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Tiscali brand dropped by TalkTalk
Thursday 07 January 2010 12:56:39 by John Hunt

Tiscali UK is no more. In an unsurprising move, TalkTalk have today rebranded Tiscali to TalkTalk. TalkTalk picked up Tiscali UK for a bargain price of £236 million last year after their original offer of £550m was rejected by Tiscali just before the financial problems beset the country. The move made the largest residential broadband provider in the UK under the Carphone Warehouse umbrella which also owns the TalkTalk, AOL and Opal brands.

"We want to make it very clear that being part of TalkTalk is much more than just having a different logo on the top of your bill. For that reason we've reviewed all of the pricing tariffs and can say from today that if you're with TalkTalk you’re getting the same value as your fellow customers. "For many of our customers this will mean a reduction in their monthly bills, others will see no change with the remainder getting a small increase. Any customer visiting our website can clearly see our tariffs. "We've gained a lot from the Tiscali acquisition, most notably TV and Portal expertise and some great people, but from today the brand name will disappear and our focus is on TalkTalk."

Charles Dunstone (CEO), Carphone Warehouse

For Tiscali customers, this is both good and bad news. Some will see price reductions on their service, but others may see a price rise of £5 if they do not take the TalkTalk phone line rental service. ISP Plusnet have noticed this and are offering Tiscali customers a special 3 month free offer if they migrate to Plusnet by the end of January. Users interested should check where they stand in terms of contract with Tiscali/TalkTalk as early termination may incur charges.


Posted by Michael_Chare over 7 years ago
I am a Pipex customer, on a Market 3 exchange, with an existing contract which runs for another 9 months. I have been offered immediate termination with no charges, not 30 days notice, which I thought was quite reasonable. Likely I will accept the offer! They said that their price increase was due to increased charges from BT.

Posted by XRaySpeX over 7 years ago
BT has also noticed this and is sending out a mailshot to Tiscali customers (and others) offering special 30% discount on BT Option 1 at £9.99 pm for an 18 month contract.
Posted by Michael_Chare over 7 years ago
Where did you see that? Sadly (AIUI from BT) I don't think that the offer applies to Market 3 exchanges.
Posted by nadger over 7 years ago
I see that they've not, as yet, removed Pipex name or Tiscali details from that site.

Posted by Aqualung over 7 years ago
As the customers original contract with tiscali is null and void i would have thought any penalties on that contract would be gone.It would be interesting if true how BT retail got hold of customers details to mailshot them ???
Posted by XRaySpeX over 7 years ago
@ Michael_Chare: BT sent me a an offer letter and I'm not even a Tiscali customer. Visit

@ Aqualung: Read about it here:

Posted by baby_frogmella over 7 years ago
RIP Tiscali, you will be missed by many...sob sob sob
Posted by Gzero over 7 years ago
What??? Tiscali actually keeled over?
Does this coincide with hell freezing over?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 7 years ago
Good riddence to the Tiscali brand i say.
Posted by Michael_Chare over 7 years ago
Many thanks XRaySpecX. The BT chat person denied that this offer existed for Market 3 customers. The web link would suggest otherwise!
Posted by Whitefort over 7 years ago
'Small increase.' Yeah, right.

The letter I received from TalkTalk said that I could let TalkTalk take over my household phone service (and have broadband for the same price as before) OR I could refuse the phone deal and take a 33% increase in my Broadband price.

I've never heard 33% called a 'small increase' before.

