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BT fibre based broadband launches as 'Infinity'
Thursday 21 January 2010 11:38:34 by John Hunt

BT Retail have announced pricing for the fibre to the cabinet / fibre to the home (FTTC/FTTH) based broadband services which are being marketed as 'BT Infinity'. The new products bringing faster download and upload speeds to users will be available to order from January 25th if your area has been upgraded for it (users can check availability on the BT website). Download speeds will clock in at 'up to 40Mbps' and this will be available at £19.99 a month with a 20GB usage limit (£50 connection fee applies). The unlimited usage variant will cost £24.99 a month, but does save you the £50 connection fee. It also increases the upload speed from 2Mbps to 10Mbps.

One point to note is that both products come with a fair usage policy. Details of this will be released on the 25th of January, but one hopes that as the products are marketed with usages such as "simultaneous use of services such as HD catch-up TV" this does reflect the higher usage that may occur.

"The internet is essential to our customers' lives and they are demanding more and more as richer and even more compelling services become available. BT Infinity gives customers the capacity and reliability they need in an instant and at a great value price they can afford. We want to give our customers the best possible online experience and are committed to rolling out super-fast speeds across the UK."

Gavin Patterson, (CEO) BT Retail

As a comparison to Virgin who offer 50meg broadband over their cable network for £38 (or £28 if you also take a phone line with them), the product is competitively priced. It is worth noting that with Virgin, your line will always connect at 50meg but you may not get this speed due to congestion in the Virgin network. With BT's 40meg Infinity service, your line may not connect at this 40meg speed due to distance from the road side cabinet, and you may also suffer congestion within BT's network.


Posted by Drefsab over 7 years ago
hmm checked my address it says great I can have it with

You can get fibre optic broadband with speeds of up to 40Mb now. 17.6Mb download
6.9Mb upload

I wonder how conservative that estimate is as my cab it about 300ft away. Given VDSL2 is capable of speeds upwards of 50Mbps and at 0.5 km id assume id get higher speeds.

The next nearest cab is bout 0.5km away so even if im connected to that id expect higher speeds.
Posted by kaycee over 7 years ago
Is there a list of enabled exchanges ?
Posted by kamelion over 7 years ago

Shows 9Mb for me - strange since i already get much faster from BE
Posted by hoggig over 7 years ago
Not sure about a list of exchanges but something doesn't seem right about the site. I'm based in Durham, a Phase 3 exchange and whilst it had a RFS date of 4th Jan, I've seen no cabinets etc near me upgraded. I expect July/Aug at the earliest for the product.

However, checking my address on the infinity website.

You can get fibre optic broadband with speeds of up to 40Mb now.
19.4Mb download
7.7Mb upload

Again, my nearest cab is 200-300m away by road, not as the crow flies.

I have a sneaky suspicion that BT are estimating all potential addresses prior to cabinet upgrades.
Posted by doowles over 7 years ago
Fantastic news!

Great pricing as well.

I'm on the 5th floor of a new build block, and the cabinet is at road at the bottom, I wonder what speeds I will eventually get.
Posted by shaunhw over 7 years ago
"this will be available at £19.99 a month with a 20GB "

At full speed this could only be used for about one hour and 24 mins per month (assume 4 MBYTES/Sec download speed).

Fair use ? If Fair use is 100gb it seems it could only be used at some 7 hours PER MONTH at full speed. Fair use ? Doesn't sound that fair to me.

What the point ? No point for web browsers as there's a limit how fast todays web browsers can render the pages, and the time it takes for servers to respond etc.

I'll stick with BE which currently allows me 1.5MBYTES /Sec at my sync rate and no hassle whatsoever.

Posted by hoggig over 7 years ago
Ofcouse if you have a LLU product with generous bandwidth allowances and a good speed then this may not be the product for you.
However, even with Sky Max/02/BE, I get between 1.5 and 2.5 sync connection. Unlimited yes, but not what I would consider fit for purpose broadband.

I'm curious to see how long it will take sky to jump on the bandwagon and offer FTTC products.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
£5 more for unlimited...... I dont think so, be interesting to read BTs hidden terms on the 25th Jan.

