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Average mobile broadband speed clocks in at 0.9 meg
Wednesday 10 June 2009 08:05:54 by John Hunt

Testing by broadband benchmarking company Epitiro shows that the average mobile broadband speed clocks in at 0.9meg (Megabits per second). The company performed over 1.4 million tests from over 1,300 testing agents throughout the UK using its isposure software. Of these, users received on average 24% of the maximum 'up to' headline speeds advertised. The fastest 20 test agents recorded an average speed of 1.8Mbps which falls short of the 2Mbps recommended in the Interim Digital Report as a minimum universal broadband speed. During peak hours (6pm to midnight) speeds dipped by approximately 20%.

Upload speeds were more encouraging with an average of 270Kbps. Three mobile broadband providers offered an average upload speed that rivalled speeds of fixed line 'up-to' 8Mbps broadband which averages 380Kbps (based on Ofcom stats). Other metrics measured included web browsing which appeared to be 34% slower than on fixed ADSL connections. Ping times, an important metric for online game playing came in at around 150ms which is too high for acceptable gaming performance. Another metric that affects real-time applications such as gaming and Voice over IP is packet loss, a measure of data loss. One unnamed provider suffered 2.1% whilst the average was 0.67%, with the lowest at 0.1%.

One upside is that testing simulating peer-to-peer traffic indicated that traffic management wasn't currently in use on mobile broadband which is commonly used to fixed broadband to ensure users receive an acceptable level of service.

The isposure testing module is also available as part of tbbMeter, thinkbroadband's broadband usage meter.


Posted by danman7_200 over 8 years ago
I'm suprised it's even that fast. With such low usage limits, it would be a slap in the face to use traffic management as well. Same for ISP's. If you include 40GB. Let people use it how they see fit!

Is there a site that lists the average speed from all ISP's not just individual ISP's. Thinkbroadband could do this, as they have a speed tester.
Posted by danman7_200 over 8 years ago
I just done some searching on googleand I found

No suprises really for the fastest and slowest ISP's.
Posted by AndrueC over 8 years ago
Ouch. That's bad. I'm not entirely surprised though. Burst speed might be higher but sustained throughput is where 'last mile' contention becomes an issue.

Most masts just don't have that much bandwidth. If you're the only one using it then fair enough but once a few dozen more people wade in speeds are bound to plummet.
Posted by AndrueC over 8 years ago
@danman:This article is about mobile broadband. That PDF appears to be a report on ISPs in general. If it includes any mobile data it is likely swamped by fixed line statistics.
Posted by mikeblogs over 8 years ago
I wonder when 02/Be will start offering a femtocell as a Broadband end point. Continuing to see fixed and mobile as a separate services is a big shortcoming imposed by regulatory structures and market definitions.
Posted by otester over 8 years ago
Problem is available mast bandwidth at anytime, it's incredibly low, hopefully 4G will solve this.

Traffic management would personally benefit me as I use encrypted services.
Posted by krazykizza over 8 years ago
I get around 1.3mbps where I live, in the garden, but only GPRS in the house. I also get 1.9mbps down the road and in Lincoln I get close to 3mbps on my iphone.
Posted by dragon1945 over 8 years ago
Ho-Hum. I get 1 bar on my mobile phone indoors. Just enough to receive a text message. Halfway across the neighbouring field I can send a text message. No chance of actually making or answering a phone call. Chances of me getting Mobile BB - absolutelty zero.
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