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First Batch of Vigor 2200 USB Routers
Thursday 27 September 2001 11:05:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Seg have now confirmed a first shipping date for the Vigor 2200 USB routers, it is October 5th 2001 at a price of £179+VAT.

The Vigor 2200 USB is the ONLY router to directly accept the Alcatel USB modem, thereby ensuring you dont break the Terms and Conditions by using a modem over than that supplied by BTwholesale. Units have apparently been out with people for beta testing and in Seg's words 'we're delighted with the results'.

Full details of the device on are on Seg's website. The router provides a NAT service to share the connection, with a built in 4 port hub and claims firewall/filtering facility and ability to create VPN's between remote users & LAN's.

For Mac's users you will need a PC to run the software that uploads the USB modems firmware to the router the first time you use it. The internals are based around an ARM processor running its own proprietary DrayOS operating system.


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