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AAISP promises to fix your faulty broadband line
Tuesday 24 March 2009 19:58:22 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Andrews & Arnold (or AAISP for short) is a small niche provider that has a reputation in the industry for a strong technical background. AAISP have now challenged other service providers, believing that they can provide better troubleshooting and thus have offered to take on customers with lines that have broadband faults which they believe they will be able to fix.

Customers can migrate to AAISP provided they are based on a BT Wholesale product at a cost of £0.99; if the company is unable to resolve the fault within one month, you can migrate away to another ISP and receive a full refund of all service fees. AAISP believes that its custom monitoring system and persistent troubleshooting by skilled staff can rectify faults which other service providers would simply give up on.

"If you are migrating your service to us, even though you know you have a problem with your line, we'll take on the fault. We'll tackle the problem and get it fixed within one month. If we don't then you can migrate away and owe us nothing for your migration to us and your service charges for that month."

Andrews & Arnold Website

At the core of the AAISP monitoring system is the custom built LCP echo monitoring system which operates over the L2TP interface to BT Wholesale and sends a sort of 'ping' to the consumer's router each and every second of the day. The latency (the time it takes for this ping packet to go to the router and the time it takes for the response to come back) is logged with packet loss and throughput information. These are then graphed for every customer who can access these graphs to see how their line is performing. Some technical users might query as to whether this monitoring traffic is from their metered usage allowance, but AAISP have already considered this and implemented monitoring further up the network so users do not incur any penalty. AAISP also provide customers full visibility over their interactions with BT Wholesale in troubleshooting ticket problems. For those who want to keep an eye on a line there is a facility to request a text message to be sent to your mobile phone if your broadband connection goes down.

AAISP has provided graphs showing the kind of improvement they can achieve on lines:

Graph showing the performance of the line based on an LCP echo every second using the Firebrick FB6000 which AAISP develop in conjunction with Watchfront Electronics. The purple lines from the top indicate packet loss. The top graph illustrates the situation on the line prior to work needed to resolve the issues (in this case a simple line card reset, although AAISP point out not all issues are this simple). The bottom graph shows the line once the issue has been resolved.

Full details of the offer are available on the AAISP website.

AAISP is a technically quirky company that offers options such as lunar billing--For those of you who don't know what that is, it means you get billed every full moon (every 29.5 days on average), as opposed to every month. If you are having persistent problems with your line that your current service provider is not addressing effectively, this might be an interesting opportunity.

"Broadband should just work!"

Adrian Kennard, Director, Andrews & Arnold


Posted by cyberdoyle over 8 years ago
SWBB do a similar thing, they can get people online who have real long line lengths and nothing is too much trouble for them. There are some good service providers out there if you want an adsl connection, its just that joe public always looks for the cheapest solution. To get decent broadband you must be prepared to pay, because often there is a lot of work to do to get it for you. ISPs are delivering the service over obsolete infrastructure, and some work harder than others to give you a good connection.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 8 years ago
Three cheers for the niche providers like AAISP and SWBB, they go where others fear to tread.
Posted by g-bhxu over 8 years ago
Why the migration charge?

Just wondered if they are also willing to match your existing ISP on price and download limits?
Posted by nmg196 over 8 years ago
> Just wondered if they are also willing to
> match your existing ISP on price

Read the first comment. No cheap ISP has decent customer service, so don't expect the ISPs which have excellent customer service to pricematch one of the half dozen truely awful ISPs out there. Customer service is very expensive.
Posted by baby_frogmella over 8 years ago
Whilst i agree that AAISP are one of the best ISPs out there, why on earth do they charge for migrations? ok its only 99p, but its the BT don't charge for IPstream > Ipstream migrations so why on earth are AAISP the ONLY ISP to charge for this? The mind boggles :(
Posted by scragglymonk over 8 years ago
Looked at them in the past, great if u do not download a fair bit, 99p fault fixing is great :)
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
@g-bhxu - I asked about the 99p migration charge.. Apparently it's easier to set up a direct debit this way to have a charge straight away.. :)
Posted by sidneyk over 8 years ago
Yes you have to realize that free lunches are sometimes the most expensive

Savour the Truffle, but Grass is free!
Posted by sidneyk over 8 years ago
What makes my mind boggle is the fact one can overlook the superlatives quoted about the service provided by AAISP, and question their practice of charging £00.99p for migration, when this charge is clearly posted on their website, and not concealed as if waiting to kick you in the B@llZ
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
A interesting spin in which to try and get customers in these hard times.
Posted by g-bhxu over 8 years ago
@ sidneyk - quite easy.

I've never paid to migrate before.

Posted by sidneyk over 8 years ago
allows for the possibilty of a new experience, 2 actually
1) Migration charge @0.99p (Rare)
2) Competent ISP (Almost Extinct)
Posted by sidneyk over 8 years ago
Posted by g-bhxu 1 day ago

Just wondered if they are also willing to match your existing ISP on price and download limits?

NO (wish they did) - but they will exceed them on customer service by a country mile
Pays your money takes your choice - there is lots of "Unlimited" suppliers out there

PM me for next weeks lottery winners =:-)
Posted by idf03 over 8 years ago
I'm glad that A&A don't match other ISPs' limits.

I'm on the 3GB (now 4GB) package. Over the past 12 months I've averaged 20.7GB up, 7.3GB down, 28GB total but am nowhere near my monthly allowance because only 832MB of that actually counts.

Even if I did go over my limit, I could go up to 10GB over without problem as I can reduce that over the following months. No silly throttling. Under usage is also carried over.

I'm even considering dropping to the 2GB package.
Posted by dubpixel over 8 years ago
I had a thoroughly dreadful experience over 3 months with A&A, and they (actually Openreach as AAISP DON'T have any real say) simply COULDN'T fix my line.

Everyone did their best to make it WORSE and WORSE but I do have a breaking point.

I'm now completely without broadband service for as long as I live in my current property. 3 "broadband" doesn't count, as any fool knows.

Beware. If A&A (actually Openreach) don't / can't / won't fix your problem there is NOWHERE else to go.

Posted by Brad_F over 8 years ago
1 month to fix a fault! Imagine having no internet for 1 month...that doesn't sound too impressive to me. My ISP can get an openreach engineer out the next day :)
Posted by sidneyk over 8 years ago
Posted by Brad_F 29 days ago...........

yeah and if no fault is found you will be liable for around £160 each time, and if you think 1 month is a long time to fix a fault, you better read these forums.
are thereany other ISPs that give the same pledge...errr NO, if problems arise you will probably look to migrate or endure as do most Entanets customers do.
Oh they don't say they will fix the fault in 1 month, read it again.......
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