I've already requested my MAC.
Posted by jtwebb over 7 years ago
I change to TalkTalk at the end of November and I did get the expected speed improvement. However, their customer support is appalling. Their salesman made promises that were not honoured. They messed up the setting of the DD for payment and, when they failed to get the money, they cut us off without any warning at all. They were then rude. The Bank is adamant they are to blame and the whole affair took too much of my time.
Posted by SEJ001 over 7 years ago
I've been a PIPEX customer since 1992, but have now just moved to Virgin on cable. In the long run I think they have more to offer. As it was, my PIPEX service was delivered over a BT line which I had to pay for separately...a landline I have no use for, except to deliver the ADSL.
Posted by leshewitt over 7 years ago
SEJ001: Pay your money & take your choice. I'm on TalkTalk LLU line+phone+broadband. Reliable, fairly fast (5mb) & cheap. Customer service average in my experience. Virgin offer much faster with predictable sync speed, line & phone. I have no use for pay TV (or from Sky). So Virgin is sufficiently more expensive to make me stick with TalkTalk.
Posted by roysad over 7 years ago
Ref BT and others offerringpreferential treatment to Tiscali customers.
Within 1 week of the takeover suddenly I have been getting an awful lot of US based spam in my Tiscali email.
Who let the customer lists out ???
Posted by allfree over 7 years ago
Posted by SEJ001 over 7 years ago
leshewitt: I don't have TV from Virgin either...just the broadband service on it's own.
Posted by askmewhy over 7 years ago
I am a Tiscali customer and I've not been sent a letter about any changes or price increases. Two colleges at work are in the same situation. Does anyone know when the letters were sent out? Surely they can't just put your price up without informing you?
Posted by roannchi over 7 years ago
I changed to Talktalk 12 months ago from tiscali in my opinion the best thing that I have done since having a computer, whenI was with Tiscali, their customer services were crap, and technical support which one had to pay for was useless, at least with Talktalk I do not have to pay for technical support and they have solved any problem that I have had, They also look after loyal customers, so at least TalkTalk have one supporter, I will not change and have signed up for another 18 months
Posted by supacop over 7 years ago
I migrated from Tiscali years ago and very pleased I did so. I took the whole talktalk package.Fortunately Im not a speedfreak, because my low speed still leaves a lot to be desired.But any speed is better than DialUp. Phonebills are less and it is made very clear what I pay for.
I had recent trouble with my broadband connection. TalkTalk staff, Home and Abroad, worked hard for me.Eventually one of the Advisers posted me a new Router. Success.No problems since. I say to Tiscali customers, Give Them A Chance. I would need a good deal to tempt me away.
Posted by garswood over 7 years ago
Like 'askmewhy' I haven't received a letter and am unclear about any change - I am (or was) on the 'Tiscali Max plus Anytime Talk II' package ie. broadband (unlimited), anytime 24/7 free land line calls and a selection of free international calls - cost £19.99/month.
had the odd glitch over the years but happy with the service and value.
Have filled in the 'Contact Us' form 2 days ago but no response yet - at least with Tiscali you got an automatic response almost immediately.
Interesting to see if the price goes up - if so then will look elsewhere.
Posted by iwvc over 7 years ago
Been with Tiscali since 2005 in general I've found broadband to be stable and consistent though not particularly quick. Tiscali Customer service was dreadful with unreadable emails (bad engish) and a tendancy to avoid dealing with the issue. This changed dramatically after the TalkTalk takeover when a long standing problem was resolved quickly and effectively by someone who understood the problem, my frustration and actually phoned me back when they said they would. I hope this improved customer service will remain and wasn't put in place to avoid Tiscali customers moving on mass!
Posted by iwvc over 7 years ago
Like garswood I've heard nothing and I'm on the same package. There doesn't seem to be anything as good on the TalkTalk web site so I'm lying low until they contact me to notify change of contract details - although I won't be relying on the free international calls until it is clear.
Posted by Pete-W-Trotman over 7 years ago
I changed from Tiscali last year and I can only say I have been pleased with the service. Any queries and problems have been answered very quickly and accurately. Well done
Posted by baystonhill over 7 years ago
News to me as a tiscali customer, infact in a news letter received just before Christmas there was no mention of this, except they did say things would change but there would be no changes in i find this and the Q&A link brings up an error, if this is how talktalk are think its time to start looking around believe Sky have a good offer on at the in moment.
Posted by baystonhill over 7 years ago
found the page ..
How will this affect me?
As we've said in the email/letter you received this shouldn't affect you at all. For the immediate future, everything will stay the same as it is. That means that your email address, service, connection and payment date and method, customer service team telephone numbers and My Account log on details will all stay as they are.
Posted by ashleybones over 7 years ago
I was with Lineone which was taken over by Tiscali. Tiscali offered the WORST customer service I have ever experienced, from any company. I am now with PlusNet and have experienced very good internet service and very good customer service. I would not consider using any of the TalkTalk brands based on my experience and the feedback I have received. It's PlusNet for me, as long as they perform and are competitive.
Posted by magicred over 7 years ago
I bailed out 3 days ago,waiting for my package from Virgin.Tiscali were useless.My speed was capped from 3pm till 11pm.Broadband,your having a laugh.I had better speed 5 years ago on the old dialup.
Posted by kevin947 over 7 years ago
Since the TalkTalk homepage replaced I've not been able to access my mail accounts. This, surely, is an issue that should never have arisen. Bring back Tiscali, it worked for me!
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 7 years ago
Wait, Kevin - to be clear, are you using your ISP's email address?
Posted by lelpep over 7 years ago
Got my letter from TalkTalk today re. the increased monthly cost. I was paying £14.99 for the Tiscali package, now this is increasing to £18.48 from 15th February.
For this I get free evening phone calls. On Tiscali I would have had to pay extra £5 for this.
Not on 18 month contract which means I can cancel without any penalties.
Letter makes big thing about new service giving me up to 8Mb on my broadband, but I have never ever got more than 2.5Mb on my line..
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
Got mine today. The URL is quoted wrongly!
So the downside is I pay £5 extra plus have downloads limited to 40GB. The upside is the addition of evening calls during the week.
This is a net negative change in my case.
I tried to get them to accept that the new package would be TalkTalk Essentials which includes anytime local calls but they said this is only for new customers.
And on the website it says that there is a £30 setup fee if your rental is not TalkTalk. Does that also cover Tiscali rentals?
If I do nothing will I get the free evening calls or is that subject to the 18 month contract?

