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Namesco help people get online with £1 broadband
Monday 27 October 2008 14:17:42 by John Hunt

In support of Get Online Day which was Friday 24th October last week, Namesco have released a new broadband offer that can get you online for as little as £1 a month for the first three months.

The up to 8Mbps Broadband Gold package includes 1GB of monthly download allowance and features free setup and a free wireless router (£5.99 postage and packaging). After the first three months, the price reverts to the usual £14.95 a month. Whilst only a one month contract, if you cancel within the first twelve months a termination fee of £70.50 will be incurred to help recoup the cost of the subsidised install and hardware. This is reduced to £35.25 if you migrated to Namesco from another broadband provider.

This offer will definitely be tempting to those looking to get online and set up a new broadband connection or to those who are trying to save some money in the run up to Christmas. It's worth noting the low 1GB monthly allowance included with this product, although more can be purchased in chunks in advance to help avoid excess fees charged at £1.20 per GB.


Posted by mishminx over 8 years ago
So 1GB is the gold product huh? I dread to think what silver and bronze would be. How about platinum what would that be. 2GB on a wet Wednesday when there happens to be a full moon perhaps?
Posted by browney over 8 years ago
1Gb for £14.99 PM that is insane
Posted by haydnwalker over 8 years ago
mishminx - I agree with the whole "1gb/month = Gold" statement. I was going to make it myself until I noticed it had already been said.
Posted by AndrueC over 8 years ago

What an appalling deal.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
If you crunch the numbers and compare around over a 12 month period it infact is NOT a bad deal at all and the price for a years worth of service compares SIMILARLY to many others, Stay for 12 months and the router is indeed in a relative term "Free" The first 3 months with xmas approaching for £1 a month will also entice sign ups. Not the best deal ever overall but certainly not appalling
Posted by torrox850 over 8 years ago
No matter which way you cut it you cannot get a better deal than to go through Sky. Up to 5mb broadband + 40 GB download, free telephone calls + rental, and the family pack for satellite viewing all for £42 a month.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 8 years ago
^^^^ Pfffttt 42 quid, i dont want their phone bills and junk mail through my door get enough now and i have no interest in their TV stations... 15 quid digibox, 15 quid a month phone and 15 quid a month broadband to me would sound a better deal for most people if all they want is normal ADSL a reliable phone service and NON pay TV.
Posted by MHMertens over 8 years ago
@ Torrox850.
I have SKY but would never ever consider taking their broadband. They score only 54% in the WHICH report, and are clearly not a 'BEST BUY'. If you think "you cannot get a better deal", think again.
Your PR language makes me wonder if you actually work for SKY.
Posted by manx over 8 years ago
Having used Namesco/ndo for over 10 years, I am obviously a satisfied customer. They rate tops for speed, reliability and customer service.
Granted that 1gb is of little use, but this can be topped up with another 5gb for £2.50 pm, (making a total of 6gb - which I find suits me.)
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