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TalkTalk free broadband offer
Friday 15 January 2010 12:10:44 by John Hunt

TalkTalk are offering free broadband for 12 months to Carphone Warehouse customers. Signup to a 24 month contract and you can receive up to 8 meg broadband for free, including a 40GB download limit per month, free wireless router, and free evening and weekend calls (including 0845 and 0870 numbers). The offer is only available if you take your home phone line through TalkTalk instead of BT (at a cost of £11.49 a month).

This offer is available in areas where TalkTalk have unbundled the local telephone exchange which should equate to about 80% of UK homes. After the first 12 months, the broadband connection will cost you £6.99 a month. Click here to find out how to sign up and see the terms & conditions. This offer ends on the 01/02/2010. Users should note that if they ever want to transfer their line back to BT so they can use a different broadband provider, they may be charged a £125 reconnection fee.


Posted by zyborg47 over 7 years ago
Even free I will not touch Talk Talk. Are people who sign up finding out that they are cheap for a reason and that reason is because they are rubbish? a couple of months ago Talk Talk capacity at our exchange was full, now it is limited and no upgrade have been done, so I take it they must have lost customers.
Posted by nadger over 7 years ago
I find the thought that one might get charged £125 reconnection fee, if one is unhappy and wants line back with BT, enough to dismiss this offer.

Add to that a 24 month contract and........
Posted by otester over 7 years ago
Rather pay £25 for line + unlimited LLU.

People are so damn cheap...
Posted by alpine over 7 years ago
"Users should note that if they ever want to transfer their line back to BT so they can use a different broadband provider, they may be charged a £125 reconnection fee."
Bit of an odd comment. Possibly true if you want to go back to BT's expensive services. But if you want simply to transfer from one LLU provider to another, then it is most unlikely that you would have to pay a fee, other than for any early contract termination with TT.
Posted by nadger over 7 years ago
TalkTalk's line rental is higher than I pay Plusnet (BT Line) and I can still use 18185 which I doubt LLU provider would allow. My £5.99 BB also does me nicely but I enjoy being cheap <j>
Posted by ETEE over 7 years ago
The £125 is only charged for a dead line; RTD (Return to Donor) of a live (ie active) line is free. Therefore being charged anything is extremely unlikely and the original text is unnecessarily exaggerated. If in doubt don't cancel the TT service until BT has taken the line back. However in my experience (and 4 million others) you are most unlikely to want to return to the high prices of BT or other SMPF providers.
Posted by callum9999 over 7 years ago
I've been with TalkTalk since they launched the free broadband offer several years ago now. Apart from some well documented teething problems due to the mass signup (who would of thought so many people like free stuff!) I've been very happy with them.

