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Virgin demo 200meg broadband and 3D TV
Friday 19 March 2010 12:59:08 by John Hunt

Want to see what you can do with 200meg broadband? Head over to the Ideal Home Show between 20th March and 5th of April, and you can see a demo of Virgin's fastest broadband service. 200Mbps broadband has been in trials with Virgin Media since last summer with some users in Kent and recently announced that it would be expanding this trial to Coventry.

"Ultrafast broadband like our 200Mbps service will enable a whole household to enjoy cutting edge entertainment, not just via computers, but through an array of gadgets all over the home. By pushing the boundaries of broadband in the UK we hope to drive a change in the way Brits enjoy and experience digital entertainment and exciting new services."

Ashley Stockwell, (Executive Director for Brand and Marketing) Virgin Media

Virgin have also team up with Sony who have provided some 3D TV's to showcase 3D TV which Virgin hope to deliver to customers soon. This follows Sky's announcement today that it will officially launch Europe's first 3D TV channel on the 3rd of April. This will initially be available in pubs and clubs with Sky providing the 3D TV's to view it, which haven't yet made it into stores, and are going to be pricey.


Posted by docki over 7 years ago
Nice one Virgin. Give those sky people something to worry about!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Virgin again looking to the future unlike some, good news again :)
Posted by docki over 7 years ago
My media PC has a gigibit ethernet card. Can't wait till we stream full HD down it and on demand blu rays :)
Posted by bighans over 7 years ago
Is great news but Virgin does not even supply my aerea with any broadband at all and iam in the heart of Cardiff and get just about 3 megs now.
Cardiff CF10 5LD please lay a cable in our aerea and we are happy to connect to your service
Posted by Mince1978 over 7 years ago
Same as that mate......

Stop the trials n start the roll out....

After all...we are out of the first decade of the 21st century?!?!?
Whatever happened to big brothers watching and robots taking over the world?!?!
I cant even take over my xbox games with 2bloodymeg!!! humph
Posted by Raspyyeti over 7 years ago
Blu-rays only use a 15Mbps data stream for a full quality 1080p video & HD 7.1 audio.
So that 200Mbps line would support up to 10 HDTV's with 7.1 audio.
Posted by kev445 over 7 years ago
Blu-rays use nearer 30Mbit.

The only problem I can see, if this really does take off, is congestion.
Posted by timmay over 7 years ago
Even I can't think of a need for 200Mbps!

Ooo 1GB in 41 seconds.
Posted by Capn over 7 years ago
I'm waiting for the time when data transfers become so high that downloading a pizza could become reality. Startrek transporter stylee :D
Posted by herdwick over 7 years ago
upstream speed ?
Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
"upstream speed ? "


:) Only kidding, but probably not far off knowing Virgin. Joking aside, top marks Virgin keep on pushing those speeds up, I just hope your core is ready!
Posted by Pendlemac over 7 years ago
Hopefully Virgin will now have words with companies like Microsoft so that their customers can have a data speed of 200Mbps rather than just a connection speed of that.
( Best transfer speed on my line is 2 Megabytes/second, Microsoft sends me 300 KILObytes/second! )
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
Problem is the people who say x Mbits is unnecessary.

How can companies provide services if the speed isn't their to support it?

So far the speed improvements have brought along more and better services, 100Mb/1GB is no different.

I look forward to downloading HD movies within 10m instead of 1h 30m.
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
@pendlemac:I don't understand your comment. 300kB/s is more than 2Mb/s.

In fact if you can get 300kB/s out of a 2Mb/s connection then Microsoft are to be congratulated and should patent the technology. It's almost double the speed that connection should support.
Posted by shaunhw over 7 years ago
Yes I am sure all the family will enjoy individual 1080p films on their 200mb/s connection... Until the unspecified "Fair use" policy kicks in, maytbe after about 5 Hi-Def films or so...
Posted by shaunhw over 7 years ago

Perhaps it should have been explained that capital B generally stands (by convention) for BYTES rather than bits in this context and one byte = 8 bits.

So 2mbits/sec = 2000kbits/sec and 2000kbits/8 = 250kBytes/sec (250kB) (k and m units of 1000)

Not sure how 300kB/sec it is nearly double though unless I missed something.
Posted by sylvantos over 7 years ago
they should quit with this trial and get to fixing all the 50mb problems out there. Less tests and more spending on more local servers at the ubrs. Where I live over utilization is a 24 hour problem, and getting any kind of service even 30mb on a 50mb is a joke.
Posted by sylvantos over 7 years ago
whats the upload speed 2mb? meh, these clueless wonders need to get with the time..not interested in download but I am in virgin get your head out your proverbial and start giving us big upload speeds like the rest of europe and comcast and other cable companies in the US or sell up your choice.
Posted by otester over 7 years ago

2.5Mbit = 320KByte.

So probably just a poor 2.5Mbit connection.


Problem is the debt, they need to get that properly sorted before they can expand/fix the network (lot of fibre needs replacing).

Also they are looking at 10Mbit upload in the future.
Posted by danman7_200 over 7 years ago
Pendlemac was explaining his normal transfer rate is 2 megabytes a second (16 megabits) and was making a point that some websites fail to fully utilise your connection.

Microsoft does normally max out my 9Mb/s line.
Posted by WildJohnny1 over 7 years ago
Great virgin are leading the way with all this new tech! But lay the cable to my door and I'll jump on board too! Can you believe my n'bor has virgin but I can't get it. Why! Cause the cables stopped less than 45ft away! Go figure! Shame on you Virgin. No one from virgin words these comments I'm sure.
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
@shaunhw:I was taking 15% overheads into account given that the OP was reporting actual download speed. 2Mb/s ought to be a usable throughput of 1.7Mb/s which is 207kb/s. Okay so it's a bit cheeky to call 300 'nearly double 200' but it is a big jump :)
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
MS does normally max out my 10Mb/s but I have known times when it wouldn't.
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