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O2 broadband breaks quarter million mark in first year
Sunday 16 November 2008 20:00:18 by Andrew Ferguson

Telefonica who own O2 has published its Q3 results which show that at least for O2, the broadband market is not shrinking. They added 72,870 new customers in the quarter which is an increase of 16% on the 62,800 added in the second quarter.

From a standing start a year ago O2 now has 267,090 broadband customers, which while impressive still leaves them around three quarters of a million customers short of Orange. To put the broadband numbers into focus you only have to look at how many mobile customers O2 has in the UK which is 19.1 million.


Posted by timmay over 8 years ago
It's a damn shame that they don't have the network capacity to handle this relatively small number of customers. They need to put a pause on new connections until they have fixed the network!
Posted by CaptainW over 8 years ago
@ timmay - What's wrong with their network?
Posted by keith_thfc over 8 years ago
Timmay - what are you on about?

Speeds are fine for me on the O2/be* network - as they have been for nearly 3 years now.

And I'm in central London on one of the busiest exchanges.
Posted by Balb0wa over 8 years ago
Id agree with timmay, if you go on the 02 forums, theres a 25 page thread of people 90% of them, complaining about slow speeds and bad latency, there exchanges are congested.

ive been on 02/be for a year, was fine till 3-4 weeks ago, now in the eveneings web browsing is shocking, latency shocking, yet fine in the daytime.
Posted by AndrueC over 8 years ago
Be is fine for me but then I'm on a relatively small town exchange.'s the 17th today and Be said that would be the date when their network improvements went live.
Posted by KarlAustin over 8 years ago
They have been having issues lately, we've seen lots of disconnects and random poor performance on one of our lines on one of the Sheffield exchanges for the past month or so.
Posted by uniquename over 8 years ago
@Balb0wa. I haven't been to the O2 firums to see that thread, but how many actual people are complaining, and comprising this 90%?

On the O2 and Be forums on this site is is very few. Just they all post 3 times a day.
Posted by rian over 8 years ago
It was slow a few weeks ago, but now fixed. Very happy with O2. You really can't complaint about too much for this price. The congestion issue was just a while, just be patient.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
The complaints on the forums about be or 02 are minor compared to certain other ISPs... 02 must be doing something right to keep gaining customers rather than losing them like many ISPs currently. Long live LLU and its superb bang for your buck.
Posted by brentony over 8 years ago
I've been with several ISP's over the years - but NONE of them come close to o2 for speed, raliability and technical backup. Yes - they've had the odd blip but nothing compared to some I have used.
Posted by gymnast over 8 years ago
I am not on O2, yet, but as soon as it is available on my exchange I am going to be. I am 5K away from a rural exchange and I am lucky to get 2m during the day from BT. O2 say that I should get at least 4m with them, and it's cheaper than BT, I can't wait... Glitches or no glitches, I will be off like a rocket.... gymnast
Posted by cscsonline over 8 years ago
No problems for me on O2 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Speed and reliability are great.
Posted by jstobbart over 8 years ago
I changed to O2 from Tiscali in February and haven't had any problems! Price is excellent and good speeds. Noticed a slight drop in speed lately (originally had 2meg then went 3meg then dropped to 2 meg lately) but still very impressed.
Posted by jstobbart over 8 years ago
Correction, I've just discovered that the reduced connection speed is due to me needing to connect an extension on the line for a sky box, knocked a meg off the speed!
Posted by Colin_London over 8 years ago
I have been starting to have latency / DNS issues over the past few weeks for the first time. Looking at the forums I am not alone. O2 need to get on top of this quick sharp to avoid the same sort of issues Orange had with their network putting the knockers on their market expansion.
Posted by robo11 over 8 years ago
well i hate to say it but ive got the same speeds with o2 always stayed around 8meg but over the last month its been bad dropping to 1 meg its taken over three and a half weeks and numerous phone calls to o2 to find out what the problem is but i finally got the answer last night my exchange is congested and there waiting for a date from bt
Posted by oliver341 over 8 years ago
The O2 DNS servers had been great since the "big fix" date of 26 June 2008, but for some reason they brought in a new DNS server a couple of weeks ago which has really killed DNS lookup performance. Shame. Still, my speeds are 14mb 24/7 so I can't complain on that front. I'll use one of my own DNS servers for a week and see if things have improved then.
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