I pay £6.49 a month and get free unlimited international and UK landline calls with caller ID and about 5-6mb broadband which is seemingly unlimited.
Posted by Dorcots over 7 years ago
Users should also note that when line rental is paid to TalkTalk, 'Indirect Access' is not available. For me, this would mean I would have to pay TalkTalk's 9p/min to my daughter's Hong Kong mobile instead of the 1p/min I pay using 18185.
Posted by Dorcots over 7 years ago
Correction, I meant TalkTalk's 3p/min. not 9p/min. It's still three time the price.
Posted by Slimnsassy over 7 years ago
Help please - I have moved and have no services at the moment, previous owner took phone no. and line... would like Broadabnd, telephone, tv and poss mob phone as well. Where do i start??? Confused!!! Help I am sinking!!!
Posted by batdog over 7 years ago
Slimnsassy post in the forums
Posted by djhoman over 7 years ago
I have helped commission 6 TalkTalk BB+ calls services over the past 3 years with no problems at all. I saved £30/m by switching (no BB or call charges) and my yacht club saved £400/year
Posted by sweeneyron over 7 years ago
I live in the Ilkley area.Downstream speed .472 mbps - upstream .241 mbps. It is capped by BT to ensure stability. My ISP say this could be due to a patched BT line (aluminium on copper. TALK TALK offer 5.8 if they take over and a lower price. BUT would they use the same line. If so the problem would still be there I assume and I'd be locked into a 24 month contract. Any advice anywhere??
Posted by haselbury over 7 years ago
£125 reconnection fee? Not for me.
I moved to TalkTalk LLU around 3 years ago and now have two lines with them. BT call me around every three months trying to persuade me to switch back to them, and will do so for free.
So certainly for me I would not have to pay £125 to swich back if I wanted to. I guess that is why the article says "may be charged".
Posted by jelv over 7 years ago
You might have also mentioned how difficult it can be to get Talk Talk to stop billing you if you do move to another provider!
Posted by kennjean over 7 years ago
I also have been with TalkTalk since the launch of free broadband but from the beginning I had to pay £10 per month pending 'an imminent change at
the BT exchange(Near Northampton),to give me the promised free broadband. I am still waiting for free broadband to arrive|
My telephone has long been with 'TalkTalk international anytime' and I pay £9.99 plus £11.60 for line rental per month, my broadband is now charged at £12.99 for 4.7 speed (Recorded only once-todays speed is 2.7
I think there must be worse deals around but,beware, all that glitters is not gold where TalkTalk are concerned.

Posted by leshewitt over 7 years ago
zyborg47: "...they are cheap for a reason and that reason is because they are rubbish?"

Not so. I'm on LLU TalkTalk. Cheap, fast (5mbps for me), reliable (not been off-line for more than a few seconds in the last few years). For every vocal minority who say they are rubbish (I'm sure with good reason), there's a quiet majority like me who are very satisfied.
Posted by andybot55 over 7 years ago
2 friends have tried to dumping TT, 3 more Tiscali (now TT), both refused a MAC-not obligated by Ofcom if LLU.
No MAC=no ISP can take the connection. You are FORCED to TERMINATE TT & Tiscali LLU, reconnect to BT for a new landline at £125 +VAT BT may waive it IF U sign up to their service for 24 months.
Posted by andybot55 over 7 years ago
OR new BT line+dialup = no ADSL for 3 months. OR find someone like Utility Warehouse who install new lines @ £90+VAT, LLU at £19.99/mth (12 month contract for a new line) then one month or with a MAC migration. £20 incs line rental, 24Mb, 40Gb/mth usage & free calls + 10 countries. A really neat "internet phone" @ £2/mth per line plus a single £50.00 connect fee. 2 extra PSTN phone lines for £4.00 a month with a regular STD code & handset via a box that plugs into your router. NO SOFTWARE, use the box ANYWHERE worldwide via a RJ45 broadband port to receive & make free calls as if at home!
Posted by searcher100 over 7 years ago
I have just joined talk talk 20th jan so far connection gives between 4.7 to 7 download and almost constant.8 upload. cost £6.99 broadband and £11.49 left pipex paying £24.99 plus 11.49 line rental (pipex used bt wholesale) connection speeds between 1.2 to 4.7 and upload .6 happy I am with talktalk. and exhange goes wbc 21cn 31march so onwards and upwards
Posted by BandAid over 7 years ago
I moved from Sky Connect (BT badged product) to TT as they are the only LLU provider at my exchange.

Broadband speed doubled to the full 8 meg and no throttling. And the support through the members' forum is superb.

No complaints here.
Posted by starrken over 7 years ago
I'm in agreement with Leshewitt, in 30 odd months I have had 1 outage,when I phoned to log fault, only on BB, I was phoned back on my mobile from, yes, India.
The lady on the other end ran thro her checks,in all about 40 mins. She could not get me up and running again and I suppose referred it back to the UK. It was fixed the next day. I was sent a text on the mobile to inform me, and to log on to confirm repair. So talk of TT being rubbish is IMO just that, Rubbish.
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