaging with our customers ...' - so this is a comeback because they weren't engaging with customers before hand? I thought successful businesses always engage with their customers. I think Matt needs some PR training.

But on a plus note, I used them over 10 years ago for dialup, when broadband still hadn't hit my exchange. Experienced no major issues with their service. Can't comment for the more recent though.
Posted by mattbibby over 7 years ago

Too true!

Anyone can set out a vision. Demon need to stop wang waving and get on with it, then do a press release when they've achieved something.
Posted by 2doorsbob over 7 years ago
i was with the them about 6 years ago a 512 service for £19.99 and i have to say i was impressed but not with the off shore tech support tho
Posted by krazykizza over 7 years ago
£112 is alot to invest in an ISP per month when you're not sure of them because of track record. Don't think this will change much... if businesses want to get assured of 2mbps they'll get SDSL.
Posted by Brad_F over 7 years ago
2 mbps and 256kbbs is not based on ADSL2 could get that with ADSL. And the prices are rediculous.
Posted by shaunhw over 7 years ago
Posted by JohnUK about 10 hours ago
15 years ago this company was badly billing people, ignoring peoples complaints and delivery awful customer service.
Actually, 15 years ago, in the dial up days, under Mr. Standford, Demon's service was usually pretty good. I was a very satisified customer all those years go.
Posted by shaunhw over 7 years ago
Actually if the assured rate is 2mb/s which you can use in full 24/7 £112/m isn't really bad. See how much a leased line offering that, would cost you.
Posted by TaRkADaHl over 7 years ago
Becuase it is assured im pretty sure you could claim if it fell below as well... so for £112 it actually isnt that bad.
Posted by thewayitis over 7 years ago
"....we know the industry better than anyone"

Not sure if this is naivety or arrogance. What a pratt.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 7 years ago
hardly next gen is it? koreans on 1000meg for a tenner a month... but agree, a guaranteed 2meg for £112 is deffo cheaper than a leased line. Time for UKplc to buck its ideas up or be left forever in the digital slow lane.
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
So in reality broadband under the BT system is pretty expensive if take away all the ****ty undercutting corps.
Posted by chrysalis over 7 years ago
the reality is here in 2010 in a top 10 uk city the available choice is either unstable 3-5mbit adsl (regardless of provider) or VM cable that is very oversold. Sad state of affairs :(
Not sure the point of this article other than a free advert for demon.
Posted by tomevans3 over 7 years ago
I am a Demon small business customer on an ADSL2+ service. I pay £24.99 a month, and get 12-14 Mbps down, and about 850K up; and unrestricted data volumes without 'fair use' limits that Demon and other providers set for SOHO users. This is competitive. Customer service has been OK, billing is electronic and trouble free. Roll on the future of cheap 10 gigabit pipes to home or mobile, but in the here and now I can afford and work with this.
Posted by herdwick over 7 years ago
which top 10 uk city ?
Posted by snoon over 7 years ago
Businesses often forget about FWA and WI-Max technologies. On Communications offer symmetrical bandwidth in Manchester and Sheffield and these are 1:1 un-contended guaranteed circuits, backed by 99.5% SLA's and no usage restrictions. Why pay for wires in the ground when we can supply your service over the air?
Posted by Kper over 7 years ago
I would NEVER go back to Demon. I was SO glad when that 12-month contract was up.
Posted by Gryfon over 7 years ago
Their reliability may be average to good, but their Customer Service is appalling - assuming you can ever get hold of them!! Half the time the numbers ring and then disconnect. I think they need to do a lot more than just a quick 'relaunch' and the arrogance of their commentator is breathtaking
Posted by MarkHampshire over 7 years ago
If "assured" means the same as "guaranteed", that assured 2Mbps service is going to spell financial death for them unless they word their Ts and Cs extremely carefully.
Posted by KennyP over 7 years ago
Great strides have been made with customer services and there pricing is competitive. All they need now is support, not doubters.
Posted by Kper over 7 years ago
Yeah, right on! Go for it, Demon!

Hey, enthusiastic support is free, after all. What do I care, since I'm not going back to them anyway, at any price.

Well done Demon! Good on you! Keep up that effort!

Everyone sign up! You know you want to let them show you how good they are. You know you do. Give them your money!

I'll keep mine, mind you...
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