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Digital Britain report creates online feedback area
Wednesday 25 February 2009 13:04:36 by Andrew Ferguson

When the Digital Britain Report was announced there were some complaints that while the report talked about an all Digital Britain, the report itself failed to embrace the technologies available now to let the normal person in the street provide feedback.

The news today that a comments section has opened for the report suggests that someone was listening to the noise that has been scattered around the existing digital infrastructure. The comments section is not the sole way of providing feedback, a WriteToReply site exists which allows you to pin your comments to specific sections of the report. Of course old fashioned email is still available, with the report team accepting feedback until the 12th March 2009.


Posted by Enrico21 over 8 years ago
Excellent News; it's now up to End Users to voice their specific concerns before the 12 March 2009 deadline.
In the interim, viewers may be interested in related comments posted on BBC Technology News website yesterday - refer &
Posted by Enrico21 over 8 years ago
In my excitement, I forgot to mention that this now seems like a great opportunity for TBB to submit a response to the authors of the DB Interim Report. Are there any plans to do so before the response deadline?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
A basic response was emailed in shortly after publication.

Still time to consider a more lengthy based more on the public reaction as we see it.
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