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EU push for 100% broadband coverage by 2020
Thursday 06 May 2010 15:14:36 by John Hunt

The European Parliament are calling for all EU households to have access to competitively priced broadband by 2013, and believe that all should be connected to "very high-speed networks" by 2020. The announcement comes following a resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday.

The European Parliament are pushing for the European Commission to "come forward with a proposal for an ambitious digital agenda and action plan enabling Europe to progress towards an open and prosperous digital society". Parliament believe that 50% of European households should be connected to very high-speed broadband by 2015 increasing to 100% coverage by 2020. All primary and secondary schools must also have reliable and quality Internet connections by 2013, with all being connected to very high-speed connections by 2015. Training and learning should also be provided to ensure that everyone can use broadband where they want to.

Parliament also stated their wish to accelerate the harmonised deployment of digital spectrum to help remove barriers to trade and to ensure that the EU remains the "mobile continent."


Posted by MHMertens over 7 years ago
Too good to become true. Let alone by 2020. It will be watered down between politicians, old telco monopolies and ISPs who don't care for rural areas. We have the 2 MBit target which is already laughable.
Posted by mattbibby over 7 years ago
All very nice, but you'll get the Teleco's arguing what is considered as "very-high speed".

Until some public money is thrown at this and a roll out plan is decided upon by the governments there is no chance. Private Telco Companies will not upgrade any areas at goodwill.
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
Lol. Where's the money going to come from? By the time we've all finished paying back our debts most governments will be on their knees.

The only people left with any money will be the rich buggers we have to pay back. They can probably afford leased lines so they're hardly likely to help out.
Posted by chrysalis over 7 years ago
andruec dont be so negative and backwards :), pay for it and worry about it later. End of the day the government can shift money around as they please, they could eg. cut the nhs budget by 25% and bingo 10s of billions to play with every year.
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
@Chrysalis:Oh dear. What bothers me now is that you are probably old enough to vote :(
Posted by mishminx over 7 years ago
Buy now, worry later? I see the Greek finance minister posts here
Posted by nmg196 over 7 years ago
@mishminx - you mean Gordon Brown?
Posted by Slowking over 7 years ago
Too busy subsidising the private sector to back this resolution with EU ding. Flog some food mountains and have it done.
Posted by xb0xguru over 7 years ago
@nmg196 not to turn this into a political debate but you really don't appreciate the measures Brown and Darling took during the last recession, which was one of the worst to hit our country in decades. I think a little respect is due, as had they not injected billions into the banks we would have gone into depression. Yes, we're going to be paying for it but at least we have that option. I wish those wanting to criticize the government had a better understanding of economics!
Posted by mishminx over 7 years ago
I wish those wishing to profess a knowledge of economics had a less than convenient knowledge of the Government! Although to be fair, I don't think Gordie had time enough to screw up two economies.
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