Posted by garswood over 7 years ago
See my comments 3 days ago.
Still not received any letter and still no response after filling in the 'Contact Us' form on the new website 5 days ago!!
Tried using the old support@uk.tiscali etc (which used to work) but now get automatic response to 'create an account'. I follow the provided link which takes me to website that says'Permission Denied - the link has expired'.
So now there's no way of contacting them - and I'm certainly not going to ring them on the premium number.
If this is the new Tiscali, I'd sooner have the old.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
I used "contact us" (email) yesterday and got a reply today. Hhere is the reply
If you wish to upgrade your package to the £18.48, please contact us on 0800 542 6537 discuss if there are any further charges like set up fee will be applied once you upgrade your package.
Please be advised that the Broadband and Anytime Talk package which cost £18.48 is subject tom local availability. The service we can offer each customer is dependent on your line and exchange capacity.We tailor the upgrade facility in the My Account area to reflect the service available to each individual customer.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
I have just rung that number. BE AWARE that if you upgrade from Tiscali online you will automatically incur the £30 setup fee. That will not apply if you upgrade by phone.
They still refuse to include local anytime calls although a new custome would get them included for the same price.
For my extra £5 I awould get the imposition of the download limit and would be tied to a contract. Not really a fair deal is it?
Posted by garswood over 7 years ago
Re: 'bruckshaw' comments above - you didin't say if you are already a TalkTalk customer and what ISP email address used. I've been using my Tiscali email address on the 'Contact Us' page and still had no response - 6 days from 1st attempt and 2 day since 2nd attempt.
Still no letter either.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
Garswood. I am a Tiscali customer and use a Tiscali email address.
On 7 Jan Charles Dunstone(boss of the outfit) said in his blog ""(we) can say from today that if you’re with TalkTalk you’re getting the same value as your fellow customers.""
He obviously does not know his own company's policy. If you come to TalkTalk from Tiscali you will not get Anytime local calls in the £18.48 package. If you are a new customer you will get them with TalkTalk Essentials at £18.48.All other details identical.
Same value? I think not.

