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The Cloud looking toward total coverage of London
Monday 24 May 2010 09:37:18 by John Hunt

Last week Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, pledged that London would have total WiFi coverage before the 2012 Olympic Games begin. His plan would see street lamps and bus shelters used to house the hotspots allowing coverage to stretch right across London. 22 of the 32 Greater London boroughs have already signed up, with the remaining expected to follow suit in due course.

The Cloud have since reported that the London Mayor has approached them about increasing their WiFi network to cover the Olympic village in Stratford. The company have currently deployed blanket coverage in the square mile area of the City of London. Mr Johnson wants London to be a technology showcase, and having a city covered in WiFi so that people can always be connected would be one way to demonstrate this. The Cloud believe that 3G networks will not be able to cope with the high demand for downloading data on the move when the Olympics arrive, and they will be making a decision perhaps as early as September as to how to increase the deployment of their wireless network.


Posted by JohnUK over 7 years ago
Inner Central London: Easy
Outer Central London to the North/South Circular: maybe in time for 2012 Olympics
Outside North Circular toInner M25: Impossible by 2012 Olympics.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 7 years ago
so glad we have a Boris...
haha, this is what it takes to get BT moving. competition. hurrah.
Posted by Capn over 7 years ago
Hopefully they'll have sorted the other networks in the event some nutcase blows themselves up again.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
cd - please explain your comment about BT.
Posted by krazykizza over 7 years ago
Somehow I don't think it will go very smooth. What about dodgy areas of London... they'll be subject to vandalism just like phone boxes or even worse, stolen.
Posted by bosie over 7 years ago
This isn't the first time The Cloud or anyone else for that matter has claimed to have a particular area covered. I still struggle to find one - or one that works - including the blanketed square mile!
Posted by timmay over 7 years ago
What a joke. When will they learn that City Wide Wi-Fi doesn't work.
Posted by Gamerwillz over 7 years ago
Gotta love the negitivity from you people! "OMG! I CAN'T CONNECT TO THAT STREET LAMP WI-FI!!!1!!111" I bet that will happen. We're in real world, they won't work. LOL!
Posted by Raspyyeti over 7 years ago
Why not save all the probilms of city wide Wi-Fi network and just create a 3G-HSDPA network of cells linked to street lamps to give the city 100% 5 bar service that can cope with numbers of users expected at london 2012 then allow current 3G network's users actcess.
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
^Wouldn't LTE be cheaper and better?
Posted by herdwick over 7 years ago
wi-fi is not competition of any sort for fixed line broadband. The bandwidth simply isn't adequate to share between N users and get a reasonable outcome. It'll allow a few iphones to use twatter but that'll be about it.

Amusing how some thing wi-fi is wonderful yet muni wifi schemes seldom deliver 0.5M which the same babblers would have you believe is inadequate.
Posted by kevin42 over 7 years ago
so all those folks arriving here with 3G phones will joining the already congested service - great!

"Oh, but you should have brought your laptop, notebook, netbook or table-top n bar-stool."

Yup, we'll show 'em were the techno-future - no joined uip thinking and not thought through... Seems to be traditional IT development to me.

Posted by timmay over 7 years ago
If this happens then no one will be able to use anything else at 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, cordless phones etc during the Olympics.
Posted by tonywaltershome over 7 years ago
When I was a lad we use to send a post card.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 7 years ago
Wonder if Boris will be responsible for any filesharers on the network? the digital economy act will have to blame somebody.
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