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Plusnet in broadband/telephone bundle offer
Friday 28 November 2008 12:28:04 by Andrew Ferguson

Plusnet has announced a promotion that will be available until 10th December 2008, whereby you can can have their Broadband Your Way Option 1 product and the telephone line rental for £11.97 rising to £19.98 after the first three months.

The usage allowance is a fairly low 2GB a month, but for an extra £5 a month Option 2 with a 15GB allowance is available. The package includes free activation, a free 4 port Ethernet and wireless router, and an up to 8Mbps ADSL connection speed. The usage is unmetered between midnight and 8am. The telephone side of things adds free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines in addition to the line rental. While the package has no lengthy contract if you leave within 12 months you are expected to pay back the cost of the free activation and wireless router.

It is worth pointing out that this pricing applies across the whole UK, i.e. it does not rely on Plusnet having access to an unbundled network. Following on from some other providers offering a guarantee Plusnet has a 90 day guarantee for most of its products for those migrating in from another provider, which will see you getting refunded your subscription payments if you leave in the 90 days. If you took free hardware at sign-up though you will still be expected to pay for that.


Posted by 1Gopher over 8 years ago
How Times have Changed!! PlusNet used to offer a 20/1 contention ratio and 2Mb unlimited package for around £60.00 per month and that was just broadband! your telephone was sperate.
Posted by comnut over 8 years ago
hmmm, the good old days, before buyouts, mergers, bad decisions, and mostly overzealous advertising & greedy customers changed all that....

Posted by pcoventry76 over 8 years ago
offers been around for a few weeks now. it is good and even after the 3 months are up it's still gooda value at £19.98 all in for OPTION 1 and evening and weekend calls plus line rental
Posted by Doscoweststeeps over 8 years ago
Will still have to go some to beat Sky.
Posted by ashleybones over 8 years ago
From what I've heard about Sky, PlusNet do beat them hand-down on customer service. I've been with PlusNet for 3 months now and they are first rate in alll respects.
Posted by ashleybones over 8 years ago
Sorry about the typing!
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