@shaunhw....... VERY WELL said, ill stick with my LLU ADSL2+ also, slower it maybe, but atleast you dont have to panic each time you download a large file and stare at the clock.
I can handle 12 min to download 1gig.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
quote"Shows 9Mb for me - strange since i already get much faster from BE"

LOL either their checker is clueless or its gonna be one heck of a crippled service. From initial reactions anyone with decent LLU ADSL2+ would be stupid to move.
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
Can't LLU move over to FTTC?
Posted by bezuk over 7 years ago
Glad to see even a mainstream ISP such as BT offering the 10 Mb upstream as an option - I didn't think they would as they never offered the 832k upstream on ADSL Max.

We could use a consolidated reference list of which "exchanges" are ready and which are planned (even though it's more complicated than that, it would be somewhere to start). Maybe TBB could maintain one, if Samknows don't - very surprised the latter haven't already.
Posted by bain72pc over 7 years ago
Best thing I ever did was leave BT. Promises, promises but never deliver.
Posted by bookey over 7 years ago
A map of exchanges where BT are rolling out FTTC and FTTH.
Few small exchange location errors, but I shall be fixing these shortly.
Posted by Somerset over 7 years ago
bain72pc - where did you go. FTTC covers ALL ISPs.
Posted by CommanderZendo over 7 years ago
BT Total Broadband You can get fast and reliable broadband with speeds of up to 20Mb. 6.0Mb download Now is what it suggests I can get which is strange seeing as how I'm on ADSL2+ and have been for some months getting 11mb via Zen ;-)
Posted by EnglishRob over 7 years ago
The only thing that would tempt me is the 10Mbit upload speed. As it stands I think I'd be more likely to upgrade to 50Mbit broadband on Virgin due to the length of my phone line (it's not excessively long but I bet I wouldn't get anywhere near 40Mbit).

Maybe as this rolls out further, Virgin might increase the upload speeds of their broadband.

Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
English Rob, what do you mean length of your phone line, with this product its from your home to the street cabinet, not back to the exchange
Posted by jpearce64 over 7 years ago
The BTW checker says I can FTTC WBC with a 12Mbps download, but if I go to the BT Infinity website and try an availability check it just indicates I can get ADSL Max at 3mbps.

Is this just a pre-launch limitation of BT's website or is it just not being offered in my area?

Posted by docki over 7 years ago
Well I have a green box right outside my house it's about 10 metres from my front window and the website says I can't get it atall. total broadband? total fail.. I want to get away from Virmin Media unless they are going to up the upload speed to atleast 10mbps
Posted by drteeth over 7 years ago
My exchange is in phase 2/3 but the FTTC checker says I can only get ADSL. Would not go back to a BT product again ESPECIALLY as this one has an 18 month contract. Even landline/voice support is in India now so I'll pass.
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
@otester:It depends what you mean about LLU. BT have created something called GEA that allows LLUOs to benefit from FTTC. It isn't 'true' LLU though because they are using BTs cabinet equipment and the cable back to the exchange.

I don't think any of the LLUOs want to unbundle their own cabinets. It's such a costly and - frankly - half arsed solution that they aren't interested.

I don't think they want anything to do with the local loop anyway. As long as their equipment in the exchange supports whatever BT does to upgrade it they'll be happy.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 7 years ago
Exchange lists
Posted by rickw over 7 years ago
Great news and I followed the Infinity link and put in my details. 'Good news' Mr BT said, 'you can get BT Total Broadband at 0.512k'!!!

What are we talking about and for a London address.

Needs some straight talking with someone at BT
Posted by rian over 7 years ago
Just checked it, 6.0Mbps download Maximum!!!! Even slower than my O2 ADSL2 connection, are u joking, BT?
Posted by jarredr over 7 years ago
I assume I cant get 'Infinity' as the results checker says I can get "BT Total Broadband" @ 9 Meg, no mention of high speed Infinity.
Think I'll stick to my Fantastic 18 Meg 02 LLU connection, oh and did I mention its unlimitted @ costs a tenner a month.

Seems like SKY are also going Fibre Trial
Posted by doowles over 7 years ago
Checked mine as well, I get 10mbit with BE internet ADSL2 and the FTTC is even slower???
Posted by AndrueC over 7 years ago
Bear in mind that BT's speed checker has always been unreliable. It's highly unlikely that you could get a slower speed with FTTC than you currently have.

As far as I know BT are siting the cabinets next to existing ones. That being the case the only possible effect can be to reduce the attenuation and degradation of the signal.

Add in the fact that it's a more advanced form of DSL and you can only gain from the upgrade as far as sync speed is concerned at least.

