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Best Buy partner with Virgin Media
Wednesday 14 April 2010 11:45:51 by John Hunt

Virgin Media products will be available in Best Buy stores following a new partnership between Best Buy Europe and Virgin. Best Buy will be opening stores in the UK from May 2010 starting in Thurrock (Essex), Hedge End (Southampton) and Merry Hill (West Midlands). Customers will be able to see and try a large number of Virgin Media's products, including 50meg broadband, mobile phones, and Virgins V+ HD TV service.

"Central to creating the fully-connected digital home is the availability of super-fast home broadband. We know that customers want to be able to watch, share and access their entertainment at home and on the go, so I'm confident that together with Virgin Media we'll help our customers to get the most out of their technology through ultra-fast connection speeds and fantastic content."

Harry Parmar, (Merchandising Director) Best Buy UK

Best Buy Europe launched in 2008 and is a venture between the Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy which includes the Carphone Warehouse's existing stores and allows Best Buy, a US based consumer electronics retailer, to create a European presence. Interestingly, the Carphone Warehouse Group did until late March also include TalkTalk under it's banner, but this has now been de-merged and is operated as a separate entity. The reason for choosing Virgin's products to promote is perhaps that they are able to deliver more in the Television market than competitor TalkTalk.


Posted by ukp62 over 7 years ago
I'd be interested to know how Best Buy can demo the Virgin 50meg and tv service in Lakeside, Thurrock, when Virgin do not provide a service in that area.
Posted by rickhodger over 7 years ago
Knowing Best Buy's reputation in the US for faking HD TV displays to try and upsell Monster cables/"calibration" to grossly extortionate prices (ie. they connect an HDTV to a regular broadcast signal, and a second HDTV to an HD source and then proclaim the difference in quality is beause of Monster cables/calibration) they'll fake it reaaaal good.

My guess is they'll setup two machines, one with a 10Mb network connection and the other with 100Mb, and then delcare the 100Mb to be "Virgin".
Posted by loadbang over 7 years ago
Interesting. The Best Buy that is about to open in Dudley at the Merry Hill centre is only a couple of hundred meters away from Virgin Media's Cable House and Cable Plaza.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Great news for Virgin Best Buy in the states are a massive name if they end up as big here thats a great partnership to have.
Posted by pinshot over 7 years ago
this is completely and utterly useless to those of us that have new houses and cant get cable...Virgin need to pull out their finger and start prioritizing am i seriously going to be forced to use BT Shitfinity???
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
If you wanted Virgin broadband and it was that important you should of checked the area before buying your new home.
Posted by m101dream over 7 years ago
Whats the point of 50mg broadband when they goverment say they will clamp down of file shareing people. They whant you to watch Virgin Tv but they dont what you to download films from a torrent site, thers nothing on virgin Tv anyways. Your better off downloading you own tv your choice no need to mwait for it to came on. HD Films most at 2Gb size can be download at night time in 1hour
Posted by crmatthews over 7 years ago
BestBuy will not be faking the firbe line. All BestBuy stores have had a firbe line put in by Virgin Media.
Posted by loadbang over 7 years ago
@CARPETBURN, you can do your homework and find that Virgin will say it is in your area. However, sometimes, myself included, they don't run it to all houses. The house three doors down from me has cable, however they didn't lay the cable as far as my house, and if I want it I have to foot a £3,500 (circa 2007 estimation) bill for them to dig up 20m of my street.
Posted by zebedeeeeee over 7 years ago
Best Buy - an organisation to be avoided.

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