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Complaints about BT Total advert upheld
Thursday 02 April 2009 11:34:57 by Andrew Ferguson

Two viewers of a BT Total Broadband advert challenged that the advert was misleading as it implied that both the Home Hub and Hub Phone were free. The full adjudication can be read on the Advertising Standards Authority website.

A TV ad for a BT multi-play package showed a man flicking through TV channels and discussing them with a friend. Small, white on-screen text at the bottom of the screen stated "New Option 1 customers: £7.78 Direct Debit monthly for 3 months. £15.65 thereafter. 18 month term. Hub free with Option 1. £88.08 from BT Shop." The voice-over said "switch to BT Total Broadband and discover a different way to watch digital TV with BT vision. You're not tied to a TV subscription and you only pay for what you want." Small, white on-screen text at the bottom of the screen stated "Handset £39.14. BT Line required. BT Vision requires minimum line speed. Freeview coverage. £29.38 connection. £194.76 V-box. Subject to availability. Conditions apply." The man was then shown watching an Iron Man trailer and the voice-over concluded "to get a more complete broadband with a free home hub worth £88 call now on 0800 XXX XXX." The Home Hub and handset were shown next to text that stated "FREE HUB worth £88."

Synopsis of BT Total advert

The offer meant people got a free Home Hub, but had to pay £39.14 if they wanted the Hub Phone. The ASA assessed the advert and has upheld the complaints telling BT to not show the advert again in its current form. The upholding of the complaint centres on the end of the advert where the Hub Phone and Home Hub were shown together giving the impression the phone is an integral part of the hub.


Posted by Spectre_01 over 8 years ago
Good, I hate missleading advertising. Although sadly the idea of getting the hubphone is better then actually owning it...
Posted by cyberdoyle over 8 years ago
Also there should be large print saying that most of the country hasn't got a good enough connection to watch digital TV. In fact nobody I know has a good enough one unless they work in a town. BT should not spend good money on advertising tricks. It should spend money getting fibre to its customers.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 8 years ago
actually... was it shown yesterday?
It might have been an april fool? ;)
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 8 years ago
They're limited in how much money they can put into infrastructure, bear in mind cyber...
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
Is cyberdoyle referring to digitalTV which is actually things like Freeview or referring to BT Vision?

The later requires a line running at 2.5Mbps or more, i.e. 2Meg for video and a bit left if video is playing for internet. This should be the case for well over half of lines, ~93% of lines are in the length range for 2Mbps and faster.
Posted by adriandaz over 8 years ago
Saw this advert last night on BBC1, they have updated it with "Handset not included" :)
Posted by yobrenoops over 8 years ago
You can use vision without 2.5mb line.
Posted by Pigmaster over 8 years ago

"Saw this advert last night on BBC1, they have updated it with "Handset not included" :) "

BBC1 showing ads! I want my TV fee back.
Posted by collinc over 8 years ago
Hub fone free or £39.. either way it's better to want one than actually trying to keep one registered to the hub!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Glad they upheld it, i did say in another story on here a couple of months back expect this to be investigated, well done to the ASA
Posted by peglegjo over 8 years ago
Posted by cyberdoyle over 8 years ago
Andrew - 93% on paper 'might' be in the range for a 2 meg service, but I bet they can't get it due to contention, poor end user kit, poor lines or a multitude of different reasons, and yes I meant watching through the broadband not freeview. I am guessing (dangerous I know) but IMHO only 70% of UKplc has anything bordering on a connection good enough to be classed as 1st gen broadband.
Posted by Mr-Muddy-Paws over 8 years ago
In response to their many sales pitches, as a BT broadband customer, I say to BT 'I don't want anyone using local copper wire for television viewing - and certainly not while my service is less than 1Mb so low-res clips, from You-tube for example, will not stream without interruption.' Grrr!
Posted by Dizzylizzie over 8 years ago
I Ddn't use the hub phone they can't hear very well on the other end thats if it can find the hub LOL!! also the wireless bit well thats rubbish too, standing next to it tells me it can't connect and so not even going to try BT Vision, same prob with You-tube stop,start,stop give up! lucky if I get 1.5Mb
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
^^^ LOL if you believe BT adverts they claim its homehub delivers the best wireless available... Something i questioned in another BT story not that long ago. Most wireless routers with the same wireless rating as the homehub (IE N rated) will of course work just as well if not better than a homehub, oh and some certainly better to look at than BTs brick.
Posted by noodles02 over 8 years ago
What I think of bt, I realy can't say because I would be band from this site but any way here go's the "PG" version. Bt are big on fansay adverts that are like a well raped present that has nothing inside. What I mean, is they promiss you a whole lot of nothing. Other places in the world you can get 100 to 160 meg download speeds and bt offer you upto 8 meg which is I think " THE STUFF PEOPLE FLUSH AWAY WHEN FINISHED" sorry
Posted by noodles02 over 8 years ago
for sounding so roude but that is what I think. From what I have read in computer mag's and on internet sites bt arn't puting in bigger lines because they arn't making enuff money in return and they think that people don't want it. We do want faster internet "BT". And if bt can give a better faster servise people will, I think play more aslong as bt don't sick the arm in.
Posted by noodles02 over 8 years ago
one more thing bt vision is s--h after a few months it stopped working so tought it out.
Posted by noodles02 over 8 years ago
one more thing bt vision is s--t after a few months it stopped working so tought it out.
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