The speed you actually get at your computer will depend on other factors but the checker isn't designed to report on that.
Posted by Tams over 7 years ago
I'll be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about internet connections. However this offer from BT, although better than before (and is that hard?), isn't brilliant compared to some other countries, especially for the price that they are selling it at.
Also, calling the service 'Infinity' implies alot and I can only hope that are calling it this for future purposes as having a download limit (even if it is only on the cheaper option) in not inifity and nor are the connection speeds.
Posted by callum9999 over 7 years ago
When you say roadside cabinet, do you mean the green box?

My line to that box is literally 10 to 20 metres long, does that mean (theoretically) I'd get around 40mb?
Posted by gjubb over 7 years ago
My problem with this rollout is that all the exchanges that have been upgraded around these parts (Yorkshire), already have full virgin media cable. Us customers stuck on 512k ADSL in a built up area get ignored again. When this was first announced I really thought bt would fill the gaps and provide more people with cable, rather than give the people of Castleford (for example) two cable providers to choose from. Silly me.
Posted by fozi999 over 7 years ago
@hoggig: In Durham cabinets have been installed in the City Centre and in the Belmont area but I must admit none near me yet. But I have seen Openreach laying fibre.
Posted by Dagger2 over 7 years ago
I'm confused as to how, if they are connecting you via fibre, your connection will get slower the further away from the cabinet you are.

Reading between the lines, I guess this is just some form of DSL, and they're calling it "fibre optic broadband" because they like the way it sounds or something.

Posted by 2doorsbob over 7 years ago
Well i'm trying to contain myself lol only 2 exchanges in sheffield there are still loads of areas in sheffield not covered by virgin media plus ranmoor and Beauchief are only small exchanges what is the piont
Posted by 2doorsbob over 7 years ago
ps do BT intend to wholesale this product ?
Posted by jumpmum over 7 years ago
All those looking at the speed tester are looking at the wrong results. If Infinity is available it shows on the checker as Infinity. If it doesn't show it it is not yet available.
Try putting in the following House number 55, postcode CF14 1DZ, this is a street in whitchurch cardiff and a house number within that postcode. (Got from Map and post code search). Openreach GUARENTEE 15Mb Upload and 2Mb download as a minimum. Up to 40Mb and 10Mb are possible depending on distance to the Cab.
Posted by jumpmum over 7 years ago
Callum999 at 20m YES. This is VDSL (from the openreach site). Dagger2 yes, but Openreach are only selling irt where they can guarentee 15Mb, so up to 500m from the cab. It appears that Fibre to the Home will be included under the same product name from BTRetail when it becomes available. 2doorsbob; Yes according to jarredr Sky will also be offering it.
Posted by jumpmum over 7 years ago
I think we have overloaded the speed checker on 55 and Cf14 1dz, you can also try 57, 59
Posted by drteeth over 7 years ago
BT have stated that there will be a guaranteed speed/sync of 15MB. Anything below that will indicate a fault and it will be fixed.

Posted by chrysalis over 7 years ago
wow I can get bt total broadband with an estimated synch speed of 5mbit, greatness.
Posted by imbsuk over 7 years ago
Just to reiterate the checker doesn't seem to work if you enter a telephone number, use just a postcode and house number.

It's available in my area but I suspect they will just migrate their existing traffic management policies and probably impose quite a low 'fair usage policy'(not that I intend to hammer it mind, just would rather not worry usage). Apparently I can get 7mbit upload, which is promising
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
quote"BT have stated that there will be a guaranteed speed/sync of 15MB. Anything below that will indicate a fault and it will be fixed."

Can you point to where you noticed that information?

Also although its not the 25th Jan yet, anyone have advance info of their FUP, for there so called "unlimited" product?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
@jumpmum..... When i enter that postcode and house numbers... The maximum speed it reports is 7Mb
Posted by TonyHoyle over 7 years ago
It does seem fairly broken. I'm 200m from a fibre cab that's been there over a month already (although only officially live since the beginning of this month).. the checker says I can have a BT line up to 4mb and no fibre (which is doubly funny as my BT line can get 7mb with a following wind and my BE line gets 16mb easily).

Still.. I'll get AAISP onto it on Monday as I planned anyway.
Posted by TonyHoyle over 7 years ago
The 15mb limit comes from Openreach.

FYI most of the info about FTTC is in SIN 498 ( and, for the purposes of the 15mb limit..

"Orders where MLC indicates speed below 15Mbit/s will be rejected."


