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Digital Economy Bill passes Lords
Friday 09 April 2010 04:37:03 by Sebastien Lahtinen

In what is likely to be the final round for the next few months, the Digital Economy Bill was considered in the House of Lords yesterday afternoon and the Commons amendments were, eventually, accepted. An attempt was made by a small group of Lords to re-visit some of the widely acknowledged flaws within the bill by additional amendments, but these were quickly rejected.

This will bring to conclusion the current phase of the legislation, although the Conservatives have suggested that many of the issues would need to be re-visited early in a new parliament. Labour on the other hand had to accept that in order to get the Finance Bill through the wash-up process, it had to drop the 'broadband tax', a 50 pence per month levy on phone lines to help fund next-generation broadband for the more rural areas. It promised that if it wins the general election, it will re-introduce this measure in a new finance bill in the next few months.

There is no doubt that the way in which the Digital Economy Bill was passed through parliament with very little scrutiny by our democratic representatives has made many people more aware of how our legislative processes work, and may encourage them to get more involved in politics.

During the debate in the Commons earlier this week, it was suggested that 'powerful ISPs' were behind the campaigns which presented a quite vocal opposition to the bill, presumably given public pressure from companies like TalkTalk and BT. What seems to have passed by unnoticed was the large number of donors to the joint Open Rights Group and 38degrees campaign which included adverts in the national press which was far less about powerful companies, and more about the digitally engaged.


Posted by TaRkADaHl over 7 years ago
I've got a hundred quid that says Carpetburn blames BT... just a thought.
Posted by mikeblogs over 7 years ago
DeBill three strikes measures found their legitmacy in the EU Telecoms Package.

Mitigating 'three strikes' to exclude dis-connection will be done in Brussels not London.

Ofcoms first reference for the consultation on the code will be the law made in Brussels, which unfortunately is of no better quality than that made in London, but it has been tempered by a few Europeam MEPs a bit better versed in human rights.
Posted by kadison44 over 7 years ago
Spot on
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
quote"I've got a hundred quid that says Carpetburn blames BT... just a thought."

You lose your money and show you havent read forums or other news items on the matter. Otherwise you would know my feelings.
Posted by CommanderZendo over 7 years ago
It received Royal Assent last night too, after passing through the Lords.
Posted by pigfister over 7 years ago
this is no surprise as both parties are owned by the corporations, they no longer represent us, if they ever did. + they are on the campaign and need as much cash as they can get and the media industry has deep pockets to purchase laws.

this legislation stinks of the police state that labour is continuing to impose on us all.
Posted by Guzzo over 7 years ago
I rest my case! I said some time ago it was only a matter of time before the UK Governement took control of UK users ability to see/download what they want from the Net. Seems its happening at last.
Posted by donewalking over 7 years ago
You are 100% right, all people do is wing and mone about things BUT never do anything about it.
Posted by Teefenn1 over 7 years ago
Your appalling spelling and incorrect grammar aside, what do you think can be done? This corrupt government has spent thirteen years slowly eroding our liberties with the deliberate intention of creating a 'big brother' state, regardless of the wishes of the majority. Short of civil war (and justice would certainly be served by the execution for treason of Brown and his cronies) what can be done in practice?
Posted by tommy45 over 7 years ago

You can listen to the debate live at 13:00 on Monday through the Guardian website
you can cast your vote here as well for which question you want asking
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