Posted by lelpep over 7 years ago
bruckshaw, if you do nothing as it says on the back of the letter you will not be on a contract, so free to leave anytime without penalties.
If you ask for free local calls option or free 0845 number option you will be put on 18 month contact.
Posted by lelpep over 7 years ago
Also get the extra free evening calls without being on contract.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago

What it says on the back of the letter is that if I do nothing I will keep my existing service but at £18.48. I do not get free evening calls at the moment.
Have you confirmed with them that you would get free evening calls?
If it is true I will do that. It would offset a few little of the extra I will be paying.
They tell me that the ONLY way to get free local calls is to pay about £22.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
I have just called the fee number and was told that if I do nothing I will simply pay £18.48 for my existing service ... NO free evening calls.
So the trade-off appears to be free evening calls versus a download limit and contract.
Posted by cookstown over 7 years ago
Regarding the end of tiscali brand, it's a bit of a misnomer. Both it and talktalk have absolutely shocking reputations regarding customer service. They would probably be best doing a Sizewell and dumping both Windscales
Posted by lelpep over 7 years ago
it says on the front of my letter that I will now get free evening calls, something I do not currently get from Tiscali, this was confirmed when I phoned the 0800 number. £18.48 and no contract.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago

Hmm! I see what you mean and at first I assumed that is what would happen. However when I asked the question I was told that the note on the reverse of the letter means what it says "existing" i.e no evening calls.

Why don't we both ask again? .... different contact, different answer. I certainly will.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
OK I have contacted them again to argue this point. They are adamant that if I do not upgrade (i.e. I do nothing) I will not get evening calls.
I argued that the paragraph on the letter does not make this clear.
The person I spoke to elevated my call to an official complaint and I expect to get a call from someone further up the chain.
Posted by lelpep over 7 years ago
I phoned them again this morning, they confimed that free evening calls are included for £18.48, no contract. Giving free evening calls so as to compete with other providers.
Posted by garswood over 7 years ago
Hi, me again (see 3 days ago and 7 days ago).
Still had no letter.
Has any one else received confirmation of what they are now on having been on 'Tiscali Max plus Anytime Talk II' package ie. broadband (unlimited), anytime 24/7 free land line calls and a selection of free international calls - cost £19.99/month.
From bruckshaw's and lelpep's experience, you don't get a straight answer on the phone so would be interested to know of anyone else has had information (written or otherwise) having been on the same Tiscali package as myself.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago

Something here about communication between left hands and right hands.

No contact so far from a person further up the command chain.

Not sure what we can do now assuming that we were both talking to them about what would happen to a Tiscali customer and who did nothing in response to their letter.

All I can say is that if you are correct I will be pleasantly surprised and if I am correct you will be UNpleasantly surprised!
Posted by lelpep over 7 years ago
also trying to see if we get free customer service calls as supposidly TalkTalk customers get, instead of 087 numbers.
Posted by bruckshaw over 7 years ago
The call from someone uop the command chain has not happened. Yet another source of irritation.
I will ignore the letter and await an opportunity to migrtae elsewhere.
Posted by catering-maint over 7 years ago
Like 'garswood' I too am on Tiscali Max plus Anytime Talk II with totaly unlimited broadband and free anytime 24/7 line rental and free any time calls at a cost of £19.99/month.
And I have not received a letter or email from Talk Talk. So far my bill is the same price but my broadbabd speed has slowed down to 4meg since the rebranding.

I did notice that the new TalkTalk website is just the old Tiscali site with TalkTalk across the top.
Posted by zaknped over 7 years ago
I too am on the Tiscali Max Plus Anytime Talk II for £19.99
I have received the infamous TalkTalk letter today stating that they are moving me to the "TalkTalk next generation network" and they are keeping my package the same i.e. free national and international calls and free line rental. But the price is increasing £2.49 to £22.48
So far my broadband speed has halved to 3.5 meg since TalkTalk took over and they keep calling me up asking If I would like to be a TalkTalk customer. so less service for a higher price.
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