"Openreach will accept fault where the line has operated at below the Downstream Fault Threshold Rate of 15Mbits/s or Upstream Fault Threshold Rate of 128kbits/s at any point in the 14 day period."
Posted by timmay over 7 years ago
I hope this is coming to Canterbury soon I'm only about ~100 meters away from the cabinet. Although only if O2 resell it and use their own backhaul from the exchange will I be interested.
Posted by scragglymonk over 7 years ago
currently on unlimited package, fair use policy for this might only mean 200 gb, what is the point of having a high speed service to watch streaming films, only to be told for 2 weeks out of the month, that you can't watch films
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Thanks for the link TonyHoyle confirming the 15Mb limit/s. Just got to wait and see what their FUP is on so called "unlimited" hopefully it wont be too restrictive :)
Posted by Aaron_01 over 7 years ago
20GB cap? Guess that's only 1 or 2 HD movies a month then. Really, what's the point of high speed internet with such a cap in place?
Posted by jumpmum over 7 years ago
Carpetburn; Sorry I can now find no address that show infinity in Whitchurch. Appears that the checker is no longer showing Infinity speeds! Typical! It showed clearly last night on several codes and numbers.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
^^^ No problem jumpmum, atleast we know we arent all going insane lol, they have probably took the infinity checking side of things offline as it was giving some odd results. (atleast thats my guess)
Posted by tomozj over 7 years ago
I'm on the FTTC 40mbit trial on the Whitchurch exchange, just wanted to post some things:

- Website said I would get 18.5mbit, I have hit 36mbit
- Cab isn't THAT close to me (200yards ish probably) and i sync at around 39995kbps
- 100GB goes REALLY fast

If the fair usage policy really is 100GB then I'm doubtful. It's fairly consistent (30mbit usually, even peak times) but every full month I've had I have hit the limit. Other triallists have too, and they won't reply on the forums anymore.
Posted by tomozj over 7 years ago
they being BT*, sorry, it's late :p
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
There are other non-BT ISP's currently available such as AAISP if anyones interested.

Also apparently this will go wholesale eventually, so bandwidth should be like LLU.
Posted by TonyHoyle over 7 years ago
36mbit at 200 yards? Are you serious? BT have some work to do.. VDSL2 is capable of 100mbit at that distance. Most people should be getting 40.

Posted by Locky over 7 years ago
ok there is no fair usage from what i can tell just traffic management dureiog peak times that is according to their own t and c. i wonder how heavy the traffic shapeing will be ?
Posted by whatever2 over 7 years ago
"Also apparently this will go wholesale eventually, so bandwidth should be like LLU."

Depends on the level. If it's using BT's gear, it might more likely be like Max or 2mb, when there simply wasn't enough exchange capacity to handle it, only your jumping 5x up this time, and 10x down.
Posted by Essex over 7 years ago
As usual more smoke n mirrors from BT. We have had hardly anything from this company in tha past 6 years, but hype, delay, more hype and more delay. Millions of people in the UK cab still not get a decent speed of 2/3-5mb on old victorian wires.
Is it incidental that this 'new' hyped up speed also cooincides with latest price increased that arrived on the doormat today.
Posted by redux over 7 years ago
BT claimed my area would go live with FTTC today. Whilst my predicted connection speed jumped from 0.5 to 4Mbs this is not the FTTC service. Only availability checkers that now work are BT and Talk Talk (the only two ISP's who have signed up for FTTC) and I have not found a contact who actually knows what is going on as yet. Currently BT and Talk Talk sales lines are dishing out miss-leading and inaccurate information.
Posted by hoggig over 7 years ago
After reporting my line ready for the 25th until Friday, it dropped off the infinity checker over the weekend and hasn't returned. It's still there on the AAISP checker but nothing on the BT site.
Probably for the best as it gives Sky and Other ISPs some time to decide on their trialing and start offering a product.
I'm ready to drop the money onto a decent product, but as always BT just keep tripping themselves up.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Service is totally pointless for serious use... A choice of a 20gig cap or a so called unlimited throttled to death traffic managed service.... Totally stupid, no point having 40Mb down and 10Mb up if they are going to thrittle you every time you dare try to use its potential... LLU bonded ADSL2+ still the best option for serious users IMO
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Thank the lord i had the sense not to pre-order or investigate further until they announced their so called Fair (more like un-fair) policy.
Cant wait for the BT defenders...
Look at me with my FTTC i get great speed, well for a few web things and a few hours a day... round of applause to BT
Posted by hoggig over 7 years ago
I agree it's pretty a pretty dire product. However, there are few options available to those that don't live in Virgin Area or close enough to the exchange.
Here's hoping Sky/02 and the others can do better with FTTC instead of offering a crippled out of date usage T&C.
Their website even suggests you can have multiple users streaming HD. How exactly does that work under their usage plan?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
LOL they probably mean that FAKE HD rubbish sites like youtube use, the tripe thats just resized, low bitrate rubbish.

