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Thinkbroadband introduce video!
Friday 31 October 2008 04:04:40 by Sebastien Lahtinen

We're delighted to announce the launch of our video section which we will build into a repository of broadband guides and informational videos.

Over the last eight years, we've added features to the site from time to time with the re-design of two years ago being the most challenging project. We're excited to step over into a different medium and look forward to receiving feedback from users.

We're providing the videos in both a streamed Flash based player as well as downloadable files including full High Definition (HD) 1080i for those with no worries about their bandwidth utilisation.

If you have any suggestions, questions or queries; please get in touch with us -


Posted by uniquename over 8 years ago
Looks good :).

How about the name of the presenter, as in text News?
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
Not a bad idea. Thanks.
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
The name does come up on the video? I think it's worth pointing out that all of these are a team effort and not just who happens to be in front of the camera for that video :)
Posted by kev445 over 8 years ago
I think it is a good idea, I love having the option of different video types. For me WMV proved to be the most reliable on my computer.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Superb idea which will seperate the site from others similar... I cant think of any well known site about broadband that has its own video section with guides and informative clips... I look forward to it, The HD video is also superb the tiny sized HD clip on the newest story about this sites speedtest was crystal clear even in full screen. Well done to the WHOLE think broadband team :)
Posted by zebedee over 8 years ago
Nice addition - Seb's style put me in mind of Steve Litchfields enthusiastic (and excellent) presentation skills in his Phone Show videos ( )
Posted by bruce89 over 8 years ago
A bit of a long shot, but Dirac+Vorbis would be quite nice (as well as allowing HD at a low bitrate)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Hd resolutions at a low bitrate are pointless, the stream will still be blocky in places... When using compression on video the bitrate is far more important than resolution. Encoding a stream with any lossy codec at 1000k at something basic like 640x480 will look pretty much the same as a stream again encoded at 1000k but with a 1080 res. The bits per pixel gets reduced so theres little difference or point.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 8 years ago
Well spotted CB, hence we various rates are offered, and you can then see why some things promoted as HD quality video online, are not really that.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Yep andrew, its going to be a few more years before we see internet video which is anything near true HD in detail but still be super quick to buffer or download and small in size. Until then files hundreds of Mb in size are the only way to get near true HD. Even codecs like X264 are still buggy and still dont compress that well and while flash streams look ok in a window as soon as you zoom it up to a big screen it makes you go yuck.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
One quick thing andrew the 469Mb HD download (
The team could maybe make that slightly smaller by encoding the audio at a slightly lower bitrate, it uses mpeg 224k at the moment.. 192k or even 160k if done right will sound ALMOST the same but save a few Mb... Maybe try AAC and MP3 also ;) Wont make the file massively smaller but for a few capped etc that want the best quality it may help.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Of course dont you dare cripple the sound either if the team have videos with flashy sound planned, but for simple voice reports 224k isnt really needed, other than that though great job and things cant really be made much smaller (except maybe xvid which doesnt like HD resolutions). Anyway im starting to babble now. so hushing :D
Posted by Kayak over 8 years ago
You should get that fence post straightened and the fence painted :)

Seriously, good idea.
Posted by RegNirrab over 8 years ago
So, it's true, no all Finns drone like Kimi Raikonnen :o)
Or did I assume incorrectly?
Posted by oomingmak over 8 years ago
The HD clips look amazing!

Well done guys.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
Pick on seb all you wish people (yes i know its a joke) but seriously i think the guy has done a pretty good job in the videos so far. His presentation is clear and professionally done, it is certainly better than some TV presenters, even news readers that stutter away like a stuck record. On the other hand i bet the vids so far took more than a single take to get perfect. Maybe staff if they are reading could also upload some blooper vids so to speak for a bit of entertainment also :) Thats if Seb doesnt kill them first ;)
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