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Price rises and price cuts
Tuesday 31 March 2009 17:59:16 by Andrew Ferguson

TalkTalk made a lot of noise about price rises from BT Openreach in relation to the fully unbundled product it uses, and it seems the actual changes due to this are to take effect from 1st April 2009.

TalkTalk line rental will increase in price from £10.50 a month to £11.25, the call connection charge where applicable will rise to 8p and daytime calls costs are up to 4.5p per minute (source: Broadband users in addition will see a penalty introduced for exceeding the 40GB usage allowance. TalkTalk have a 40GB extra allowance that can be purchased for £4, so the sensible thing is to buy the boost before your allowance runs out.

The average usage from a TalkTalk broadband customer is around 2.5GB a month with traffic management used to limit the impact of peer to peer traffic, but as video streaming has become more popular this average may have risen a lot, perhaps to 5 to 7GB per month. So the number affected by the penalty is likely to be small, and under the Broadband code of practice we expect TalkTalk to warn people before the threshold is crossed.

Virgin Media and its cable broadband products are unaffected by the changes in prices from BT Openreach, but it is rejigging its broadband packages from 1st May 2009 according to Broadband Genie, the M package which is no longer marketed will increase by £2 a month, the L will drop by £4 a month and XL will drop by £1 a month. How this fits into the plan to upgrade M (2Mbps) customers to L (10Mbps) from May 2009 is unclear. One thing to watch out for is that those who want paper bills will see an extra £1.25 per month on their bill, those billed online will avoid this charge. The previous charge for itemised billing will be dropped.

For broadband providers using shared LLU, which is the majority who offer LLU services, the price rises are fairly minimal and can probably be absorbed. For people who've moved their telephone line rental away from BT to firms like Plusnet, Sky, Madasafish, Post Office and others using the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) product there is a possibility of a 50p per month rise to cover the Openreach price rises.


Posted by ETEE over 8 years ago
TT are also offering free 0870/0845 calls and other free calls
Posted by fiish over 8 years ago
I am on the VM 2Mbps package and I asked them about the price increase; they told me that the 2MBps users would be migrated to the 10Mbps package on 01 May as well.

Given that it will be cheaper to let them switch me rather than to switch to the 10Mbps package myself, I don't have too many complaints; I don't have a landline and VM is still my cheapest broadband option which doesn't have a hard usage cap.

The existing 10Meg customers might feel a bit shafted by this though given that the upgraded 2 Meg customers will be paying a little over half the price for the same package.
Posted by emteec over 8 years ago
I believe that only VM 2Mbps customers still under a fixed term contract will be getting the 10Mbps package cheaper. All other 2Mbps customers will be paying the same amount as a customer who is already signed up to the 10Mbps package.

For those customers who don't need a 10Mbps connection, they are being forced to pay extra for a service that they do not want.
Posted by tazz_uk over 8 years ago
Good to see existing L customers will be shafted (NOT)

these are how the prices appear when we try and upgrade - no cheaper for us!!

Pick your new package

Your existing package is Virgin Media broadband Size L . This is a £25 per month subscription.

Upgrade to Virgin Media broadband: Size XL £37 per month subscription
Upgrade to Virgin Media broadband: Size XXL £52 per month subscription
Posted by fiish over 8 years ago
When my contract term is ending, if the price is going to go up again beyond the price of BT Line Rental + O2 ADSL I am definitely leaving VM, I am on VM now because it's the cheapest way to get online for someone who gets no use from a landline and whose download requirements make mobile broadband a no-go.
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
tazz_uk: its not as simple as that... please check properly...
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
and do note:
L is 10Mb/s
XL is 20Mb/s
XXL is 50Mb/s

Note the low prices are to get NEW custom!! - if you still not happy, ring them up, say you wanna leave !!! :)
0845 840 7777 localrate....
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
and please, no moaning about 'expensive calls'.. the standard one is local rate, FREE if you have VM phone...

As for 'premium help..
- To get a 'real pro' that won't treat you like an idiot, it is worth it!!

Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 8 years ago
And skype is cheaper still for call costs. Of course, you won't be able to get that working across a VM connection in many areas...
Posted by tazz_uk over 8 years ago
comnut I think you should also check carefully. The page with prices I posted is from the "existing customer" upgrade page. The page you posted is for new customers. Please check in future before asking someone else to check carefully
Posted by fiish over 8 years ago
Existing 10Mb VM customers do get a bit extra after all for the higher price they pay: a higher threshold before the throttling kicks in. Interestingly, they are going to offer a S size which looks like the existing M package but lower thresholds for traffic management....
Posted by Groovehound over 8 years ago
Excuse the multiple posting:

Like fiish below, I have stayed with VM primarily because of unlimited usage combined with it being cheaper than taking a landline as well.

They've shafted me this month. Now suddenly paying £25 for 'L' broadband, that for whatever reason is only 8-9Mbps from test sites, with a rubbish upload speed / ratio (<480Kbps). That, and paper billing is now charged for (ostensibly 'greener' but they're strangely not so considerate of the planet when sending their large amount of junk mail).
Posted by Groovehound over 8 years ago

They did NOT give proper notice that the prices were going up. I have now since received a leaflet with "price changes" on the front.

No, LEARN ENGLISH you marketing ****s! If everything is either not changing or increasing, then ALL the changes are increases, so they should correctly be collectively referred to as price INCREASES. Of couse, that might make the more muppet-like VM customer actually notice the increases, (let alone notice how VM's shady marketing department work).
Posted by Groovehound over 8 years ago

THEN, there's the issue of the fact that the price isn't supposed to change AT ALL for 'L' / 10Mbps customers. Mine has, because it was already discounted. Lots of outages and being a customer for over 5 years since good old Telewest days might make me feel entitled to paying 'just' £18 p.c.m for an average service.

Funny thing is, BT Basic landline + O2 cheapest LLU broadband (<8Mbps, so not much different) = <£13 p.c.m.

Posted by Groovehound over 8 years ago

comnut, local rate is a misnomer for 0845 and YOU KNOW IT.
It costs me very little to call a genuine local number (<2p/min from my mobile). With Call18866 it costs me 4p/min+call set-up charge. It's not much, but tens of minutes on the phone with trained monkeys when VM's network is the cause of the fault is adding insult to injury. Free with a VM phone? Why, that would be the ONLY good reason to have a worthless VM phone at ~£11p.c.m. then! Hope you don't need to ring 'tech' support that much as to make that price good value!
Posted by Groovehound over 8 years ago

Funny thing is, I have the ability and equipment to hack myself some free cable T.V. from Virgin if I so choose, let alone the two cable modems I have spare that are currently hackable. But, unlike Virgin Media's Marketing department, I'm an honest bloke, so I don't.

However, the above-referenced B.S. is hardly encouraging me to be sympathetic about their profit margins, how's about you?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
quote"I have the ability and equipment to hack myself some free cable T.V. from Virgin if I so choose, let alone the two cable modems I have spare that are currently hackable. But, unlike Virgin Media's Marketing department, I'm an honest bloke, so I don't."

The mind boggles why anyone would want their service paid for or free :D
Posted by solvetask over 8 years ago
It’s unbelievable how come this companies can advertise a particular kind of service when actually they will never be capable to delivery it and we (as a costumer) don’t have any official organization willing to stop this burglary.
As an IT engineer with 20 years experience, Virgin bigger advert with the fibre optic is just smoke!!! I have Virgin service and thanks god my contract will finish in the next two month. I am paying for 2 Mb internet conections but what I get is 1.1 or 1.2 Mb. My house is not far from the exchange point in Higham Hill, London.
Posted by solvetask over 8 years ago
E.g of what Virgin can delivery (2Mb should be the speed)What we can get?!
Date Today 19:11
Download Speed:1757 kbps (220kB/s)
Upload Speed:231 kbps (28.9kB/s
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
quote"I am paying for 2 Mb internet"
Quote"Download Speed:1757 kbps (220kB/s)"

So you get what you pay for then?
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