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Friday 10 October 2008 11:47:07 by Andrew Ferguson has been offering a limited range of DRM free music tracks for a while, but until now it has only offered tracks from EMI and a few indie labels. Tracks from Sony Music, Warner and Universal have been added to the catalogue.

Play offers tracks from 65p each, and the MP3 files are encoded at 320Kbps. A great many tracks also have a preview option so people trying to find that track they've heard but can only remember the artists name stand a chance of finding it.


Posted by e102gamma over 9 years ago
When's FLAC coming? 8) Good to see DRM dying a death (for music at least).

I still prefer CDs but it's handy for the odd track.
Posted by sparky_132 over 9 years ago
With and amazon mp3 (UK site rumoured to launch this month) also offering DRM free tracks it's good to see this market becoming more competitive.
Posted by dougk over 9 years ago
Be okay when the price drops to under 50p or less. But at 65p in most cases its still a better option to buy the CD for £7 from somewhere like CDWOW.
Posted by wrtpeeps over 9 years ago
60p is a fairly good price I recon.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
I personally dont think 65p for a non-DRM track is a bad price, some albums though are stil 8-9 quid and thats way too expensive when you can get the shiney disk with better sound quality, nice case and artwork for the same price. Its another of those services like others recently that is worth using now and again but still is miles away from replacing the common CD.
Posted by endways over 9 years ago
But it's o/k for the single track requirement, often the cause of buying a complete CD.
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