With a 20gig cap and downloading or streaming real HD content from the web to your computer you would be screwed within a few hours.... One site i can think of aimed mainly for Americans but accessable here via proxy that 20gig would be enough for 3 TRUE HD TV episodes... If lucky LOL
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
It seems they can not do the Maths or do the English. Just look up "infinity" and "unlimited" in a dictionary........ Total Joke!
Posted by tomozj over 7 years ago
"36mbit at 200 yards? Are you serious? BT have some work to do.. VDSL2 is capable of 100mbit at that distance. Most people should be getting 40."

However it was syncing at 39995 -- BT's servers beyond the cabinet were at fault here. TalkTalk speeds are also 30mbit ish on the same exchange, just to let people know.
Posted by GMAN99 over 7 years ago
Do they have work to do though or is that limit artificial so they can increase to a new higher speed service at a later date with more cost by tweaking a few settings?
Posted by jumpmum over 7 years ago
Carpetburn: checker now works again, see
Posted by partyphil over 7 years ago
I just wanted to clear one thing up! Mbps stands for mega BITS per second and NOT mega BYTES per second and there are 8 bits in a byte so in response to an earlier comment of a fair usage policy off 100 giga BYTES per month is, well i can't be arsed to to the maths but it's an awful lot, plus no one downloads and full wack all of the time evan if you're a lover of torrens a faster top end would just mean faster torrents. If you think you're going to be downloading movies or music at 40Mbps you're seriously mistaken
Posted by BT_Care over 7 years ago
BT Infinity Option 2 allows unlimited downloads/uploads within the monthly rental price, so customers will not be charged for over-use. However, BT will reduce speeds for heavy broadband usage (typically less than 1 % of all customers do this) at peak times for a period of 30 days, or for as long as very heavy use continues in order to protect everyone else. Peak time is typically 5pm-midnight daily but this may change, along with the heavy-usage threshold, depending on network demand. These customers will be notified before their speeds are reduced in order that we can maintain their service.
Posted by hoggig over 7 years ago
BT_care, would you care to quantify "Heavy Broadband Usage"
Typically my usage is some gaming/BBC iplayer/Sky player in the evenings. Midnight onwards, I will download & que Skyplayer/Iplayer HD content as well as Xbox HD content. Very Rarely use torrents.

Posted by hoggig over 7 years ago
Quoting that you will reduce speeds for "Heavy Usage" without quantifying is pointless.
Now, most of my "Heavy Usage" will be over night, are you saying I won't be limited?
Theoretically, 6hrs per night @ 40Mbit/s is 3.2TB of Data. And whilst I won't Download anything near this it would be nice to know an upper bound whether it is 500Gb or 1 Tb monthly
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
quote"BT_care, would you care to quantify "Heavy Broadband Usage"

Of course they wont and BT never have. This nonsense needs to stop, especially when selling a service with 40Mb down and 10Mb up speeds. A small ball of dirt to us is light, to a cockroach (Or BT) i imagine they define it as heavy.
Maybe they should classify people by their actual weight, anything over 12 stone you're a heavy user... Sounds stupid but atleast a quantative figure would be involved.
Posted by tomozj over 7 years ago
@ partyphil

I know this, and even then I'm hitting the 100GB cap very easily. Games, movies and such can weigh in at gigabytes each (hi-def movies, I should be able to download them seeing as though they advertise it).

They got us onto the trial with "unlimited usage" and no mention of the FUP, and were removing the throttling on those affected saying it was a mistake until December where they announced their FUP.

@BT_Care, the caps are pathetic. Can you please fix this or none's going to take you seriously -- starting with me.
Posted by bain72pc over 7 years ago
Posted by Somerset 9 days ago
bain72pc - where did you go. FTTC covers ALL ISPs.
After years of sheer frustration with BT, and nothing else, I went to Sky. My download speed went from 0.8mb to 1.5mb overnight - not a lot to most guys on here but day and night to me! although how can I get an increase in speed like that from the same BT phone line I had for BT Total Broadband is a total mystery to me. Maybe I'll be able to get "infinity" when I reach my eighties - or am I asking too much???
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