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T-Mobile tops independent mobile broadband tests
Wednesday 28 January 2009 16:10:48 by John Hunt

T-Mobile has topped the tables of an independent mobile broadband performance test by P3 Solutions for the second consecutive quarter. The testing compares mobile broadband providers measuring customer experiences during peak hours in 16 cities throughout the UK. The tests include visiting the most popular websites such as the BBC, Ebay, Bebo and Google, as well as a 90-second YouTube clip, a 90-second 512Kbps streaming video as well as SMTP and IMAP based e-mail services.

T-Mobile came top in the web-browsing experience, on average 35% faster than the closest competitor, fastest for sending and receiving e-mail with attachments, and had the best upload speeds, 59% faster than the next competitor. T-Mobile were beaten to number one on download speed however, coming second with an average of 1 Mbps, with the fastest coming just shy of 1.5 Mbps.

"To be ranked No1 for two consecutive quarters since testing began in April last year is a significant achievement. Our consistently high performance is testament to the fact that we continually test and improve our network to make sure our customers are getting the best possible mobile broadband experience.  As the number of customers opting for the flexibility and convenience of mobile broadband continues to rise quarter on quarter, we will continue to expand on the potential of mobile broadband, through improved performance and our innovative range of tariffs and laptop bundles."

Emin Gurdenli, (Chief Technology Officer) T-Mobile UK


Posted by simplypeachy over 8 years ago
They may get number 1 but they still won't show me their business PAYG mobile broadband terms and conditions, and in one conversation saying that they supply them "once a purchase has been made". Until then I shall never know if they really are that good.
Posted by cinimod over 8 years ago
Just don't try and get a signal of any sort at CenterParcs at Longleat!
Posted by tonymwatts over 8 years ago
If the average speed for download is 1Mbps now what is it going to be if they get more accounts?
Not more I guess.
Posted by mikehewsonjones over 8 years ago
I can't see how T-Mobile can be rated No1. I have had nothing but trouble with their service. Things like slow down and upload speed. It's supposed to be 2mb but my average is only 1mb and it's often less than average. Also there are many times that you can't get on to the internet and you have to phone them to get them to re-fresh the system from their end.
If I wasn't tied into a contract I would leave tomorrow and go elsewhere
Posted by mikehewsonjones over 8 years ago
Another problem that you have with T-Mobile is that you can't use Skype unless you subscribe to their more expensive price plan. Unlike some of the other service providers
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