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SeeSaw runs beta aiming at a March launch
Tuesday 02 February 2010 02:43:30 by John Hunt

SeeSaw, the service that stemmed from the original work on Project Kangaroo, has last week launched a beta of their TV on demand service. The beta takes the form of an invite only system with the lucky people who signed up early able to access the content that is available. The beta is reported to be full, but numbers will be re-evaluated and possibly more people added.

So what will users get to see? SeeSaw have signed a deal with Channel 4 and Five to air certain programmes that include Skins, Grand Designs and Peep Show from 4, and Neighbours, The Gadget Show and Home and Away from 5, but it doesn't cover the whole catalogue of shows that are available via 4oD or five on demand. Some BBC content will be available including Doctor Who. SeeSaw have also approached production companies directly which has got it the rights to Footballer's Wives and The Apprentice as well as 50 made for TV movies from a US company, RHI Entertainment. Sport is expected on the cards, with plans to show content from the 2010 World Cup and also the 2012 Olympics.

The full service is expected to be available from March with over 3,000 hours of content. How this will go down in the ever-competitive on-demand television market will be interesting to see. A lot of the content will be available for free elsewhere such as on 4oD's website, or via YouTube, but if they can bring in good content, and get the user-interface right, it could sway people to SeeSaw.


Posted by docki over 7 years ago
This makes me wish catchuptv was in the form it should be. It was meant to be an online PVR service
Posted by adamtemp over 7 years ago
I am on the trial

My problem is the apps says my connection is not fast enough and greys out the picture streaming behind it yet I am on fixed 2000 non max profile and meet the requrements a few others have commented on this on getsatsfaction seesaw page at the time showd 1.92mb/s so above the suggested 1000 required.

I will see how it goes
Posted by c_j_ over 7 years ago
"SeeSaw have also approached production companies directly which has got it the rights to (some stuff)"

Now THAT's what I call a tactic. Though why they choose stuff that people already exchange via USB stick or (whisper it) torrent I don't know; how about some minority interest stuff like the Oliver Postgate documentary I missed over Christmas (long gone from iPlayer).

As for broadband speeds: welcome to the complete absence of joined up thinking.
Posted by docki over 7 years ago
is there any way to get an invite? I would love to see how it fairs on 50mb.
Posted by docki over 7 years ago
I popped my address in. I hope I hear something.
Posted by docki over 7 years ago
C_j_ I am not sure who you are on the forums but if you send me a PM on this name there I can send you a link. I habe that on my desktop as I just been watching it :)

So if you want it let's sort that.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 7 years ago reports the peak speed, one presumes seesaw is testing for a sustained download, i.e. similar to what our speedtest will show.
Posted by adamtemp over 7 years ago
Seesaw have on getsatisfaction admited that the message is dispalying incorrectly/ for to long and looking to fix it. in relation to speed warning displayed whilst viewing.
Posted by chrysalis over 7 years ago
so why didnt you guys post a news article when it was early enough to signup :)
Posted by Fixer109 over 7 years ago
Where are the popular programs and not just the youth (12-18) old ????????
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Service works fine, got my user details over the weekend, not much content for now, hopefully it will expand.
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