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Virgin Media to cut 15% of workforce
Wednesday 12 November 2008 18:23:16 by Andrew Ferguson

The national press headlines of 2,200 job losses at Virgin Media probably have given the impression that the axe is to fall within a very short time span, alas the worry of losing their job for staff is to be a lot more protracted. The 2,200 jobs losses are expected to be done in a number of phases with most going in the last quarter of 2009, or in 2010.

The cuts are meant to produce a saving of some £120m by 2012. At this time it is not exactly clear which parts of the group will suffer most, and one hopes that the cuts will not affect the standards of customer service or areas like fault repairs and installations.

As The Register points out Virgin Media has only just renegotiated repayment terms on billions of pounds of debt, the company has gained a breathing space until 2012. The money this releases along with savings may actually go towards the investment needed as the firm rolls out its DOCSIS 3 network which will be used for the 20 and 50Mbps products.

The 50Mbps product is of interest to more than Virgin Media, if the firm is able to launch something with no or minimal usage restrictions at around £47, then other broadband providers will be looking closely at the level of sales. If there is demand for a premium priced product that also delivers as promised then we may see other firms firming up their next generation broadband plans.


Posted by andys999 over 8 years ago
im beaming with pleasure not at the poor staff who have bills like us all but at the heirarchy at v media.
for years people have suffered with this shower.
what they dont tell the public is the cables laid ten-15 years agfo are now BREAKING UP when it rains hence no service!!
prior preperation prevents piss poor performance.
Posted by John_Gray over 8 years ago
I'm not sure that Virgin Media will have had very much involvement with cable-laying 10-15 years ago! They will have inherited the results when they bought ntl and Telewest/blueyonder, surely...
Posted by chrysalis over 8 years ago
if cables break up underground after 15 years, I dread to think how overhead BT cables are at 40 years old.
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 8 years ago
Every so often one does go, chrysalis. Usually fixed inside 2 hours. Underground cables? Um, yea, problem.
Posted by andys999 over 8 years ago
Well i can only speak from around here in somerset/wilts area.
telewest used cowboy contractors from cardiff to lay the cabling system-one hell of a mess cables laid wrong and in wrong places all over the papers localy.
virgin must have known about the problems not just here but throughout the uk.
like everything else sweep it under the carpet.just let the complaints come in and rake the cash in!!
bt overhead lines prevous person has described over 40 years old.
yep quite agree can only get 56k at home!!
using my vodafone laptop writing this at a speed of 6mb with a built in sim.

Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Lets just hope they get rid of the Indian call centre staff and bodge-it and leg-it installers first.... Oh woops i forgot this is virgin those types save em money.
Posted by chrysalis over 8 years ago
I think I will dig up some quality VM cables and swap it with the thin copper feed to my line :)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
quote"I think I will dig up some quality VM cables and swap it with the thin copper feed to my line :)"

LOL you fibre service thief... Or so Virgin would claim LOL ;)
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